Scottish Psalter and Paraphrases

Publisher: Grand Rapids, MI: Christian Classics Ethereal Library, 1800
Denomination: Church of Scotland
Language: English
Notes: Title: Psalms of David in Metre: according to the version approved by the Church of Scotland and appointed to be used in worship.
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P101O come, let us sing to the Lord:Text
P102O sing a new song to the Lord: sing all the earth to GodText
P103God reigneth, let the earth be gladText
P104O sing a new song to the Lord, for wonders he hath doneText
P105Th' eternal Lord doth reign as kingText
P106All people that on earth do dwellText
P107O all ye lands, unto the LordText
P108I mercy will and judgment singText
P109O Lord, unto my pray'r give earText
P110Lord, hear my pray'r, and let my cryText
P111O thou my soul, bless God the LordText
P112Bless God, my soul. O Lord my GodText
P113Give thanks to God, call on his nameText
P114Give praise and thanks unto the LordText
P115Praise God, for he is good: for stillText
P116My heart is fix'd, Lord; I will singText
P117O thou the God of all my praiseText
P118The Lord did say unto my LordText
P119Praise ye the Lord: with my whole heartText
P120Praise ye the Lord. The man is bless'dText
P121Praise God: ye servants of the LordText
P122When Isr'el out of Egypt wentText
P123Not unto us, Lord, not to usText
P124I love the Lord, because my voiceText
P125O give ye praise unto the LordText
P126O praise the Lord, for he is goodText
P127Blessed are they that undefil'dText
P128By what means shall a young man learnText
P129With me thy servant, in thy graceText
P130My soul to dust cleaves: quicken meText
P131Teach me, O Lord, the perfect wayText
P132Let thy sweet mercies also comeText
P133Remember, Lord, thy gracious wordText
P134Thou my sure portion art aloneText
P135Well hast thou with thy servant dealtText
P136Thou mad'st and fashion'dst me: thy lawsText
P137My soul for thy salvation faintsText
P138Thy word for ever is, O LordText
P139O how love I thy law! it isText
P140Thy word is to my feet a lampText
P141I hate the thoughts of vanityText
P142To all men I have judgment doneText
P143Thy statutes, Lord, are wonderfulText
P144O Lord, thou art most righteousText
P145With my whole heart I cry'd, Lord, hearText
P146Consider mine afflictionText
P147Princes have persecuted meText
P148O let my earnest pray'r and cryText
P149In my distress to God I cry'dText
P150I to the hills will lift mine eyesText
P151I joy'd when to the house of GodText
P152O thou that dwellest in the heav'nsText
P153Had not the Lord been on our sideText
P154Now IsraelText
P155They in the Lord that firmly trustText
P156When Sion's bondage God turn'd backText
P157Except the Lord do build the houseText
P158Bless'd is each one that fears the LordText
P159Oft did they vex me from my youthText
P160Lord, from the depths to thee I cry'dText
P161My heart not haughty is, O LordText
P162David, and his afflictions allText
P163Behold, how good a thing it isText
P164Behold, bless ye the Lord, all yeText
P165Praise ye the Lord, the Lord's name praiseText
P166Give thanks to God, for good is he:Text
P167Praise God, for he is kind:Text
P168By Babel's streams we sat and weptText
P169Thee will I praise with all my heartText
P170O Lord, thou hast me search'd and knownText
P171Lord, from the ill and froward manText
P172O Lord, I unto thee do cryText
P173I with my voice cry'd to the LordText
P174Lord, hear my pray'r, attend my suitsText
P175Oh, hear my prayer, LordText
P176O blessed ever be the LordText
P177I'll thee extol, my God, O KingText
P178O Lord, thou art my God and KingText
P179Praise God. The Lord praise, O my soulText
P180Praise ye the Lord; for it is good praise to our God to singText
P181Praise God. From heavens praise the LordText
P182The Lord of heav'n confessText
P183Praise ye the Lord: unto him singText
P184Praise ye the Lord. God's praise withinText
D1To Father, Son, and Holy GhostText
D2To Father, Son, and Holy GhostText
D3To Thee be glory, LordText
D4Glory to God the Father, God the SonText
D5To Father, Son, and Holy GhostText
D6To God the Father, SonText
D7Now glory be to GodText
R1Let heav'n arise, let earth appearText
R2O God of Bethel! by whose handText
R3Naked as from the earth we cameText
R4How still and peaceful is the grave!Text
R5Though trouble springs not from the dustText
R6The rush may rise where waters flowText
R7How should the sons of Adam's raceText
R8Few are thy days, and full of woeText
R9Who can resist th' Almighty armText

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