Sing! A New Creation

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100Restore us, Lord, and show your faceUNE JEUNE PUCELLEAudio
101God of justice ever flowingHOLY MANNAAudio
102My soul proclaims with wonderES FLOG EIN KLEINS WALDVOGELEINTextAudio
103Come, Lord Jesus[Come, Lord Jesus]
104Blessed be the God of Israel who comes to set us freeFOREST GREENTextAudio
105Prepare the way of the Lord[Prepare the way of the Lord]Audio
106Soon and very soon, we are going to see the King!SOON AND VERY SOONAudio
107Mary had a baby, my Lord[Mary had a baby]TextAudio
108Jesus, Jesus, oh, what a wonderful childWONDERFUL CHILDTextAudio
109Meekness and majesty, manhood and DeityMEEKNESS AND MAJESTYAudio
110Hitsuji wa nemure ri (Sheep fast asleep, there on a hill) KORINAudio
111Gloria, gloria, gloria in excelsis deo[Gloria, gloria, gloria in excelsis Deo]TextAudio
112Sing a new song to the LordONSLOW SQUARETextAudio
113Blessed be the Lord God AlmightyLORD GOD ALMIGHTYAudio
114Jesus, name above all namesHEARNAudio
115Gloria, gloria, in excelsis deo[Gloria, gloria, in excelsis Deo]Audio
116Gloria, gloria, gloria, en las alturas a Dios (Glory, glory, glory, glory be to God on high)CUEQUITAAudio
117Emmanuel, EmmanuelEMMANUELAudio
118Los magos que llegaron a Belén (The magi went to Bethl'hem long ago)ISLA DEL ENCANTOAudio
119Eternal God, by a star you led magi
120Hail to the Lord's anointedES FLOG EIN KLEINS WALDVOGELEINTextAudio
121Jesus the Lord said, "I am the bread"YISU NE KAHAAudio
122Blest are they, the poor in spiritBLEST ARE THEYAudio
123You are salt for the earth, O people[You are salt for the earth]Audio
124Jesus heard with deep compassion PLEADING SAVIORTextAudio
125Take us as we are, O GodENDLESS FEASTTextAudio
126We have come at Christ's own biddingABBOT'S LEIGHTextPage ScanAudio
127The voice of God goes out to all the worldWOODLANDSAudio
128Lord, the light of your love is shiningSHINE, JESUS, SHINEAudio
129Throughout these Lenten days and nightsTALLIS CANONTextPage ScanAudio
130I want Jesus to walk with meSOJOURNERTextAudio
131My times are in your handsMARGARETAudio
132Since my mother's womb[Since my mother's womb]Audio
133(Matos y palmas esparciendo, va (Filled with excitement, all the happy throng)HOSANNAAudio
134A new commandment I give unto youNEW COMMANDMENTTextAudio
135Friends in faith who follow JesusRESTORATIONAudio
136I am the vine, you are the branches[I am the vine, you are the branches]Audio
137Beloved, let us love one another[Beloved, let us love one another]Audio
138There in God's garden stands the Tree of WisdomSHADES MOUNTAINAudio
139Holy, holy, holy God, holy almighty GodAGIOS, O THEOSTextAudio
140Everytime I think about JesusCALVARYTextPage ScanAudio
141Why has God forsaken me?SHIMPIAudio
142What wondrous love is thisWONDROUS LOVETextAudio
143Jesus, remember meJESUS, REMEMBER MEAudio
144Now behold the Lamb[Now behold the Lamb]Audio
145There is a Redeemer[There is a Redeemer]Audio
146Hail and Hosanna[Hail and Hosanna!]Audio
147Christ is risen! Shout hosanna!W ZLOBIE LEZYTextAudio
148Now he is living, the Christ[Now he is living, the Christ]
149Aleluya, Aleluya (Alleluia. Alleluia)[Aleluya, aleluya]TextAudio
150Alleluia! Jesus is risenEARTH AND ALL STARSAudio
151The Lord is risen from the dead[The Lord is risen from the dead]Audio
152I am the bread of life[I am the bread of life]Audio
153Come to us, beloved StrangerBEACH SPRINGAudio
154God has gone up with shouts of joy!MIT FREUDEN ZART Audio
155Protect me, God: I trust in youMEPHIBOSHETHTextAudio
156Clap your hands all you nationsMARIUSAudio
157Lord, I lift your name on highLORD I LIFT YOUR NAMEAudio
158You are crowned with many crowns[You are crowned with many crowns]Audio
159Glory to you, O God
160He is Lord, he is LordHE IS LORDTextAudio
161I'm gonna sing when the Spirit says sing[I'm gonna sing when the Spirit says sing]TextAudio
162The crowd gathered and was bewildered
163Come to us, Spirit of God[Come to us Spirit of God]Audio
164Come, Lord Jesus, send us your Spirit
165Come, Holy Spirit[Come Holy Spirit] (Bell)Audio
166Gracious Spirit, heed our pleadingNJOO KWETU, ROHO MWEMAAudio
167Gift of Christ from God our FatherAR HYD Y NOSTextAudio
168Santo Espíritu, excelsa paloma (Holy Spirit from heaven descended)EXCELSA PALOMAAudio
169Wind who makes all winds that blowABERYSTWYTHAudio
170Holy Spirit, Lord and Giver of Life
171Like the murmur of the dove's songBRIDEGROOMTextPage ScanAudio
172Faith begins by letting goLUX PRIMATextPage ScanAudio
173This holy covenant was madeLASST UNS ERFREUENAudio
174God has brought forth IsraelGAUDEAMUS PARITERTextPage ScanAudio
175I believe in God AlmightyIN BABILONEAudio
176What is your only comfort in life and in death?Text
177O Christ, the great foundationAURELIAAudio
178We are members of Christ's bodyFONTHILLAudio
179Somos uno en Cristo, somos uno (We are one in Christ Jesus, all one body)SOMOS UNOAudio
180You are my hiding place[You Are My Hiding Place]Audio
181aShepherd me, O God[Shepherd me, O God]Audio
181bMy shepherd is the Lord[My shepherd is the Lord]Audio
182You, Lord, are both Lamb and ShepherdPICARDYAudio
183God, our help and constant refugeMICHAELAudio
184How lovely, Lord, how lovely is your abiding placeMERLE'S TUNETextPage ScanAudio
185You who dwell in the shelter of the Lord[You who dwell in the shelter of the Lord]Audio
186Look and learn from the birds of the air[Look and learn from the birds of the air]Audio
187In God alone my soul can find rest and peace[In God alone my soul can find rest and peace]Audio
188Don'na tokidemo (Anytime and anywhere)DON'NA TOKIDEMAAudio
189Through it all, through it allTHROUGH IT ALLAudio
190Trust in the Lord with all your heart[Trust in the Lord with all your heart]Audio
191God is the source of all my joy[God is the source of all my joy]Audio
192The Lord is my light, my light and my salvation[The Lord is my light] (Czech)Audio
193Pues si vivimos para èl vivimos (When we are living, it is in Christ Jesus)SOMOS DEL SENORAudio
194After this I looked, and there was a great multitude
195For all the saints that showed your loveOLD HUNDREDTHAudio
196Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name[Our Father in heaven]TextAudio
197Ask and it will be given to you[Ask and it will be given to you]
198Mayenziwe 'ntando yakho (Your will be done on earth, Lord)[Your will be done on earth, O Lord]TextAudio

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