A Selection of Hymns and Spiritual Songs: designed (especially the former part) for the use of congregations as an appendix to Dr. Watt's Psalms and Hymn

Editor: William Parkinson
Publisher: D. & G. Bruce (printer) for John Tiebout, New York, 1809
Denomination: Baptist hymnals (general)
Language: English
Notes: The hymnal page scan is missing hymns 70-71 and 129-140, and songs from 97 to the end. The hymnal misnumberd song #XCVI as #LXXVI.
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H.CCCCIOh may the power which melts the rockPage Scan
H.CCCCIIGreat God of all! thy matchless powerPage Scan
H.CCCCIIIAlmighty Maker of my framePage Scan
H.CCCCIVSinner, O why so thoughtless grown?Page Scan
H.CCCCVMy thoughts, that often mount the skiesPage Scan
H.CCCCVILord, when we see a saint of thinePage Scan
H.CCCCVIIWhen blooming youth is snatch'd awayPage Scan
H.CCCCVIIIPrepare me, gracious GodPage Scan
H.CCCCIXHeav'n has confirm'd the great decreePage Scan
H.CCCCXWhen swelling Jordan o'er us rollsPage Scan
H.CCCCXIOft as the bell, with solemn tollPage Scan
H.CCCCXIIWhy should we start and fear to die?Page Scan
H.CCCCXIIIDeath cannot make our souls afraidPage Scan
H.CCCCXIVWhy should our murmuring thoughts delightPage Scan
H.CCCCXVHow long shall death the tyrant reignPage Scan
H.CCCCXVIHow great, how terrible that GodPage Scan
H.CCCCXVIIAnd will the Judge descend?Page Scan
H.CCCCXVIIIIn what confusion earth appearsPage Scan
H.CCCCXIXLord, when I read the traitor's doomPage Scan
H.CCCCXXO for a sweet, inspiring rayPage Scan
H.CCCCXXITo God the Father, God the SonPage Scan
H.CCCCXXIILet God the Father, and the SonPage Scan
H.CCCCXXIIIYe angels round the thronePage Scan
H.CCCCXXIVGlory to the Father's namePage Scan
H.CCCCXXVPraise Father, Son and Holy GhostPage Scan
H.CCCCXXVIGlory be to God the FatherPage Scan
H.CCCCXXVIIGive to the Father praisePage Scan
H.CCCCXXVIIITo God the great Father be praisePage Scan
S.IStop, poor sinner, stop and thinkPage Scan
S.IIFarewell, my dearest friends, farewellPage Scan
S.IIIOne night as I lay sleeping and slumb'ring on my bedPage Scan
S.IVThis is the field, the world belowPage Scan
S.VYoung people, all I pray draw nearPage Scan
S.VIDear people all, attention givePage Scan
S.VIII long to see the seasons come Page Scan
S.VIIISee the gloomy gath'ring cloudPage Scan
S.IXMy friends and my neighbours that live in this placePage Scan
S.XTo-day, if you will hear his voicePage Scan
S.XIAh Lord! ah Lord, what have I done!Page Scan
S.XIICome, mourners, attend, and make no delayPage Scan
S.XIIIDear Jesus, here comes, and knocks at thy doorPage Scan
S.XIVCome, ye sinners, poor and wretched Page Scan
S.XVYe scarlet-colour'd sinners, comePage Scan
S.XVIGracious Lord, incline thine earPage Scan
S.XVIIAwak'd by Sinai's awful soundPage Scan
S.XVIIICome, poor sinner, come and seePage Scan
S.XIXIf I perish, I will goPage Scan
S.XXPrayer an answer will obtainPage Scan
S.XXIO that my load of sin were gone!Page Scan
S.XXIIOh! give me, Lord, my sins to mournPage Scan
S.XXIIICome all ye mourning sinners nowPage Scan
S.XXIVEncourag'd by the wordPage Scan
S.XXVHearts of stone, relent, relentPage Scan
S.XXVIHow happy are theyPage Scan
S.XXVIIBrethren, I am come againPage Scan
S.XXVIIICome, dear brethren in the SaviourPage Scan
S.XXIXO happy souls, how fast you goPage Scan
S.XXXWhen sorrows encompass me roundPage Scan
S.XXXIThe great God of love, hath shin'd from abovePage Scan
S.XXXIIWhile I am bless'd with youthful primePage Scan
S.XXXIIIThy mercy, my God, is the theme of my songPage Scan
S.XXXIVHow happy are wePage Scan
S.XXXVSons we are, through God's electionPage Scan
S.XXXVIHark! the voice of love and mercyPage Scan
S.XXXVIIO thou, who didst thy glory leavePage Scan
S.XXXVIIIHail! thou once despised JesusPage Scan
S.XXXIXLet others boast their ancient linePage Scan
S.XLJesus is our great salvationPage Scan
S.XLIIn songs of sublime adoration and praisePage Scan
S.XLIIHow firm a foundation, ye saints of the LordPage Scan
S.XLIIIMighty God, while angels bless theePage Scan
S.XLIVThe fountain of ChristPage Scan
S.XLVChrist, our passover, is slainPage Scan
S.XLVIThere is no path to heavenly blissPage Scan
S.XVLIIThe Bible is justly esteem'd
S.XLVIIIPrecious Bible! what a treasurePage Scan
S.XLIXEncompass'd with clouds of distressPage Scan
S.LFrom whence this fear and unbeliefPage Scan
S.LIThe moment a sinner believesPage Scan
S.LIIA debtor to mercy alonePage Scan
S.LIIICome, Lord, and help us to rejoicePage Scan
S.LIVChildren of the heavenly KingPage Scan
S.LV'Tis a point I long to knowPage Scan
S.LVIMy gracious Redeemer I lovePage Scan
S.LVIIAway, my unbelieving fear!BOWDENPage Scan
S.LVIIIUnclean! unclean! and full of sinPage Scan
S.LIXBegone, unbeliefPage Scan
S.LXHow happy is the pilgrim's lotPage Scan
S.LXIJesus, at thy commandPage Scan
S.LXIIJesus, lover of my soulPage Scan
S.LXIIIJesus, let thy pitying eyePage Scan
S.LXIVO my soul, what means this sadness?Page Scan
S.LXVThy presence, gracious God, affordPage Scan
S.LXVIDearest Saviour, help thy servantPage Scan
S.LXVIIThis God is the God we adorePage Scan
S.LXVIIIGlory to God on high!Page Scan
S.LXIXLord, dismiss us with thy blessingPage Scan
S.LXXGlorious things of thee are spokenPage Scan
S.LXXISaviour, visit thy plantationPage Scan
S.LXXIIO'er the gloomy hills of darknessPage Scan

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