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Tsese-Ma'heone-Nemeotȯtse (Cheyenne Spiritual Songs)

Publisher: Faith and Life Press, Newton, Kansas, 1982
Denomination: Mennonite Church USA
Language: Cheyenne; English
Notes: Key signatures are in some cases approximations. Indigenous melodies are notated in Western formats.
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100Ma'heo'o Tsene'taestse E nane'anȯheve'hoomȧ[Ma'heo'o Tsene'taestse E nane'anȯheve'hoomȧ]
101Ma'heo'o HE-HO navesenėševatama HE[Ma'heo'o HE-HO navesenėševatama HE]
102Hevȧ ho'taeveanovetanoto[Hevȧ ho'taeveanovetanoto]
104Nataešehene'enȧ Ma'heo'ȯ[Nataešehene'enȧ Ma'heo'ȯ]
105Ma'heo'ȯ hemeo'o naešėhestanomovo[Ma'heo'ȯ hemeo'o naešėhestanomovo]
106Jesus A naeševeseno'hova'tovȯ[Jesus A naeševeseno'hova'tovȯ]
107Hetsetȯ ho'eva naamehne[Hetsetȯ ho'eva naamehne]
108Hahoo, Ma'heo'o, Hahoo Ma'heo'o Nemeo'o nanehe'anone[Hahoo, Ma'heo'o, Hahoo Ma'heo'o]
109Hahoo, Jesus, tsehvo'ėstanevešemenoto[Hahoo, Jesus, tsehvo'ėstanevešemenoto]
110Hahoo Ma'heo'ȯ, Hahoo Ma'heo'ȯ, Hahoo Hahoo Ma'heo'ȯ, Esenehane[Hahoo Ma'heo'ȯ, Hahoo Ma'heo'ȯ]
111Hahoo Maheo'o, Hahoo Ma'heo'o Tsehvo'ėstanevėšemenoto[Hahoo Maheo'o, Hahoo Ma'heo'o Tsehvo'ėstanevėšemenoto]
112Ma'heo'o he'amȧ, Nehnėševatamemenȯ[Ma'heo'o he'amȧ, Nehnėševatamemenȯ]
113Ma'heo'o he'ama, nehnėševatamemeno![Ma'heo'o he'ama, nehnėševatamemeno!]
114Jesus A, nenȧhe'tovatsemeno[Jesus A, nenȧhe'tovatsemeno]
115Ma'heo'o nehve'hoomemeno! Nahaoenamė[Ma'heo'o nehve'hoomemeno! Nahaoenamė]
116Jesus, AHE, notaxeve'ho'e[Jesus, AHE, notaxeve'ho'e]
117Jesus one'eva'ovemeno!BRADBURY
118Jesus AHE, ne'anȯheve'hoomemeno HE![Jesus AHE, ne'anȯheve'hoomemeno HE!]
119Jesus, neve'nooxe!PASS ME NOT
120Neho'ė, nehnėševatamemeno HE![Neho'ė, nehnėševatamemeno HE!]
121Jesus, tsemehoxetoMARTYN
122Jesus A, venave'hoomemeno![Jesus A, venave'hoomemeno!]
123Neho'e he'ama tsehoeto[Neho'e he'ama tsehoeto]
124Ma'heo'o nehve'hoomemeno! Nehnėševatamemeno![Ma'heo'o nehve'hoomemeno! Nehnėševatamemeno!]
125Ma'heo'o, ve'hoomemeno![Ma'heo'o, ve'hoomemeno!]
126Hene'enovemenȯ, Mah'eho'ȯ!ADELAIDE
127Ma'heo'o, nene'etame'tovatsemeno[Ma'heo'o, nene'etame'tovatsemeno]
128Jesus, netanȧho'ohtsevatsė [Jesus, netanȧho'ohtsevatsė]
129Ma'heo'o Ma'xene'tȧhetȯsanehėGOTT IST GETREU
130Tsene'tȧheto HE, nehnėševatamestse HE![Tsene'tȧheto HE, nehnėševatamestse HE!]
