A Selection of Psalms and Hymns, Embracing all the Varieties of Subjects

Editor: William Emerson, A. M.
Publisher: Munroe, Francis & Parker, Boston, 1808
Denomination: Unitarian churches
Language: English
Notes: Pages scanned do not have P74 or P75
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P1The man is ever blestPage Scan
P2To God let fervent pray'rs arisePage Scan
P3In sleep's serene oblivion laidPage Scan
P4Thus far the Lord has led me onPage Scan
P5Lord! in the morning thou shall hear Page Scan
P6O spare me, Lord, nor o'er my headPage Scan
P7When storms hang o'er the christian's headPage Scan
P8O thou, to whom all creatures bowPage Scan
P9The great Jehovah be ador'dPage Scan
P10What eyes, like thine, eternal sirePage Scan
P11The heart dejected sighs to knowPage Scan
P12Help, Lord! for men of virtue failPage Scan
P13How long shall I, my God! in vainPage Scan
P14There is a God, all nature speaksPage Scan
P15Who shall tow'rd thy chosen seatPage Scan
P16Let heathens to their idols hastePage Scan
P17What sinners value I resignPage Scan
P18God left the beauteous realms of lightPage Scan
P19The spacious firmament on highPage Scan
P20While sounds of war are heard aroundPage Scan
P21Hark the glad sound! the Saviour comes!Page Scan
P22Supreme and universal light!Page Scan
P23The Lord our pasture shall preparePage Scan
P24The earth is thine, almighty Lord!Page Scan
P25In vain, while sorrow spreadsPage Scan
P26Be thou my judge: thy searching eyesPage Scan
P27The Lord, my saviour, is my lightPage Scan
P28The Lord! how tender is his lovePage Scan
P29Give to the Lord, ye sons of famePage Scan
P30Long and mournful is the nightPage Scan
P31Weak and irresolute is manPage Scan
P32O blessed souls are theyPage Scan
P33Ye holy souls, in God rejoicePage Scan
P34aChildren in years and knowledge youngPage Scan
P34bIn the soft season of thy youthPage Scan
P35Behold, where, breathing love divinePage Scan
P36O Lord! thy mercy, my sure hopePage Scan
P37Let not the sinner's wealth or mightPage Scan
P38When sickness shakes the languid framePage Scan
P39Teach me the measure of my daysPage Scan
P40With patient hope my God I soughtPage Scan
P41Blest is the man, whose heart is kindPage Scan
P42O why, my soul, dost thou complain?Page Scan
P43O thou, whose tender mercy hearsPage Scan
P44O God of our forefathers! hearPage Scan
P45Our hearts a grateful theme shall singPage Scan
P46God is our refuge in distressPage Scan
P47O for a shout of sacred joyPage Scan
P48Great is the Lord our GodPage Scan
P49Ye humble souls, complain no morePage Scan
P50The God of glory sends his summons forthPage Scan
P51Shew pity, Lord! O Lord, forgive!Page Scan
P52Thou wilt regard my criesPage Scan
P53Behold the fool! whose heart denies Page Scan
P54Thy name, O God! my heart avowsPage Scan
P55O were I like a feather'd dovePage Scan
P56To God the only wisePage Scan
P57Be thou exalted, O our God!Page Scan
P58Shall tyrants rule by impious laws?Page Scan
P59Lord! let our humble cryPage Scan
P60Lord! hast thou cast the nation off?Page Scan
P61When overwhelm'd with griefPage Scan
P62God does his saving health dispensePage Scan
P63Within thy churches, Lord!Page Scan
P64O Lord, to our request give earPage Scan
P65'Tis by thy strength the mountains standPage Scan
P66Come, see the wonders of our God!Page Scan
P67Let diff'ring nations joinPage Scan
P68God of all grace, accept our praise!Page Scan
P69Deep in our heart let us recordPage Scan
P70My thoughts, that oft ascend the skiesPage Scan
P71My God, my everlasting hope!Page Scan
P72Great God! whose universal swayPage Scan
P73There is a righteous GodPage Scan
P74Eternal source of every joy
P75To thee, most holy and most high
P76aThis God is the God we adorePage Scan
P76bWith God my friend, the radiant sunPage Scan
P77Oh, how my fears the dangers movePage Scan
P78Hear, O my people; to my lawPage Scan
P79Though terrors guard thine awful seatPage Scan
P80Deserted now the verdant fieldsPage Scan
P81Sing to the Lord, aloudPage Scan
P82God in th'assembly standsPage Scan
P83Absurd and vain attempt! to bindPage Scan
P84Lord of the worlds abovePage Scan
P85Welcome the hope of Isr'l's racePage Scan
P86Eternal God! almighty causePage Scan
P87And will the great eternal GodPage Scan
P88O God of my salvation, hear!Page Scan
P89Sing to the Lord, ye distant lands!Page Scan
P90The swift declining dayPage Scan
P91When I survey life's varied scenePage Scan
P92Good is the work, my God, my king!Page Scan
P93The Lord Jehovah reignsPage Scan
P94Not from relentless fate's dark wombPage Scan
P95Sing to the Lord Jehovah's namePage Scan
P96O sing to the Lord a new songPage Scan
P97He reigns; the Lord Jehovah reigns!Page Scan
P98Praise ye the Lord! tis good to raisePage Scan

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