The Worshiping Church

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401We praise you with our minds, O LordCLONMEL
402When in our music God is glorifiedCELEBRATION '85Text
403When in our music God is glorifiedENGELBERGTextPage Scan
404Praise the Lord. Praise God in his sanctuaryPage Scan
405Believing that God has ordained that music be used in this house of worshipPage Scan
406Shout for joy to the Lord, all the earthPage Scan
407Come to us, creative SpiritANGEL VOICESPage Scan
408Here, Master, in this quiet place, where anyone may kneelPage Scan
409Your hands, O Lord, in days of oldST. MICHAEL'STextPage Scan
410He touched me, O, he touched meHE TOUCHED ME
411Heal us, Immanuel, hear our prayerBEATITUDOText
412Jesus' hands were kind hands doing good to allAU CLAIR DE LA LUNE
413O God, whose will is life and goodCRIMONDText
414Divine Healer, touch us all in our points of frailty
415It is God who holds the nations in the hollow of his handPage Scan
416Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the LordBATTLE HYMNTextPage ScanAudio
417My country 'tis of theeAMERICATextPage Scan
418O beautiful for spacious skiesMATERNATextPage Scan
419God of our fathers, whose almighty handNATIONAL HYMNTextPage ScanAudio
420I urge, then, first of all, that requests, prayers, intercession and thanksgiving
421God bless our native land
422O God of every nationLLANGLOFFANTextPage Scan
423O say, can you seeSTAR-SPANGLED BANNERTextPage Scan
424O Canada! our home and native land (O Canada! Terre de now aïeux)O CANADATextPage Scan
425Let every person be subjects to the governing authoritiesPage Scan
426Lord, whose love in humble service bore the weight of human need
427God the Omnipotent! King who ordainestRUSSIAN HYMNTextPage Scan
428God of love and truth and beautyKANSFIELD
429Let your heart be brokenWYE VALLEY
430All who love and serve your cityCHARLESTOWN
431Make us worthy, Lord, to serve those throughout the world
432For out of Zion shall go forth instructionPage Scan
433Where cross the crowded ways of lifeGERMANYTextPage Scan
434Hope of the world, O Christ of great compassionVICAR
435They asked, "Who's my neighbor and whom should I love..."WHO'S MY NEIGHBOR
436Kneels at the feet of his friendsCHEREPONITextPage Scan
437Help us accept each otherBECKTextPage Scan
438Our Savior's infant cries were heardBARIUM SPRINGS HOME
439Lord, we think of broken marriages, shattered families, abused children
440I sought the Lord, and afterward I knewPage Scan
441Softly and tenderly Jesus is callingTHOMPSONTextPage ScanAudio
442O come to me, the Master saidKINGSFOLDText
443Come, every soul by sin oppressedMINERVATextPage Scan
444Into my heart, into my heartINTO MY HEARTTextPage Scan
445Just as I am, without one pleaWOODWORTHTextPage ScanAudio
446The Savior is waiting to enter your heartCARMICHAEL
447Seek ye first the kingdom of godLAFFERTY
448Out of my bondage, sorrow and nightJESUS, I COMETextPage Scan
449Awake, O sleeper, rise from deathMARSH CHAPEL
450As (Jesus) walked by the Sea of Galilee
451Come, ye sinners, poor and needyARISEText
452Turn your eyes upon JesusLEMMELText
453Are you weary, heavy ladenSTEPHANOSText
454Lord Jesus Christ, I have ignored your claims too long
455Kind and merciful God, we have sinned in your sightELFAKER
456Come, let us reason togetherCOME LET US REASON
457Most holy and merciful Father: We confess in your presence the sinfulness of our nature
458Search me, O God, and know my heart todayELLERSText
459We are imperfect. God is FLAWLESS.
460Search me, O God, and know my heart todayMAORIText
461Jesus, Lover of my soulABERYSTWYTHTextPage ScanAudio
462Lord Jesus, think on meDAMONTextPage Scan
463Heal me, hands of JesusCAROL STREAMTextPage Scan
464I lay my sins on JesusCALCUTTATextPage Scan
465Out of the depths I cry to you on highSANDONTextPage Scan
466These are the facts as we have received themPage Scan
467There is a fountain filled with bloodCLEANSING FOUNTAINTextPage ScanAudio
468Jesus comes with all his graceWUERTTEMBERGTextPage Scan
469God demonstrates his love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for usPage Scan
470Jesus loves me, this I knowJESUS LOVES ME
471What can wash away my sinPLAINFIELDTextPage ScanAudio
472Marvelous grace of our loving LordMOODYTextPage ScanAudio
473And can it be that I should gainSAGINATextAudio
474We are the reason that he gave his lifeMEECE
475Hark! the voice of love and mercyWESTMINSTER ABBEYTextPage Scan
476Not what these hands have doneST. ANDREWTextPage Scan
477O the deep, deep love of JesusEBENEZERTextPage Scan
478I stand amazed in the presenceMY SAVIOR'S LOVETextPage ScanAudio
479O how he loves you and mePATRICIA
480I am not skilled to understandGREENWELLText
481Jesus, thy blood and righteousnessGERMANYText
482My hope is in the LordWAKEFIELD
483Arise, my soul, ariseLENOXTextPage Scan
484On a hill far away stood an old rugged crossOLD RUGGED CROSSTextPage ScanAudio
485I know a fount where sins are washed awayI KNOW A FOUNTTextPage Scan
486There's a wideness in God's mercyWELLESLEYText
487God's mighty acts among us are well known
488Christ has for sin atonement madeBENTON HARBORTextPage Scan
489I hear the Savior sayALL TO CHRISTTextPage Scan
490What offering shall we give or what atonement bringPage Scan
491Jesus is all the world to meELIZABETHTextPage Scan
492I will sing of my RedeemerHYFRYDOLTextPage ScanAudio
493I know not why god's wondrous graceEL NATHANTextPage Scan
494I found free grace and dying loveNEW BORN AGAINTextPage Scan
495My faith has found a resting placeLANDASTextPage Scan
496Give thanks with a grateful heartGIVE THANKS
497Wonderful grace of JesusWONDERFUL GRACETextPage Scan
498I love to tell the storyHANKEYTextPage ScanAudio
499Lord, I was blind; I could not seeO WALY WALYTextPage Scan
500I will sing the wondrous storyCECELIATextPage Scan

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