Trinity Psalter Hymnal

#TextTuneText InfoTune InfoTextScorePage ScanAudio
170God, in the gospel of his SonGERMANYTextPage Scan
171O Word of God incarnateMUNICHTextPage Scan
172Speak, O Lord, as we come to youSPEAK, O LORD
173Almighty God, your word is castDUNFERMLINEText
174My soul, recall with rev'rent wonderLES COMMANDEMENTS DE DIEU
175Your law, O God, is our delightGERMANY
176O thou that hear'st when sinners cryHERR JESU CHRIST DICH ZU UNS WENDTextPage Scan
177Before thee, God, who knowest allVATER UNSERTextPage Scan
178We have not known thee as we oughtST. CHRYSOSTOMText
179"Forgive our sins, as we forgive"DUNFERMLINE
180Kind and merciful GodELFAKER
181Now thank we all our GodNUN DANKETTextPage Scan
182Can a little child like meTHANKSGIVING (Basswood)TextPage Scan
183O that I had a thousand voicesO DASS ICH TAUSENDTextPage Scan
184Lord, you love the cheerful giverBEECHERTextPage Scan
185We give thee but thine ownSCHUMANNText
186I'm not ashamed to own my LordPISGAHText
187I belong to JesusDEDICATIONText
188O Jesus, I have promisedANGEL'S STORYTextPage Scan
189Lord Jesus Christ, our Lord most dearST. CHRYSOSTOMTextPage Scan
190Thus saith the mercy of the LordI DO BELIEVETextPage Scan
191Our children, Lord, in faith and prayerNAOMITextPage Scan
192O God, great Father, Lord and King!MELCOMBETextPage Scan
193Baptized into your name most holyNEUMARKTextPage Scan
194Gracious Savior, gentle ShepherdDISMISSALTextPage Scan
195Shine thou upon us, LordLEONIPage Scan
196At the Lamb's high feast we singST. GEORGE'S WINDSORTextPage Scan
197Come, take by faith the body of the LordLANGRANTextPage Scan
198Let thy blood in mercy pouredJESU, MEINE ZUVERSICHTTextPage Scan
199Zion, to thy Savior singingLAUDA SION SALVOTOREMTextPage Scan
200Soul, adorn yourself with gladnessSCHMÜCKE DICH
201'Twas on that night when doomed to knowROCKINGHAM OLDTextPage Scan
202Here, O my Lord, I see thee face to faceMORECAMBETextPage Scan
203According to thy gracious wordDALEHURSTTextPage Scan
204A parting hymn we singSCHUMANNTextPage Scan
205Bread of the world in mercy brokenEUCHARISTIC HYMNTextPage Scan
206Forth in your name, O Lord, I goHEBRONTextPage Scan
207God be with you till we meet againRANDOLPHTextPage Scan
208All glory be to thee, Most HighALLEIN GOTT IN DER HÖHTextPage Scan
209O Splendor of God's glory brightWINCHESTER NEWTextPage Scan
210O God, we praise thee and confessDUNDEETextPage Scan
211We all believe in one true GodWIR GLAUBEN ALL' AN EINEN GOTTTextPage Scan
212Come, thou Almighty KingTRINITY (ITALIAN HYMN)TextPage Scan
213Glory be to God the FatherREGENT SQUARETextPage Scan
214Sing praise to God who reigns aboveMIT FREUDEN ZARTTextPage Scan
215Give to our God immortal praiseWARRINGTONTextPage Scan
216Praise to the Lord, the Almighty, the King of creation!LOBE DEN HERRENTextPage Scan
217My God, how wonderful thou artST. ETHELDREDATextPage Scan
218Mighty God, while angels bless youALLELUIA (Lowe)TextPage Scan
219O worship the King, all-glorious aboveLYONSTextPage Scan
220Give praise to God, who reigns aboveSOLI DEO
221O Light that knew no dawnWAVERTONTextPage Scan
222O God, our help in ages pastST. ANNETextPage Scan
223Thee we adore, eternal Lord!PARK STREETTextPage Scan
224Immortal, invisible, God only wiseJOANNA (ST. DENIO)TextPage Scan
225Lord, my weak thought in vain would climbCANONBURYText
226O the deep, unbounded riches of God deserve our praise!THAXTED
227O Lord my God, when I in awesome wonderHOW GREAT THOU ARTPage Scan
228Hast thou not known, hast thou not heardDUNDEETextPage Scan
229Holy God, we praise your nameGROSSER GOTT, WIR LOBEN DICHTextPage Scan
230Holy, holy, holy! Lord God AlmightyNICAEATextPage Scan
231Whate'er my God ordains is rightWAS GOTT TUTTextPage Scan
232O righteous in the Lord rejoiceFRANCESTextPage Scan
233O Father, you are sovereignST. THEODULPHTextPage Scan
234The God of Abraham praiseLEONIText
235All glory be to GodGLORIOUS MIGHT
236To God be the glory, great things he has done!TO GOD BE THE GLORYTextPage Scan
237When all your mercies, O my GodMANOAHTextPage Scan
238Lord, with glowing heart I'd praise theeRIPLEYTextPage Scan
239Praise, my soul, the King of heavenLAUDA ANIMATextPage Scan
240O love of God, how strong and trueJERUSALEM (Parry)Text
241O God beyond all praisingTHAXTEDText
242Father, long before creationCORONAETextPage Scan
243How firm a foundation, you saints of the LordFOUNDATIONText
244A mighty fortress is our GodEIN' FESTE BURGTextPage Scan
245Great is thy faithfulness, O God my FatherFAITHFULNESSTextPage Scan
246Though troubles assail us and dangers affrightJOANNA (ST. DENIO)TextPage Scan
247We praise you, O God, our Redeemer, CreatorKREMSERTextPage Scan
248All creatures of our God and KingLASST UNS ERFREUENText
249For the beauty of the earthDIXText
250I sing th' almighty pow'r of GodFOREST GREENTextPage Scan
251Each little flow'r that opensROYAL OAKTextPage Scan
252This is my Father's worldTERRA BEATATextPage Scan
253God, all nature sings thy gloryODE TO JOY
254Let all things now living a song of thanksgivingASH GROVE
255Day by day and with each passing momentBLOTT EN DAGTextPage Scan
256God moves in a mysterious wayDUNDEETextPage Scan
257Children of the heav'nly FatherTRYGGARE KAN INGEN VARATextPage Scan
258Shepherd of tender youthCUTTINGTextPage Scan
259O Lord, how shall I meet youWIE SOLL ICH DICH EMPFANGENTextPage Scan
260All mankind fell in Adam's fallSAXONYTextPage Scan
261O love, how deep, how broad, how high!DEO GRACIAS (AGINCOURT HYMN)Text
262One there is, above all othersGODESBERGTextPage Scan
263O Savior, precious SaviorMEIRIONYDDTextPage Scan
264None other Lamb, none other nameROSSETTITextPage Scan
265In Christ alone my hope is foundIN CHRIST ALONE
266Thou art the Way: to thee aloneARLINGTONText
267O Christ, our hope, our heart's desireBRADFORDTextPage Scan
268Of the Father's love begottenDIVINUM MYSTERIUMTextPage Scan
269The people that in darkness satLOBT GOTT, IHR CHRISTENTextPage Scan

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