The Voice of Praise: a collection of hymns for the use of the Methodist Church

Publisher: James Robison, Pittsburgh, Penn., 1873
Denomination: Methodist Protestant Church
Language: English
Notes: Hymns, Chants (C) and Doxologies (D) are numbered separately
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701Thy home is with the humble, Lord!TextPage Scan
702Is there ambition in my heart?TextPage Scan
703Sow in the morn thy seedTextPage Scan
704Sweet the moments, rich in blessingTextPage Scan
705How wondrous that manner of loveTextPage Scan
706Speak gently--it is better farTextPage Scan
707Oh, happy is the man who hears TextPage Scan
708When God revealed his gracious nameTextPage Scan
709Oppressed with noonday's scorching heatTextPage Scan
710Didst thou, Lord Jesus, suffer shameTextPage Scan
711Jesus has died for meTextPage Scan
712The power to bless my houseTextPage Scan
713Great God, to thee my evening songTextPage Scan
714My God, how endless is thy love!TextPage Scan
715Awake, my soul, and with the sunTextPage Scan
716Once more, my soul, the rising day TextPage Scan
717The day is past and gone, The evening shades appearTextPage Scan
718God of the morning, at whose voiceTextPage Scan
719O Lord, another day is flownTextPage Scan
720The hours of evening closeTextPage Scan
721Softly, now, the light of dayTextPage Scan
722Glory to thee, my God, this nightTextPage Scan
723Thus far the Lord has led me onTextPage Scan
724Now condescend, almighty KingTextPage Scan
725Great God! where'er we pitch our tentTextPage Scan
726I my Ebenezer raiseTextPage Scan
727God of my life, to thee My cheerful soul I raiseTextPage Scan
728Sweet is the prayer whose holy streamTextPage Scan
729Father divine, thy piercing eyePage Scan
730Oh, why are you cast down, my soul?TextPage Scan
731Let sinners take their courseTextPage Scan
732I love to steal awhile awayTextPage Scan
733My faith looks up to theeTextPage Scan
734Far from the world, O Lord, I fleeTextPage Scan
735Thou, Savior, from thy throne on highTextPage Scan
736Rise up, and bless your GodTextPage Scan
737Thou who art the ever-presentTextPage Scan
738For a season called to partTextPage Scan
739Call Jehovah thy salvationTextPage Scan
740Thy presence, everlasting GodTextPage Scan
741Great God, we would to thee make knownTextPage Scan
742Oh! sweet as vernal dews that fillTextPage Scan
743Children, hear the melting storyTextPage Scan
744Dear Savior, if these lambs should strayTextPage Scan
745O Lord, behold us at thy feetTextPage Scan
746Grant us wisdom, gracious LordTextPage Scan
747Let children that would fear the LordTextPage Scan
748Be present, blessed Father, To give away this brideTextPage Scan
749Father of the human raceTextPage Scan
750With grateful hearts and tuneful laysTextPage Scan
751The voice that breathed o'er EdenTextPage Scan
752Oh, spread thy pure wing o'er them!TextPage Scan
753Blest is the man whose tender careTextPage Scan
754Though faint and sick, and worn awayTextPage Scan
755Our Father! we may lisp that nameTextPage Scan
756Oh, what stupendous mercy shinesTextPage Scan
757Where shall the child of sorrow findTextPage Scan
758Blest who with generous pity glowsTextPage Scan
759Thou God of hope, to thee we bow!TextPage Scan
760Great Ruler of the earth and skiesTextPage Scan
761Peace! the welcome sound proclaimTextPage Scan
762No war nor battle's soundTextPage Scan
763O God of love! O King of peace!TextPage Scan
764Restore, O Father, to our times restoreTextPage Scan
765God, to thee we humbly bowTextPage Scan
766See, gracious God! before thy throneTextPage Scan
767Sinners, the call obeyTextPage Scan
768O God, thy righteousness we ownTextPage Scan
769Lord, on this sadly-solemn dayTextPage Scan
770When Abraham, full of sacred aweTextPage Scan
771Why, O God! thy people spurn?TextPage Scan
772The Lord is near! with Sinai treadTextPage Scan
773Is this a fast for me?TextPage Scan
774On thee, O Lord our God, we callTextPage Scan
775Rejoice! the Lord is King; Your Lord and King adoreTextPage Scan
776Thy goodness, Lord, our souls confessTextPage Scan
777Swell the anthem, raise the songTextPage Scan
778Great God of nations! now to theeTextPage Scan
779God of the year! with songs of praiseTextPage Scan
780Eternal Source of every joy!TextPage Scan
781The harvest dawn is nearTextPage Scan
782To praise the ever-bounteous LordTextPage Scan
783Hail the day that brought our freedomTextPage Scan
784Hail, our country's natal morn!TextPage Scan
785God grant a blessing on this land!TextPage Scan
786God of our fathers! whose right handTextPage Scan
787My country, 'tis of thee, Sweet land of libertyTextPage Scan
788God of every land and nationTextPage Scan
789God of our fathers, let thy faceTextPage Scan
790Loud raise the notes of joyTextPage Scan
791Lord, while for all mankind we prayTextPage Scan
792God bless our native land! Firm may she ever standTextPage Scan
793In the name of Jehovah our banner we raiseTextPage Scan
794Children of a free-born raceTextPage Scan
795Parent of all, omnipotent! TextPage Scan
796Roll on, thou joyful dayTextPage Scan
797God made all his creatures freeTextPage Scan
798For those in bonds as bound with themTextPage Scan
799Men! whose boast it is, that yeTextPage Scan
800May freedom speed onward, wherever the bloodTextPage Scan

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