The Book of Praise

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701Gracious Spirit, Holy GhostCAPETOWNText
702Dear Christ, uplifted from the earthDUNLAP'S CREEKTextPage Scan
703Happy the home when God is thereST. AGNES, DURHAMTextPage Scan
704Teach me, God, to wonder; teach me, God, to see (Enseignemois, mon Dieu, à voir tes bienfaits)TEACH ME, GOD, TO WONDER
705God, who made the earthSOMMERLIEDText
706Come, let us sing of a wonderful loveWONDERFUL LOVETextPage Scan
707More love to thee, O Christ, more love to theeMORE LOVE TO THEETextPage Scan
708When Israel was in Egypt's landWHEN ISRAEL WASTextPage Scan
709What does the Lord require of you?MOONText
710What does the Lord requireSHARPTHORNE
711O holy city, seen of JohnMORNING SONGText
712Arise, your light is come! The Spirit's call obeyFESTAL SONG
713Lord, O Lord our GodLORD, O LORD OUR GODText
714Wordless, ancient earth's foundationsHELMSLEY
715Love the Lord your GodLOVE THE LORD
716Pray for the wilderness, vanishing fastWILDERNESS
717We cannot own the sunlit skyENDLESS SONG
718Holy, holy, holy Lord of power and mightSANCTUS (IONA)Text
719God in great love for us lent us this planetSTEWARDSHIPPage Scan
720Our cities cry to you, O GodTHE THIRD TUNEText
721All who love and serve your cityCHARLESTOWNText
722Lord, whose love through humble serviceBEACH SPRING
723Lord, in this broken world where you have placed usSTELLA ORIENTIS
724"Come now, you blessed, eat at my table"COME NOW, YOU BLESSED
725Oh freedom, oh freedomOH, FREEDOMTextPage Scan
726May the God of hope go with us every dayCANTO DE ESPERANZA
727Let there be lightCONCORD
728The storm is strong; we face the windTHE KING'S MAJESTY
729"Silence! frenzied, unclean spirit"DE JERSEY
730O for a world where everyoneAZMON
731Farewell, dear friends, stay safe, dear friendsSHALOM
732O day of peace that dimly shinesJERUSALEMText
733O God of love, true source of peaceEALINGTextPage Scan
734Lord of life and Lord of nationsGOD OF PEACE
735Dona nobis pacem in terraDONA NOBIS PACEM (IONA)Text
736For the healing of the nationsGRAFTONTextPage Scan
737Dona nobis pacem, pacemDONA NOBIS PACEMTextPage Scan
738God the omnipotent sovereign, ordainingRUSSIAN HYMNTextPage Scan
739Lord, make us servants of your peaceOTTERSPOORText
740Make me a channel of your peaceMAKE ME A CHANNELText
741Like a mighty river flowingQUEM PASTORES LAUDAVEREText
742Lead on, O King eternalLANCASHIREText
743Lead on, eternal SovereignLANCASHIRE
744Will your anchor hold in the storms of lifeWILL YOUR ANCHOR HOLDText
745Jesus, Lamb of God: have mercy on usAGNUS DEI (BATEMAN)Text
746What a friend we have in JesusWHAT A FRIENDTextPage Scan
747Sometimes I feel discouragedBALM IN GILEADTextPage Scan
748Lord of all hopefulness, Lord of all joySNOWSHILL
749Be still, my soul, the Lord is on thy sideFINLANDIAText
750How deep the silence of the soulMACPHERSON'S FAREWELLPage Scan
751"Forgive our sins as we forgive"BANGOR
752Blest be the God of Israel, who comes to set us freeMERLE'S TUNETextPage Scan
753You walk along our shorelineWIE LIEBLICH IST DER MAIEN
754From the slave pens of the DeltaOMNI DIE (LUXEMBOURG)
755Go ye, go ye into the worldGO YE, GO YE
756O Christ, our Lord, we meet here as your peopleINTERCESSOR
757Come sing, O church, in joy! Come join, O church, in song!DARWALL'S 148TH
758Christ's is the world in which we moveDREAM ANGUS
759In loving partnership we comeRIVAULX
760Where cross the crowded ways of lifeWALTON (FULDA)TextPage Scan
761Who's goin' to tell the story? You and I!WHO'S GOIN' TO TELL THE STORY
762When the poor ones who have nothing (Cuando el pobre nada tiene)EL CAMINO
763To show by touch and wordLODWICKText
764There's a spirit in the airLAUDSTextPage Scan
765We've a story to tell to the nationsWE'VE A STORYTextPage Scan
766Amen, amen, amen, amenAMEN (JOHNSON)Text
767Lord, speak to me, that I may speakWINSCOTTTextPage Scan
768Sometimes a healing word is comfortWER NUR DEN LIEBEN GOTT
769Lord of light, whose name and splendourBETHANY (SMART)
770Amen, amen, amenAMEN (MERRICK 1)Text
771Amen, amen, amenAMEN (MERRICK 2)Text
772"Christ for the world" we singMILTON ABBASText
773Jesus bids us shine with a pure, clear lightJESUS BIDS US SHINETextPage Scan
774God forgave my sin in Jesus' nameFREELY, FREELY
775Sent forth by your blessing, our true faith confessingASHGROVE
776Jesus, life of all the worldGROSSER GOTTTextPage Scan
777Send me JesusTHUMA MINA
778Lord, you give the great commissionHERMONText
779Amen, amenAMEN (DRESDEN)Text
780Amen, amen, amenAMEN (DANISH)Text
781AmenAMEN (SMITH)Text
782Isaiah the prophet has written of oldISAIAH THE PROPHET
783The desert shall rejoiceSTERLINGTextPage Scan
784Thy kingdom come— on bended kneeIRISHTextPage Scan
785"Abba, Abba, hear us," we cryARIRANG
786O day of God, draw nighNARENZA
787The kingdom of GodOUT SKERRIES
788"Come, know my joy," the Maker saysFLIGHT OF THE EARLSText
789O God, our Father in heavenPATER NOSTER (WEST INDIAN)
790Where is death's sting? We were not born to dieSONG 1Text
791Lord God, you now have set your servant freeSONG 1
792Let us hope when hope seems hopelessLET US HOPE
793Amen, amen, amenAMEN (Robinson)Text
794Abide with me! Fast falls the eventide (Reste avec moi! C'est l'heure le jour baisse)EVENTIDETextPage Scan
795Christ is coming! let creationUNSER HERRSCHERText
796And every one 'neath their vine and fig treeSHALOM
797Shall we gather at the riverHANSON PLACETextPage Scan
798What gift can we bring, what present, what token?ANNIVERSARY SONGTextPage Scan
799God is here! As we your peopleBLAENWERNTextPage Scan
800O Canada our home and native land (O Canada! Terre de nos aïeux)O CANADAText

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