The Sabbath Hymn and Tune Book: for the service of song in the house of the Lord

#TextTuneText InfoTune InfoTextScorePage ScanAudio
385bFrom thee, my God, my joys shall risePage Scan
386aFather, thy paternal careMARKPage Scan
386bJesus, seek thy wandering sheepPage Scan
386cCome up hither; come awayPage Scan
387aSweet the time, exceeding sweetASTONPage Scan
387bStealing from the world awayPage Scan
387cNow may he who from the deadPage Scan
387dPeople of the living God! I have sought the worldPage Scan
388aLord, in the temples of thy graceMOSSLEYPage Scan
388bKindred in Christ, for his dear sakePage Scan
388cO Lord, how full of sweet contentPage Scan
388dLord! I will bless thee all my daysPage Scan
389aIn sleep's serene oblivion laidFEDERAL STREETPage Scan
389bUp to the Lord, who reigns on highPage Scan
389cUp to the fields where angels liePage Scan
389dO blessed God, to thee I raisePage Scan
390aHoly Bible, book divineMARTYNPage Scan
390bWhen on Sinai's top I seePage Scan
390cWhile with ceaseless course the sunPage Scan
391aHark, the herald angels singMORNINGPage Scan
391bWatchman, tell us of the nightPage Scan
391cGive us room that we may dwellPage Scan
391dSwell the anthem, raise the songPage Scan
392aHark, ten thousand harps and voicesALFORDPage Scan
392bThrough the day thy love has spared usPage Scan
392cI will love thee, all my treasurePage Scan
392dClouds and darkness round about theePage Scan
393aO Christ, the leader of that war-worn hostMARDENPage Scan
393bNear the cross our station takingMARXPage Scan
394aStand up, stand up for JesusTYNGPage Scan
394bGod is my strong salvationPage Scan
395aFrom Greenland's icy mountainsMISSIONARY HYMNPage Scan
395bO that the Lord's salvationPage Scan
396aBreast the wave ChristianPAULPage Scan
397aCome, let us anew our journey pursueCROSWELLPage Scan
397bI love my God, but with no love of mineLANETONPage Scan
398aDear Jesus ever at my sideBAYTONPage Scan
398bHow glorious is our heavenly KingPage Scan
398cSee the kind Shepherd, Jesus, standsPage Scan
398dThere is a little, lonely foldPage Scan
399aThere is a glorious world of lightEVANPage Scan
399bO Saviour, whom this holy mornPage Scan
399cDo I delight in sorrow's dressPage Scan
400aPraise ye Jehovah's nameNORMANPage Scan
400bLet us awake our joysPage Scan
400cSound, sound the truth abroadPage Scan
401aGod bless our native land, Firm may sheAMERICAPage Scan
401bMy country, 'tis of theePage Scan
401cThe God of harvest praisePage Scan
402aSaints for whom the Saviour bledOTLEYPage Scan
402bOnward speed thy conquering flightROCKVALEPage Scan
403aGreat God, what do I see and hearMONMOUTHPage Scan
403bGod is our refuge ever nearPage Scan
403cEternity, Eternity, O brightPage Scan
404aArise, my tenderest thoughts, ariseVANEPage Scan
404bReturn, my roving heart, returnPage Scan
404cI left the God of truth and lightPage Scan
404dMy only Saviour, when I feelPage Scan
405aGod of my life, to thee I callWARDPage Scan
405bI thirst, but not as once I didPage Scan
405cWhen we, our wearied limbs to restPage Scan
405dDear Saviour, if these lambs should strayPage Scan
406aThou, O Lord, wilt never leave meCOLMAPage Scan
406bEvery human tie may perishPage Scan
406cNow, my soul, thy voice upraisingPage Scan
406dYes, my native land, I love theePage Scan
407aLord, dismiss us with Thy blessingALVANPage Scan
407bSaviour, like a shepherd lead usPage Scan
407cGuide me, O thou great JehovahPage Scan
407dShepherd of thine Isr'l lead usPage Scan
408aHoly Father, hear my cryAKLANDPage Scan
408bSovereign Ruler, Lord of allPage Scan
408cDepth of mercy, can there bePage Scan
408dPrince of peace control my willPage Scan
409aJesus, full of truth and lovePLEYELPage Scan
409bJesus, who upon the treePage Scan
409cJesus, cast a look on mePage Scan
409dHeavenly Father, may thy lovePage Scan
410aAlmighty God, in humble prayerCARMELPage Scan
410bEternal Father, God of lovePage Scan
410cAnd must I part with all I havePage Scan
410dThe promise of my father's lovePage Scan
410eWe long to move and breathe in TheePage Scan
411aSee Israel's gentle Shepherd standDUNDEEPage Scan
411bO wondrous is thy mercy, LordPage Scan
411cHow large the promise, how divinePage Scan
411dWe join to pray, with wishes kindPage Scan
411eNot for the summer's hour alonePage Scan
412aVital spark of heavenly flameVITAL SPARKPage Scan

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