Singing the Faith

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565Only by grace can we enter[Only by grace can we enter]
566aTake my life, and let it beNOTTINGHAM (Müller)
566bTake my life, and let it beCONSECRATION
567You are the centre, you are my life[You are the centre, you are my life]
568Alleluia! Sing to JesusHYFRYDOL
569An Upper Room did our Lord prepareO WALY WALY
570As we gather, Father, seal us[As we gather, Father, seal us]
571As your family, Lord, see us hereKUM BA YAH
572aAuthor of life divineSACRISTA
572bAuthor of life divineSHIRLAND
573Be known to us in breaking breadBELMONT
574Because you have said: 'Do this for my sake'PADERBORN
575Before I take the body of my LordLAYING DOWN
576Bread is blessed and brokenGRACE IN ESSENCE
577As we proclaim your death[As we proclaim your death]
578Lord, I know, I am not worthy to receive you[Lord I know I am not worthy to receive you]
579Come, Holy Ghost, your influence shedBILLING
580Come, Lord, be our guestDIETWEIN
581Come, my table is a meeting place[Come, my table is a meeting place]
582Asking for a cup of waterMODESTO
583Christ is the bread of lifeEAT THIS BREAD
584Food to pilgrims given[Food to pilgrims given]
585God, whose love is all around usQUEM PASTORES LAUDAVERE
586Here is bread, here is wine[Here is bread, here is wine]
587I am the bread PICKET WOOD
588I come with joy, a child of GodST. BOTOLPH (Slater)
589In bread we bring you, Lord[In bread we bring you, Lord]
590Jesus, we thus obeyGILDAS (ST AUGUSTINE)
591Let all mortal flesh keep silencePICARDY
592Let us break bread together with the LordLET US BREAK BREAD
593Lord, enthroned in heavenly splendourST HELEN
594Lord Jesus Christ, you have come to usLIVING LORD
595Lord, we have come at your own invitationEPIPHANY
596Now let us from this table riseNIAGARA
597O thou who this mysterious breadLAND OF REST
598Shout for joy! The Lord has let us feastLANSDOWNE
599Up to your table, Lord, you call us[Up to your table, Lord, you call us]
600Victim divine, thy grace we claimCREDO
601We do not presume to come to this table[We do not presume to come to this table]
602With all my heart I thank you, Lord[With all my heart I thank you, Lord]
603Come to a weddingBUNESSAN
604Let's praise the Creator who gave us each otherTHE ROAD AND THE MILES TO DUNDEE
605O perfect Love, all human though transcendingO PERFECT LOVE
606We pledge to one anotherTHAXTED
607When love is found and hope comes homeO WALY WALY
608All praise to our redeeming LordLUCIUS
609As we gather in your presence now[As we gather in your presence now]
610Best of all is God is with usCHAPEL BRAE
611Brother, sister, let me serve youTHE SERVANT SONG
612God give us lifeCAMPBELL
613God, how can we forgiveLEONI
614You can be happy, and I can be happy[God loves you, and I love you]
615Let love be real, in giving and receivingLONDONDERRY AIR
616Lord, in our lonely hoursALLEIN
617O blessed spring, where Word and signCOME TOGETHER
618Sacred the body God has createdRUDDLE
619Thanks for friends who keep on lovingHEANISH
620Thou God of truth and loveST GODRIC
621When memory fades and recognition faltersFINLANDIA
622When our caring love wears thinCHARTERHOUSE (Cooper)
623A safe stronghold our God is stillEIN` FESTE BURG
624Calm me, Lord, as you calmed the storm[Calm me, Lord, as you calmed the storm]
625Deep in the darkness a starlight is gleamingHIGH POINT
626Even though I walk through the valley[Even though I walk through the valley]
627Ev'ryone needs compassion[Ev'ryone needs compassion]
628Faithful One, so unchanging[Faithful One, so unchanging]
629God of my faith, I offer you my doubtANIMA CHRISTI (Maher)
630How long, O Lord, will you forget[How long, O Lord, will you forget]
631I lift my eyes up to the mountains[I lift my eyes up to the mountains]
632I've had questions without answers[I've had questions without answers]
633My soul finds rest in God alone[My soul finds rest in God alone]
634Fight the good fight with all your mightDUKE STREET
635My troubled soul, why so weighed down?[My troubled soul, why so weighed down]
636O love that wilt not let me goST MARGARET
637Soldiers of Christ, ariseFROM STRENGTH TO STRENGTH
638Through all the changing scenes of lifeWILTSHIRE
639Through the love of God our SaviourAR HYD Y NOS
640We turn to God when we are sorely pressedTHE COST OF DISCIPLESHIP
641When circumstances make my lifeMARTYRDOM (FENWICK)
642When I'm feeling down and sadWHEN I'M FEELING DOWN AND SAD
643When, O God, our faith is testedFORTUNATUS NEW
644When our confidence is shakenNEW MALDEN (McCarthy)
645Will your anchor hold in the storms of lifeWILL YOUR ANCHOR HOLD
646Come, and let us sweetly joinLEACH
647God grant us words to speakGARELOCHSIDE
648God to enfold youENFOLDING
649God! When human bonds are brokenST CATHERINE (Flood Jones)
650Heal us, Immanuel! Hear our prayerST HUGH
651Lord of life, we come to youERISKAY LOVE LILT
652Lord, we come to ask your healingAR HYD Y NOS
653O Christ, the Healer, we have comeANGELUS
654The love of God come closeMELANIE
655We cannot measure how you healYE BANKS AND BRAES (THE BANKS O' DOON)
656When the bonds of love are breakingGOD OF HEALING
657You give rest to the weary[You give rest to the weary]
658A charge to keep I haveCAMBRIDGE (Harrison)
659As dawn awakes another dayHERONGATE
660Called by Christ to be disciplesSTRANMILLS
661Give me the faith which can removeMOUNT SION (Pleyel)
662Have you heard God's voice; has your heart been stirred[Have you heard God's voice; has your heart been stirred]

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