Singing the Living Tradition

Publisher: Beacon Press, Boston, 1993
Denomination: Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations
Language: English
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301Touch the earth, reach the sky!TOUCH THE EARTH
302Children of the human raceLEE
303We are the earth upright and proudEIN' FESTE BURG
304A fierce unrest seethes at the coreSALVATIONText
305All the colors (De colores)DE COLORES
306Sing of living, sing of dyingENOCH
307The human touch can light the flameDICKINSON COLLEGE
308The blessings of the earth and skyMACH'S MIT MIR, GOTT
309Earth is our homeland: a song of stars, a graceSYMPHONY
310The earth is home and all abundantALBRIGHT
311Let a dancing song be heardMASTEN
312Here on the paths of every dayFILLMORETextPage Scan
313O what a piece of work are weDOVE OF PEACE
314We are children of the earthCON X'OM LANG
315This old world is full of sorrowRESTORATIONText
316Tradition held fast through varied time and placeCIRCLE OF SPIRIT
317We are not our own. Earth forms usNEXUSText
318We would be one as now we join in singingFINLANDIAText
319Ye earthborn children of a starGREENVILLEText
320The pen is greater than the swordGRAGARETH
321Here in the flesh is all that we can knowSONG SPRINGSText
322Thanks be for these, life's holy timesTRANSYLVANIA
323Break not the circle of enabling loveYADDOText
324Where my free spirit onward leadsKINGSFOLD
325Love makes a bridge from heart to heartEMERYText
326Let all the beauty we have knownDANBY
327Joy, thou goddess, fair immortalHYMN TO JOYTextPage Scan
328I sought the wood in summerMERLE'S TUNETextPage Scan
329Life has loveliness to sellBLISSText
330The arching sky of morning glowsTALLIS' CANON
331Life is the greatest gift of allBROTHER JAMES' AIR
332Perfect Singer, songs of earthCHORALE
333Alone she cuts and binds the grainDEVOTIONTextPage Scan
334When shall we learn, what should be clear as dayFLENTGE
335Once when my heart was passion freePRIMROSEText
336All my memories of loveADORO TE DEVOTEText
337Have I not known the sky and seaJERUSALEM
338I seek the spirit of a childSUSSEX CAROL
339Knowledge, they say, drives wonder from the worldSHELDONIANTextPage Scan
340Though gathered here to celebrateDISTANT BELOVED
341O world, thou choosest not the better part!SONG 1Text
342O slowly, slowly, they returnSOLOTHURN
343A firemist and a planetNEW ENGLANDTextPage Scan
344A promise through the ages ringsWAS GOTT THUT
345With joy we claim the growing lightWINCHESTER NEWText
346Come, sing a song with meA ROSE IN WINTER
347Gather the spirit, harvest the powerGATHER THE SPIRIT
348Guide my feet while I run this raceGUIDE MY FEETTextPage Scan
349We gather together in joyful thanksgvingKREMSER
350The ceaseless flow of endless timeMCKEE
351A long, long way the sea-winds blowLIVERPOOLTextPage Scan
352Find a stillness, hold a stillnessSIGISMUND
353Golden breaks the dawnLE P'ING
354We laugh, we cry, we live, we dieCREDO
355We lift our hearts in thanks todayPRAETORIUS
356Will you seek in far-off places?GUTER HIRTE
357Bright morning stars are risingBRIGHT MORNING STARSText
358Rank by rank again we standREUNION
359When we are gathered for a time REPTON
360Here we have gathered, gathered side by sideOLD 124TH
361Enter, rejoice, and come inREJOICEText
362Rise up, O flameCHALICEPage Scan
363Alleluia! sang stars that gave us birth!DOXOLOGY
364Alleluia. Alleluia[Aleluia. Alleluia]Text
365Praise God, praise God, the love we all may shareDOXOLOGYText
366Heleluyan, helleluyanHELELUYANText
367Allelu, allelu, allelu, alleluia!ALLELUTextPage Scan
368Now let us sing. Sing to the power of the faith withinROBESONTextPage Scan
369This is the truth that passes understandingDONNE SECOURSTextPage Scan
370All people that on earth do dwellOLD HUNDREDTH
374Since what we choose is what we areTextPage Scan
375As saffron trees now capture fireTextPage Scan
376Sing loudly till the stars have heardTextPage Scan
377In greening lands begins the songTextPage Scan
378Let those who live in every landPage Scan
379Ours be the poems of all tonguesPage Scan
380Rejoice in love we know and share
381From all that dwell below the skiesText
382De todos bajo el gran solText
383Alleluia. AlleluiaALLELUIA AMENText
384Alleluia, alleluiaAMADEUSText
385Gloria, gloria, in excelsis Deo!JACQUESText
386Alleluia, alleluiaPACHELBEL'S CANONTextPage Scan
387The earth, the water, the fire, the airELEMENTSTextPage Scan
388Dona nobis pacem, pacemDONA NOBIS PACEMText
389Gathered here in the mystery of the hourGATHERING CHANT
390Gaudeamus, gaudeamus, gaudeamus hodieGAUDEAMUS HODIEText
391Voice still and small, deep inside allVOICE STILL AND SMALL
392Hineh mah tov umah nayim (How good it is and how pleasant)PSALM 133Page Scan
393Jubilate DeoJUBILATE DEOTextPage Scan
394Hava nashirah. Shirah allelua! (Come, let's be singing. Sing alleluia!)HAVA NASHIRAHTextPage Scan
395Sing and rejoiceMOORETextPage Scan
396I know this rose will openGRIGOLIA
397Morning has comeMOOREText
398To see the world in a grain of sandDEN STORE HVIDE FLOKTextPage Scan
399And ev'ry one 'neath a vine and fig treeVINE AND FIG TREETextPage Scan
400Shalom, havayreem!SHALOMTextPage Scan

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