Village hymns for social worship, selected and original: designed as a supplement to Dr. Watts's Psalms and hymns (Stereotyped ed.)

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501Farewell, and what if next we meetPage Scan
502When Jesus dwelt in mortal clayPage Scan
503Father of mercies, send thy gracePage Scan
504While the heralds of salvationPage Scan
505When we, with welcome slumber press'dPage Scan
506Great God preserved by thine armPage Scan
507Should God forbid the sun to risePage Scan
508My lovely Jesus while on earthPage Scan
509Now the shades of night are gonePage Scan
510Indulgent Father, by whose carePage Scan
511O Lord, another day is flownPage Scan
512The day is past and gonePage Scan
513The night shall hear me raise my songPage Scan
514Inspirer and hearer of prayerPage Scan
515Begone, my earthly cares, awayPage Scan
516Another six days' work is donePage Scan
517When on the third auspicious dayPage Scan
518Frequent the day of God returnsPage Scan
519Thine earthly Sabbaths, Lord we lovePage Scan
520See, how rude winter's icy handPage Scan
521At length the wish'd for spring has comePage Scan
522The summer harvest spreads the fieldPage Scan
523The flowery spring at God's commandPage Scan
524Now, gracious Lord, Thine arm revealPage Scan
525Come Lord and bless the rising racePage Scan
526Come, let us anewPage Scan
527Awake, ye saints, and raise your eyesPage Scan
528Since Jesus freely did appearPage Scan
529With grateful hearts and tuneful laysPage Scan
530With cheerful voices rise and singPage Scan
531Brethren, belov'd for Jesus' sakePage Scan
532Lord, when together here we meetPage Scan
533Blest be the tie that bindsPage Scan
534Through Christ when we together camePage Scan
535Come Christian brethren ere we partPage Scan
536Blest be the dear, uniting lovePage Scan
537Farewell, dear friends, a short farewellPage Scan
538Come, let us now forget our mirthPage Scan
539Gay is thy morning flattering hopePage Scan
540My son, know thou the LordPage Scan
541Now let a true ambition risePage Scan
542Religion is the chief concernPage Scan
543The God who once to Israel spokePage Scan
544Ye lovely bands of blooming youthPage Scan
545The joy that vain amusements givePage Scan
546We wander in a thorny mazePage Scan
547Ye hearts, with youthful vigor warmPage Scan
548With humble heart and tonguePage Scan
549And have I measured half my daysPage Scan
550Eternal God! enthron'd on high!Page Scan
551See, gracious Lord, before thy thronePage Scan
552Break thro' the clouds, dear Lord, and shinePage Scan
553Long unafflicted undismayedPage Scan
554Why should the Christian waste in sighsPage Scan
555Were once our vain desires subdu'dPage Scan
556When languor and disease invadePage Scan
557And let this feeble body failPage Scan
558The billows swell, the winds are highPage Scan
559Disconsolate tenant of clayPage Scan
560Jesus great Healer of mankindPage Scan
561O thou who dry'st the mourner's tearPage Scan
562O Thou from whom all goodness flowsPage Scan
563Just o'er the grave I hungPage Scan
564'Tis hard from those we love to goPage Scan
565Far from affliction, toil and carePage Scan
566From his low bed of mortal dustPage Scan
567The grave is now a favored spotPage Scan
568Unveil thy bosom, faithful tombPage Scan
569How blest the sacred tie that bindsPage Scan
570'Tis finished, the conflict is pastPage Scan
571In vain my fancy strives to paintPage Scan
572How blest the righteous arePage Scan
573When blooming youth is snatch'd awayPage Scan
574The once loved form, now cold and deadPage Scan
575Oft as the bell, with solemn tollPage Scan
576The time is short the season nearPage Scan
577The mighty flood that rolls alongPage Scan
578I wait a few sorrowful yearsPage Scan
579Eternity is just at handPage Scan
580Lo! on a narrow neck of landPage Scan
581The winter past reviving flowersPage Scan
582Through sorrow's night and danger's pathPage Scan
583The saints who now in Jesus sleepPage Scan
584Our life how short, a groan, a sighPage Scan
585When rising from the bed of deathPage Scan
586That awful day will surely comePage Scan
587See, the eternal Judge descendingPage Scan
588Sinners, take the friendly warningPage Scan
589Methinks the last great day is comePage Scan
590When bending o'er the brink of lifePage Scan
591Vain man, thy fond pursuits forbearPage Scan
592Where are the dead, in heaven or hellPage Scan
593O where shall rest be foundPage Scan
594Dear Saviour, thy victorious lovePage Scan
595Sweet glories rush upon my sightPage Scan
596Earth has engross'd my love too long!Page Scan
597I soon shall accomplish my racePage Scan
598Happy soul, thy days are endedPage Scan
599Ye angels, who stand round the thronePage Scan
600High in yonder realms of lightPage Scan

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