Songs of the Soul: gathered out of many lands and ages

Editor: Samuel Irenaeus Prime
Publisher: Robert Carter and Brothers, New York, 1880
Language: English
Notes: Numbering is by page number
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308"Allah, Allah!" cried the sick manPage Scan
309All night the lonely suppliant prayedPage Scan
311Fain would my thoughts fly up to theePage Scan
312I would that I were fairer, LordPage Scan
313Where hast been toiling all day, sweetheartPage Scan
316Not thou from us, O Lord! but wePage Scan
316bSpirit of God! descend upon my heartPage Scan
317Father, I know that all my lifePage Scan
319I ask not now for gold to gildPage Scan
320I do not ask, O Lord, that life may bePage Scan
321Prune thou thy words, the thoughts controlPage Scan
322O living Will, that shalt endurePage Scan
322bTeach me, my God and KingPage Scan
323Jesu, my strength, my hopePage Scan
325Jesus, Lover of my soulPage Scan
326The roseate hues of early dawnPage Scan
327Something, my God, for theePage Scan
328Happy name I you, my brethren, who, not ever doomed to roamPage Scan
330The life above, the life on highPage Scan
332Nearer, my God, to theePage Scan
337Strong Son of God, immortal lovePage Scan
338I found him not in world or sunPage Scan
339Across the sea, along the shorePage Scan
340Thou sayest, Take up thy crossPage Scan
342While faith is with me I am blestPage Scan
343With years oppressed, with sorrows wornPage Scan
344At dead of night Sleep took her flightPage Scan
345I say to thee,--do thou repeatPage Scan
347O thou, the contrite sinner's FriendPage Scan
348Why stand I lingering withoutPage Scan
349Jesus, Lamb of God, for mePage Scan
350My Saviour, what thou didst of oldPage Scan
351O Faith, thou workest miraclesPage Scan
353O blessed Lord, Once more, as at the opening of the dayPage Scan
355Just as I am, without one pleaPage Scan
356Holy Saviour, Friend unseenPage Scan
357Oh let my trembling soul be stillPage Scan
358Father, to thee I cry!Page Scan
359When the sky is black and loweringPage Scan
360I know not what may befall mePage Scan
361I know not if the dark or brightPage Scan
362Lead, kindly light, amid th''circling gloomPage Scan
363Oh, sweetly breathe the lyres abovePage Scan
364The child leans on its parent's breastPage Scan
365Rock of Ages, cleft for mePage Scan
366O thou great Power, in whom I movePage Scan
366bThe fourteen centuries fall awayPage Scan
370My faith looks up to theePage Scan
375Come, ye disconsolate, where'er ye languishPage Scan
375bOh deem not they are blest alonePage Scan
376As down in the sunless retreats of the oceanPage Scan
377Around Bethesda's healing wavePage Scan
378When Israel, of the Lord belovedPage Scan
379God moves in a mysterious wayPage Scan
380How sweetly flowed the gospel's soundPage Scan
380bNot always as the whirlwind's rushPage Scan
382Judge not! the workings of his brainPage Scan
383He saves the sheep, the goats he does not save!Page Scan
384A worthy man of Paris townPage Scan
385Holiness on the headPage Scan
386O thou, not made with handsPage Scan
387Oh! sometime gleams upon our sightPage Scan
388I saw the Syrian sunset's meteor-crownPage Scan
390I saw again, behold! heaven's open doorPage Scan
391No bird-song floated down the hillPage Scan
393Whatever crazy sorrow saithPage Scan
395There is no death! The stars go downPage Scan
396I like that ancient Saxon phrase which callsPage Scan
397The dead are like the stars by dayPage Scan
398This place is holy groundPage Scan
399There is a land where beauty will not fadePage Scan
400Beyond these chilling winds and gloomy skiesPage Scan
401O birds from out the east, O birds from out the westPage Scan
404The city of the Lord I seePage Scan
405Thou shalt rise! my dust, thou shalt arise!Page Scan
406Two thousand years ago, a flowerPage Scan
411There are three lessons I would writePage Scan
412I had drunk with lips unsatedPage Scan
413High thoughts at first and visions highPage Scan
415Are thy toils and woes increasing?Page Scan
416Those eternal bowers Man hath never trodPage Scan
417Heaven is not reached by a single boundPage Scan
418Time was I shrank from what was rightPage Scan
419Oh, say not thou art left of GodPage Scan
420When death is coming nearPage Scan
421Thou, who didst stoop belowPage Scan
422Thou, who didst sit on Jacob's wellPage Scan
423O God, thy power is wonderfulPage Scan
424When sorrow all our heart would askPage Scan
425Because I hold it sinful to despondPage Scan
426Within this leaf, to every eyePage Scan
427Dear Lord, in all our loneliest painsPage Scan
428We may not climb the heavenly steepsPage Scan
430"Had'st thou stayed, I must have fled!"Page Scan
434They lay their corner-stones in darkPage Scan
435Pain's furnace-heat within me quiversPage Scan
436As the harp-strings only renderPage Scan
437How firm a foundation, ye saints of the LordPage Scan
438Let our choir new anthems raisePage Scan
443And is there care in heaven, and is there lovePage Scan

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