Rejoice in the Lord

#TextTuneText InfoTune InfoTextScorePage ScanAudio
401I sing a song of the saints of GodGRAND ISLEText
402Eternal ruler of the ceaseless roundSONG 1TextPage Scan
403O thou not made with handsOLD 120THTextPage Scan
404O Holy Spirit, Lord of graceTALLIS' ORDINALTextPage Scan
405Jesus, Lord, we look to theeVIENNATextPage Scan
406Here in Christ we gatherUBI CARITAS (Murray)
407Blest be the tie that bindsBOYLESTONTextPage Scan
408Blest be the tie that bindsDENNISTextPage Scan
409I love thy kingdom, LordST. THOMASTextPage Scan
410In Christ there is no east or westMCKEETextPage Scan
411The heav'ns declare thy glory, LordBOULDERText
412The heav'ns declare thy glory LordUXBRIDGEText
413Forth in the peace of Christ we goLLEDROD
414Hope of the world, thou Christ of great compassionPSALM 12 (DONNE SECOURS)Page Scan
415Come, friends, and follow where our Captain trodCRUCIFERPage Scan
416God of grace and God of gloryCWM RHONDDA
417Rise up, O saints of God!FESTAL SONG
418Arise, your light is come!FESTAL SONG
419We are your peopleWHITFIELDTextPage Scan
420Awake, O Spirit of the watchmenDIR, DIR, JEHOVA
421O Zion, haste, thy mission high fulfillingTIDINGSTextPage Scan
422"Christ for the world" we singMILTON ABBASText
423Lead on, O King eternalLANCASHIREText
424You that know the Lord is graciousABBOT'S LEIGHText
425God is working his purpose outPURPOSEText
426Thanks be to God, whose church on earthGALILEE (Armes)
427We give thee but thine ownSCHUMANNTextPage Scan
428O Master, let me walk with theeMARYTONTextPage Scan
429God of the prophets, bless the prophets' heirsTOULONTextPage Scan
430Lord of all good, our gifts we bring to theeJULIUS
431Hark, the voice of Jesus callingREX GLORIAETextPage Scan
432Lord God of Hosts, whose purpose, never swervingWELWYNTextPage Scan
433How clear is our vocation, LordREPTONTextPage Scan
434Take thou our minds, dear Lord, we humbly praySURSUM CORDATextPage Scan
435The days that were, the days that areCREDITON
436Lord, speak to me, that I may speakWINDHAMTextPage ScanAudio
437O for a closer walk with GodLIVERPOOLTextPage Scan
438O for a heart to praise my GodJACKSONTextPage ScanAudio
439O light that knew no dawnEASTVIEWTextPage Scan
440Abide with me: fast falls the eventideEVENTIDETextPage Scan
441Jesus, I live to theeLAKE ENONTextPage Scan
442Make me a captive, LordST. BRIDETextPage Scan
443I need thee every hourNEEDTextPage Scan
444Come down, O Love divineDOWN AMPNEYTextPage Scan
445Spirit of God, descend upon my heartMORECAMBETextPage Scan
446My faith looks up to theeOLIVETTextPage Scan
447Rock of ages, cleft for meREDHEAD 76 (PETRA)TextPage Scan
448Jesus, priceless treasureJESU MEINE FREUDETextPage Scan
449Come, thou Fount of every blessingNETTLETONTextPage Scan
450And can it be that I should gainJENA (DAS NEUGEBORNE KINDELEIN)TextPage ScanAudio
451And can it be that I should gainSAGINATextPage Scan
452Thou hidden love of God, whose heightSTELLATextPage Scan
453Blessed assurance, Jesus is mine!BLESSED ASSURANCETextPage Scan
454Jesus, thy boundless love to meST. CATHERINETextPage Scan
455Christ, of all my hopes the groundSONG 13TextPage Scan
456Amazing grace! (how sweet the sound!)NEW BRITAINTextPage Scan
457Jesus loves me! This I knowJESUS LOVES METextPage Scan
458All the way my Savior leads mePLEADING SAVIORTextPage Scan
459My hope is built on nothing lessST. CATHERINEText
460My hope is built on nothing lessELTONText
461Master, speak! thy servant hearethALL SAINTSText
462Give to me, Lord, a thankful heartGATESCARTH
463Christ, whose glory fills the skiesRATISBONTextPage Scan
464Love divine, all loves excellingHYFRYDOLTextPage Scan
465Sometimes I feel discouragedBALM IN GILEADText
466O mighty God! Creator and RedeemerO STORE GUD
467Just as I am, without one pleaSAFFRON WALDENText
468Just as I am, without one pleaWOODWORTHTextPage Scan
469Rejoice, believer, in the LordBRADFIELDTextPage Scan
470Lo! I come with joy to doLLANGEITHOTextPage Scan
471O Jesus, I have promisedWOLVERCOTEText
472Give me, O Christ, the strength that is in theeKINGSTANDING
473Let earth and heaven witness nowST. STEPHEN (NEWINGTON)Text
474Awake, my soul, stretch every nerveST. FULBERTText
475Take my life, and let it beHOLLINGSIDETextPage Scan
476Eternal Beam of light divineKENTTextPage Scan
477I have no other comfortROCKPORTText
478I bind unto myself todayST. PATRICK/DEIRDREText
479Son of God, eternal SaviorBEECHERTextPage Scan
480Awake, awake to love and workMORNING SONGText
481Eternal God, whose power upholdsHALIFAXText
482Where cross the crowded ways of lifeGERMANYText
483Almighty Father, who for us thy Son didst giveWILHELMUS
484Lord of light, whose name outshinethCHRIST CHURCH, ALEXANDRIA
485All who love and serve your cityCHARLESTOWN
486Lord, save thy world: in bitter needDISTRESS
487Lord Jesus, if I love and serve my neighborCITY OF GODText
488Thou Judge, by whom each empire fellKIRKEN
489Father eternal, Ruler of creationLANGHAM
490O Christ, our Savior, who must reignNOEL
491O God of love, O King of peaceQUEBECTextPage ScanAudio
492Let there be light, Lord God of hosts!ELTONPage Scan
493God the Omnipotent! King who ordainestRUSSIAN HYMNText
494God of all ages, whose almighty handNATIONAL HYMNTextPage Scan
495It is God who holds the nations in the hollow of his handVISION (Davies)TextPage Scan
496God bless our native landNATIONAL ANTHEM (English Melody)Text
497This is my song, O God of all the nationsFINLANDIA
498Christians, lift up your heartsSALVE FESTA DIES
499Stand up and bless the LordCARLISLEText
500Gladly to God's holy templeMICHAELText

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