The Psalter: with responsive readings

#TextTuneText InfoTune InfoTextScorePage ScanAudio
284O come, my soul, bless the Lord our MakerPILGRIMSTextPage Scan
285My soul, bless the Lord!LYONSTextPage Scan
286He waters the hills with rains from the skiesSTANLEYTextPage Scan
287Thy Spirit, O Lord, makes life to aboundASPINWALLTextPage Scan
288O Lord, how manifold are the worksMOLINETextPage Scan
289aO praise the Lord, His deeds make knownBOARDMANTextPage Scan
289bO praise the Lord, His deeds make knownWOODSTOCKTextPage Scan
290Praise ye the Lord, for He is goodBARKETextPage Scan
291Their God and Saviour they forgotNOTTINGHAMTextPage Scan
292Praise the Lord, for He is goodHALLETextPage Scan
293Rebels, who had dared to showDIXTextPage Scan
294Men who walk in folly's waySACRED MORNTextPage Scan
295They that traffic on the seaROSEFIELDTextPage Scan
296Springs and streams no longer blessGREATOREXTextPage Scan
297O praise the Lord for He is goodOSTENDTextPage Scan
298My steadfast heart, O GodCUTTINGTextPage Scan
299My heart is fixed, O GodFERGUSONTextPage Scan
300O God, Whom I delight to praiseMEROETextPage Scan
301O Lord, my God, for Thy Name's sakeFINGALTextPage Scan
302The Lord unto His Christ hath saidBIRDSTOWNTextPage Scan
303The Lord unto His Christ hath saidALL SAINTS NEWTextPage Scan
304O give the Lord wholehearted praiseGERMANYTextPage Scan
305How blest the man who fears the LordWELTONTextPage Scan
306Praise God, ye servants of the LordANDRETextPage Scan
307When Israel out of Egypt wentBLOOMFIELD CHANTTextPage Scan
308Not unto us, O Lord of heav'nGAIRNEY BRIDGETextPage Scan
309The Lord Who has remembered usST. ANNETextPage Scan
310I love the Lord, for my requestCANONBURYTextPage Scan
311What shall I render to the LordWALLACETextPage Scan
312I love the Lord Who heard my cryAZMONTextPage Scan
313What shall I render to the LordLAMBETHTextPage Scan
314With thankful voice praise ye the LordSABBATH BELLTextPage Scan
315Praise Jehovah, all ye nationsKINROSSTextPage Scan
316All men on earth that liveBRAUNTextPage Scan
317O praise the Lord, for He is goodHEAVENLY FOLDTextPage Scan
318The glorious gates of righteousnessZERAHTextPage Scan
319Give thanks and praise to God aboveSTONEFIELDTextPage Scan
320Ye gates of peace and joy untoldAPPLETONTextPage Scan
321How blest the perfect in the wayHUMILITYTextPage Scan
322How shall the young direct their way?PRESTONTextPage Scan
323Thy servant blest by TheeST. MARTIN'STextPage Scan
324My grieving soul revive, O LordNORTHREPPSTextPage Scan
325Teach me, O Lord, Thy way of truthBISHOPTextPage Scan
326Thy promised mercies send to meSARAHTextPage Scan
327Lord, Thy word to me rememberWILMOTTextPage Scan
328Thou art my portion, LordHOBARTTextPage Scan
329Thou, Lord, hast dealt well with Thy servantNILUSTextPage Scan
330Thou, Who didst make and fashion meMARCHFIELDTextPage Scan
331My soul for Thy salvation faintsMANOAHTextPage Scan
332Forever settled in the heav'nsROCKINGHAM NEWTextPage Scan
333How I love Thy law, O Lord!ALETTATextPage Scan
334Thy word sheds light upon my pathREPENTANCETextPage Scan
335Deceit and falsehood I abhorHANDYTextPage Scan
336I have followed truth and justiceROBINSONTextPage Scan
337Thy wondrous testimonies, LordBROOKFIELDTextPage Scan
338O Lord, Thy perfect righteousnessCHURCHTextPage Scan
339O Lord, my earnest cryANTONTextPage Scan
340Regard my grief and rescue meEUCHARISTTextPage Scan
341Though mighty foes assail me, LordST. JAMESTextPage Scan
342O let my supplicating cryERNANTextPage Scan
343I cried to God in my distressRETREATTextPage Scan
344I to the hills will lift my eyesST. AGNESTextPage Scan
345To the hills I lift my eyesGUIDETextPage Scan
346To the hills I lift my eyesPILOTTextPage Scan
347Unto the hills around do I lift upLUX BEATATextPage Scan
348With joy and gladness in my soulHARVEY'S CHANTTextPage Scan
349My heart was glad to hear the welcome soundMORECAMBETextPage Scan
350With joy I heard my friends exclaimILLATextPage Scan
351To Thee, O Lord, I lift my eyesPAXTANGTextPage Scan
352Had not the Lord been Israel's helpBOYNTONTextPage Scan
353Now Israel may say, and that in truthOLD 124THTextPage Scan
354aLike Zion's steadfast mount are theyBRADFORDTextPage Scan
354bLike Zion's steadfast mount are theyALBANOTextPage Scan
355All who with heart confidingMIRIAMTextPage Scan
356All who with heart confidingKNOWHEADTextPage Scan
357When Zion in her low estateMELMORETextPage Scan
358When in His might the LordZEBULONTextPage Scan
359Unless the Lord the house shall buildROSE HILLTextPage Scan
360Blest the man that fears JehovahJUDETextPage Scan
361Through all the years may Israel sayASHWELLTextPage Scan
362From out the depths I cry, O Lord, to TheeSANDONTextPage Scan
363From the depths do I invoke TheeEVENING PRAYERTextPage Scan
364From out the depths I cry to TheeHANFORDTextPage Scan
365aFrom the depths my prayer ascendethBULLINGERTextPage Scan
365bFrom the depths my prayer ascendethSTEPHANOSTextPage Scan
366Not haughty is my heartOLMUTZTextPage Scan
367Gracious Lord, remember DavidULSTERTextPage Scan
368Arise, O Lord, our God, ariseFEDERAL STREETTextPage Scan
369How pleasant and how good it isINVITATIONTextPage Scan
370How good and pleasant is the sightPRESSLYTextPage Scan
371Behold, how pleasant and how goodJUBILEETextPage Scan
372Come, all ye servants of the LordWYOMINGTextPage Scan
373O praise ye the Name of JehovahHARVEST-TIDETextPage Scan
374O praise ye the Name of JehovahJANETTextPage Scan
375Exalt the Lord, His praise proclaimCREATIONTextPage Scan
376Praise Jehovah for His loveBETTER LANDTextPage Scan
377O thank the Lord, the Lord of loveBELOITTextPage Scan
378Give thanks to God, for good is HeCONSTANCETextPage Scan
379By Babel's streams we sat and weptOLIVE'S BROWTextPage Scan
380By Babel's riverside we sat in tearsBENEDICTIONTextPage Scan

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