Sparkling Jewels for the Sunday School: a new collection of choice music

Editor: Knowles Shaw
Publisher: John Church, Cincinnati, 1871
Language: English
Notes: Numbering is by page number. Letters are added to hymns that start on the same page.
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3Sparkling jewels of song we bringPage Scan
4They are going, only goingPage Scan
5Many children dear to us while herePage Scan
6How bravely sails the gallant shipPage Scan
7Little children, come to JesusPage Scan
8The book of books, the BiblePage Scan
9Ye wretched, hungry, starving poorPage Scan
10O, have you not heard of that realm of delightPage Scan
11Holy Bible, book divine!Page Scan
12Stand up for Jesus! let not pridePage Scan
13Would you lay your burden down?Page Scan
14Garlands we bring, fresh garlands of songPage Scan
15O, I love to think of Jesus as he sat beside the seaPage Scan
16Beyond the gladness and the grievingPage Scan
17Mine the cross, and thine the gloryPage Scan
18Tarry with me, O my SaviorPage Scan
19Who is this that calls, "O weary"Page Scan
20Near the cross our station takingPage Scan
21I am waiting for the MasterPage Scan
22Onward, Christian! onward goPage Scan
23I dreamed of the land of the pure and bright[I dreamed of the land of the pure and bright]Page Scan
24Oh, think of a home over therePage Scan
25Over the river the crystal stream flowsPage Scan
26I will sing you a song of that beautiful landPage Scan
27There is a land of pure delightPage Scan
28aBlest be the tie that bindsPage Scan
28bAll hail the power of Jesus' namePage Scan
29Far away in the land of the pure and brightPage Scan
30O, blessed bond that mkes us onePage Scan
31We are travelers here belowPage Scan
32aWhen shall we meet againPage Scan
32bToday the Savior calls; Ye wand'rers, comePage Scan
33Long my spirit pined in sorrowPage Scan
34We're marching on! we're marching on!Page Scan
35Beautiful Zion, built abovePage Scan
36There's many a poor little boyPage Scan
37Oh, bright is the shore that lies beyondPage Scan
38Journeying onward, ev'ry dayPage Scan
39Cast thy bread upon the watersPage Scan
40Tossed with rough winds and faint with fearPage Scan
41I have entered the valley of blessing so sweetPage Scan
42We have come rejoicing on this happy dayPage Scan
43Alas! how poor and little worthPage Scan
44aBeside the throne of God most highPage Scan
44b'Tis religion that can givePage Scan
45aMy soul, be on thy guardPage Scan
45bLord, we come before thee nowPage Scan
46Saints for whom the Savior bledPage Scan
47I soon shall leave a world where sinPage Scan
48Jesus, lover of my soulPage Scan
49Children of Jerusalem, Sing the praise of Jesus' namePage Scan
50Sweet hour, on Lord's day morningPage Scan
51We ask for peace, O Lord!Page Scan
52Oh, send forth the Bible, more precious than gold!Page Scan
53Though oft mine eyes with wondering gazePage Scan
54Look, dear father, see the angelsPage Scan
55In yonder radiant world abovePage Scan
56We come, with hearts of gladnessPage Scan
57One by one we cross the riverPage Scan
58There's a river above in the heavenly landPage Scan
60The Bible reveals a glorious landPage Scan
61I will sing for JesusPage Scan
62Let the children come to mePage Scan
63Tell me of heaven, but not of its gloryPage Scan
64Disciples of Jesus why stand ye here idlePage Scan
65To Jesus, the crown of my hopePage Scan
66Are you marching, patient marchingPage Scan
67Draw near, ye weary, bowed, and broken heartedPage Scan
68We are waiting, watching herePage Scan
69Hark! the deep-toned bell is callingPage Scan
70Oh, give me a home on that beautiful shorePage Scan
71If we knew, when walking tho'tlessPage Scan
72Fading, fading, all are fadingPage Scan
73A ship was on the mighty deepPage Scan
76What are those soul-reviving strainsPage Scan
77aFriend after friend departsPage Scan
77bJesus, I love thy charming namePage Scan
78There's a beautiful story the Scriptures tellPage Scan
79We are trav'ling home to heaven abovePage Scan
80One who loved the Savior bestPage Scan
81Just beyond the care and strifePage Scan
82Far beyond life's fitful feverPage Scan
83We never will think there is naught we can doPage Scan
84aNearer, my God, to theePage Scan
84bOur Father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy namePage Scan
85Oh, be not the first to discoverPage Scan
86There is a land celestialPage Scan
87Pressing after Christ our SaviorPage Scan
88Let us sing of the land, of the land far awayPage Scan
89Jesus, gentle Shepherd, lead mePage Scan
90I journey forth rejoicingPage Scan
91In our Sunday school we gladly meetPage Scan
92Work, for the night is comingPage Scan
93aDon't you hear the angels singPage Scan
93bCome, humble sinner, in whose breastPage Scan
94I love the blessed JesusPage Scan
95Praise the Lord! ye saints adore himPage Scan
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