The Sacred Trio: comprising Redemption Songs, Showers of Blessing, The Joyful Sound (Word ed.)

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303Awake, awake, with cheerful heart and voicePage Scan
304When in the tempest he'll hide usPage Scan
305Oh, blessed fellowship divine!Page Scan
306Consecrate me now, Jesus, my RedeemerPage Scan
307All my life long I had pantedPage Scan
308I've found a joy in sorrowPage Scan
309There is perfect cleansing in the precious bloodPage Scan
310When lost among the wild, dark mountainsPage Scan
311Long, weary years in sin I wanderedPage Scan
312If you want pardon, if you want peacePage Scan
313Oh, spotless Lamb, I come to theePage Scan
314Come, my soul, thy suit preparePage Scan
315The Christ is found, we've waited longPage Scan
316Just as thou art, without one tracePage Scan
317Beyond the smiling and the weepingPage Scan
318Glory be to the Father, and to the SonPage Scan
319When we come with burdened soulsPage Scan
320When doubt and conflict weigh me downPage Scan
321Oft I hear hope sweetly singingPage Scan
322Gracious Spirit, love divinePage Scan
323Holy Ghost, with light divinePage Scan
324Lord, God, the Holy Ghost!Page Scan
325Come, Holy Spirit, comePage Scan
326Come, Holy Spirit, raise our songsPage Scan
327O Spirit of the living GodPage Scan
328Come, let us join our cheerful songsPage Scan
329The Lord bless thee, and keep theePage Scan
330O Lord, in thy Zion praise waiteth for theePage Scan
331Sound the trumpet loud and longPage Scan
332The Lord is my bannerPage Scan
333Thine forever, gracious King!Page Scan
334Weary, oh, yes, thou art wearyPage Scan
335I have a gracious MasterPage Scan
336Nearer to Jesus, his precious bloodPage Scan
337Marching together with banners so brightPage Scan
338Jesus! dear and hallowed namePage Scan
339I redeemed thee, saith the LordPage Scan
340Sick and weary, broken-heartedPage Scan
341I came to the fountain that cleanseth from sinPage Scan
342Thank God for a perfect salvationPage Scan
343See the host of redeemed ones advancingPage Scan
344Traveler, haste, the day is waningPage Scan
345Brother, leave the path of sinPage Scan
346Listen to the voice of JesusPage Scan
347In this sinful world I'm walkingPage Scan
348O sweet is the voice of my ShepherdPage Scan
349I will go to Jesus nowPage Scan
350Just beyond the rolling riverPage Scan
351Send out thy light and truth, O LordPage Scan
352Finding in Jesus a present helpPage Scan
353Listen to the blessed invitationPage Scan
354Jesus reigns, in all his gloryPage Scan
355Soldiers recruiting in the ranks of the LordPage Scan
356I will cling to the cross where I first found restPage Scan
357All-glorious God and KingPage Scan
358The light is here, the blessed lightPage Scan
359Out in the wide world, out in its strifePage Scan
360There's a robe and a palm for youPage Scan
361Through thy all-atoning meritPage Scan
362Why should life a weary journey seem?Page Scan
363Eternal Father, thou hast saidPage Scan
364Flow on, thou sparkling riverPage Scan
365Saviour, I have heard thee pleadingPage Scan
366I have found a blessed refugePage Scan
367The Lord in his word has commandedPage Scan
368O, why dost thou linger so longPage Scan
369Sorrow here is not a strangerPage Scan
370Take the word and sow it wellPage Scan
371Do you think that my Saviour will leave me?Page Scan
372My sails are spread to meet the galePage Scan
373We sing of the joys that await usPage Scan
374Let the path be bright, with sunny skiesPage Scan
375Oh, think of the work to be donePage Scan
376Whatsoever burden presses on thy heartPage Scan
377Steersman, steersman, the channel's rough and darkPage Scan
378We've 'listed in a holy warPage Scan
379True-hearted, whole-hearted, faithful and loyalPage Scan
380Not to-morrow, but to-dayPage Scan
381Hasten, ye weary, why do you linger?Page Scan
382Jesus is a precious friendPage Scan
383Hark, I hear the gospel armyPage Scan
384We shall have a new name in that landPage Scan
385I need the prayers of those I lovePage Scan
386I'm with thee every hourPage Scan
387The promises of JesusPage Scan
388Jesus, I will take theePage Scan
389Sing to the Lord, to God our FatherPage Scan
390Rejoice! rejoice! for Jesus reignsPage Scan
391Jesus, the rock on which my feetPage Scan
392Now no more with pain I'm clingingPage Scan
393Thine forever, thine foreverPage Scan
394The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not wantPage Scan
395Come, O my soul, my ev'ry power awakingPage Scan
396Would you find the way to heaven?Page Scan
397O Jesus, my Saviour, come nearer to mePage Scan
398Rich are the moments of blessingPage Scan
399I am dwelling in the comfortPage Scan
400Enter into thy closetPage Scan
401The promises, how precious!Page Scan
402I will go, I cannot stayPage Scan

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