The Scottish Hymnal: (Appendix incorporated) with tunes for use in churches

Publisher: T. Nelson and Sons, EDinburgh / New York, 1892
Denomination: Church of Scotland
Language: English
#TextTuneText InfoTune InfoTextScorePage ScanAudio
362bThe day is done, O God the SonINFANT'S PRAYERPage Scan
363The hours of day are overCHENIESPage Scan
364Again the morn of gladnessDRESDENPage Scan
365This is the day the light was madeRUTHWELLPage Scan
366Jesus, we love to meetSOLITUDEPage Scan
367Lord, this day Thy children meetFERRIERPage Scan
368Father, let me dedicateS. IGNATIUSPage Scan
369Joy bells are sounding sweetlyEVANGELPage Scan
370Lord, a little band and lowlyROUSSEAUPage Scan
371Children of JerusalemCHILDREN OF JERUSALEMPage Scan
372Come, children, join to singMADRIDPage Scan
373aGod of heaven, hear our singingFRANKFORTPage Scan
373bGod of heaven, hear our singingRANDEGGERPage Scan
374Jesus, Saviour, hear me callJESUS SAVIOURPage Scan
375Jesus, high in gloryS. SAVIOURPage Scan
376aCome, ye children, praise the SaviourMARGARETHAPage Scan
376bCome, ye children, praise the SaviourS. BALDREDPage Scan
377O come let us singO COME LET US SINGPage Scan
378I would be like an angelANGELSPage Scan
379Come, praise your Lord and SaviourORLESTRUNDPage Scan
380Blessed Jesus, high in glorySTUTTGARTPage Scan
381Jesus, from Thy throne on highLITANYPage Scan
382Jesus, Saviour ever mildLITANYPage Scan
383See, in yonder manger lowHUMILITYPage Scan
384Once, in royal David's cityIRBYPage Scan
385Thou didst leave Thy throneMARGARETPage Scan
386There came a little Child to earthTROYTE'S CHANT, No. 2Page Scan
387Glory to God in the highestIN EXCELSIS GLORIAPage Scan
388Little children, wake and listenLITTLE CHILDRENPage Scan
389There is a green hill far awayGREEN HILLPage Scan
390aBeyond the holy city wallCRUX CRUDELISPage Scan
390bBeyond the holy city wallCRUCIFIXIONPage Scan
391Who is He, in yonder stallWHO IS HE?Page Scan
392aOn wings of living lightS. GODRICPage Scan
392bOn wings of living lightS. JOHNPage Scan
393Golden harps are soundingHERMASPage Scan
394The golden gates are lifted upPRAETORIUSPage Scan
395When, His salvation bringingTOURSPage Scan
396I think when I read that sweet story of oldSALAMISPage Scan
397How loving is Jesus, who came from the skySTELLAPage Scan
398One is kind above all othersTENDERNESSPage Scan
399Little children, praise the SaviourEDOMPage Scan
400Hosanna, loud hosannaELLACOMBEPage Scan
401Christ is merciful and mildHARWICHPage Scan
402Lord, I would own Thy tender careIMMANUELPage Scan
403There's a Friend for little childrenMORNING LIGHTPage Scan
404I love to hear the storyBOWDLER No. 178Page Scan
405Jesus loves me, this I knowJESUS LVOES MEPage Scan
406God intrusts to allCUI HABET DABITURPage Scan
407aDay by day the little daisyDAY BY DAYPage Scan
407bDay by day the little daisyS. OSWALDPage Scan
408aLittle drops of waterRABENLEIPage Scan
408bLittle drops of waterAVE MARIS STELLAPage Scan
409Words are things of little costEPSOM COLLEGEPage Scan
410All things bright and beautifulALL THINGS BRIGHTPage Scan
411aGod is always near meCASWALLPage Scan
411bGod is always near meS. CYRILPage Scan
412If I come to JesusHASTINGSPage Scan
413Hushed was the evening hymnSAMUELPage Scan
414Great Shepherd of the sheepGOOD SHEPHERDPage Scan
415aLoving Shepherd of Thy sheepBUCKLANDPage Scan
415bLoving Shepherd of Thy sheepBATTISHILLPage Scan
416Gentle Jesus, meek and mildDIJONPage Scan
417Mary at the Master's feetS. LUCYPage Scan
418I want to be like JesusASPIRATIONPage Scan
419Safe in the arms of JesusARMS OF JESUSPage Scan
420aChildhood's years are passing o'er usCHILDHOOD'S YEARSPage Scan
420bChildhood's years are passing o'er usHARWICHPage Scan
421Within the churchyard, side by sideMORAVIAPage Scan
422Fair waved the golden cornHOLYROODPage Scan
423I'm a little pilgrimINFANT PRAISESPage Scan
424Brightly gleams our bannerVEXILLUMPage Scan
425We are but little children weakALSTONEPage Scan
426Great God! and wilt Thou condescendHOLLEYPage Scan
427Do no sinful actionWARFAREPage Scan
428I have entered the valley of blessing so sweetVALLYE OF BLESSINGPage Scan
429Go sound the trump on India's shorePROCLAMATIONPage Scan
430By cool Siloam's shady rillSILOAMPage Scan
431Work, for the night is coming!DILIGENCEPage Scan
432There is a happy landHAPPY LANDPage Scan
433There is a better world they sayBETTER WORLDPage Scan
434I love to think of the heavenly landHEAVENLY LANDPage Scan
435Daily, daily sing the praisesEDENPage Scan
436Around the throne of God in heavenGLORYPage Scan
437Here we suffer grief and painJOYFULPage Scan
438aThese are the crowns that we shall wearEDINBURGHPage Scan
438bThese are the crowns that we shall wearSUAVITASPage Scan
439Whither, pilgrims, are you goingWHITHER, PILGRIMS?Page Scan
440Shall we gather at the river?BEAUTIFUL RIVERPage Scan
441Little travellers ZionwardTHANKSGIVINGPage Scan
442When He cometh, when He comethWHEN HE COMETHPage Scan

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