131Hahoo, Jesus, tse'ameotšėšemenoto[Hahoo, Jesus, tse'ameotšėšemenoto]
132Ohkeameveseva Ehane Ma'heo'o!MINERVA
133E'oestaahevo'ėstanesėstsėFAITH IS THE VICTORY
134Jesus, Vo'ėstanevėstomanehė[Jesus, Vo'ėstanevėstomanehė]
135Heestahanee'tova JesusWEBB
136Jesus, nene'etame'tovȧtsė[Jesus, nene'etame'tovȧtsė]
137Ho'eva neononanonė [Ho'eva neononanonė]
138Nene'etamenone Ehanė he'amȧ[Nene'etamenone Ehanė he'amȧ]
139Mahvesevotsė JesusTRUST AND OBEY
140Netȧhaoenamȧ! Netȧhaoenamȧ!SWEET HOUR
141Nehahane'ovatsė, Neho'ė Ma'heo'oBETHANY
142Tseheheto Tsemȧhene'tȧhetoBELMONT
143Natane'etamenotsė Jesus[Natane'etamenotsė Jesus]
145Evehonatamano'ė he'ama[Evehonatamano'ė he'ama]
146Nahetoosemė Ma'heonėhestanovȧHIER AUF ERDEN
147Netatoxetano'tanonėOVER THERE
148Jesus, nesta'ta'enomevemenoo'ȯ he'netoo'o[Jesus, nesta'ta'enomevemenoo'ȯ he'netoo'o]
149Hetsetȯ ho'evȧ eešėhovanee'ėSAVED BY GRACE
150Ma'heo'o nestsemonevovoešemaene[Ma'heo'o nestsemonevovoešemaene]
151Esaa'o'omȯhehehane nenaestonanė ho'ėvaSAVED BY GRACE
152Jesus AHE, nahoonosetano[Jesus AHE, nahoonosetano]
153Tsemo'onatamano'ė ho'eSWEET BY AND BY
155Ma'heo'o nehve'hoomestse![Ma'heo'o nehve'hoomestse!]
156Neho'ė Ma'heo'o he'ama, Pavevesevemenoo'ȯ[Neho'ė Ma'heo'o he'ama, Pavevesevemenoo'ȯ]
158Ma'heo'ȯ tsemehosėhoto'aestsėGOD BE WITH YOU
159Hahoo netahetatsemenȯOLD HUNDREDTH
160Haoenahtova, Neho'ė, Nehahane'ovatseTOPLADY
161Mȧhemanėstoonehasėstsė ho'evaOLD HUNDREDTH
SET1Jesus Lord, how joyful you have made us[Jesus Lord, how joyful you have made us]
SET2Jesus, our friend and brother[Jesus, our friend and brother]
SET3O holy almighty Lord, you are the great God[O holy almighty Lord, you are the great God]
SET4God above, he is our Father[God above, he is our Father]
SET5Jesus AHEE reveals to us our God HEE[Jesus AHEE reveals to us our God HEE]
SET6Jesus Lord God, I come to your way[Jesus Lord God, I come to your way]
SET7Jesus A, the way you gave us[Jesus A, the way you gave us]
SET8Jesus, this is why we're singing to you[Jesus, this is why we're singing to you]
SET9Jesus A in heaven HE, ev'ry day he shows me his mercy[Jesus A in heaven HE, ev'ry day he shows me his mercy]
SET10Father God, you are holy[Father God, you are holy]
SET11God above, shine your face on me[God above, shine your face on me]
SET12O sing and honor Jesus AHEE![O sing and honor Jesus AHEE!]
SET13O Lord God, we thank you[O Lord God, we thank you]
SET14Thank you, Jesus, you have sent your Spirit[Thank you, Jesus, you have sent your Spirit]
SET15Father God, send to us your mercy HE![Father God, send to us your mercy HE!]
SET16Jesus A, take pity on us your children![Jesus A, take pity on us your children!]
SET17Jesus, he's the one who saves us[Jesus, he's the one who saves us]
SET18We look above in trust to our Father God[We look above in trust to our Father God]
SET19Heaven is so beautiful, heav'n above![Heaven is so beautiful, heav'n above!]

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