Psalms and Hymns to the Living God

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160Holy TrinitySEELEBRÄUTIGAMTextPage Scan
161Glory be to the FatherGREATOREXTextPage Scan
162Come, we that love the LordST. THOMASTextPage Scan
163My God, how wonderful Thou artST. ETHELDREDATextPage Scan
164Lo! God is here; let us adoreVATER UNSERTextPage Scan
165Angel voices ever singingANGEL VOICESTextPage Scan
166Sing praise to God who reigns aboveMIT FREUDEN ZARTTextPage Scan
167God Himself is with usARNSBERGTextPage Scan
168Sing hallelujah, praise the Lord!BECHLERTextPage Scan
169Thee we adore, eternal Lord!MENDONTextPage Scan
170Father, most holy, merciful, and tenderCHRISTE SANCTORUMTextPage Scan
171O worship the King, all-glorious aboveLYONSTextPage Scan
172Praise, my soul, the King of HeavenANDREWSTextPage Scan
173Immortal, invisible, God only wiseST. DENIOTextPage Scan
174Let all the world in every corner singLUCKINGTONTextPage Scan
175How marvelous God's greatness!BLOMSTERTIDTextPage Scan
176Stand up and bless the LordST. MICHAELTextPage Scan
177O Lord of heav'n and earth and seaES IST KEIN TAGTextPage Scan
178Praise ye the Father for His lovingkindnessFLEMMINGTextPage Scan
179Give to our God immortal praiseWARRINGTONTextPage Scan
180Safely through another weekDIXTextPage Scan
181This is my Father's worldTERRA BEATATextPage Scan
182O Father, Thou whose love profoundROCKINGHAMTextPage Scan
183O Splendor of God's glory brightPUER NOBISTextPage Scan
184Each little flow'r that opensALL THINGS BRIGHTTextPage Scan
185Great is Thy faithfulness, O God my FatherFAITHFULNESSTextPage Scan
186For the beauty of the earthDIXTextPage Scan
187Let the whole creation crySALZBURGTextPage Scan
188I sing the mighty pow'r of GodELLACOMBETextPage Scan
189Give praise to God who reigns aboveSOLI DEOTextPage Scan
190Now thank we all our GodNUN DANKETTextPage Scan
191Praise to the Lord, the Almighty, the King of creationLOBE DEN HERRENTextPage Scan
192Rejoice, ye pure in heartMARIONTextPage Scan
193We gather together to ask the Lord's blessingKREMSERTextPage Scan
194We praise Thee, O God, our Redeemer, CreatorKREMSERTextPage Scan
195King of glory, King of peaceGWALCHMAITextPage Scan
196Lord, we bow before Your glory KIMARSONEVYTextPage Scan
197When morning gilds the skiesLAUDES DOMINITextPage Scan
198Fairest Lord JesusCRUSADER'S HYMNTextPage Scan
199Jesus, Thy boundless love to meRYBURNText
200How sad our state by nature isSASHATextPage Scan
201A debtor to mercy aloneTREWENTextPage Scan
202Lord, I deserve Thy deepest wrathKEDRONTextPage Scan
203Come, ye sinners, poor and needyRESTORATIONTextPage Scan
204Lord Jesus, think on meSOUTHWELLTextPage Scan
205Depth of mercy! Can there beCANTERBURYTextPage Scan
206Come to the waters, whoever is thirstyWATER OF LIFETextPage Scan
207Ho! ye that thirst, approach the springFOREST GREENTextPage Scan
208No, not despairinglyNENTHORNTextPage Scan
209I lay my sins on JesusAURELIATextPage Scan
210Rock of Ages, cleft for meREDHEADTextPage Scan
211O come, O come, EmmanuelVENI EMMANEULTextPage Scan
212Comfort, comfort ye My peopleGENEVAN 42TextPage Scan
213On Jordan's banks the Baptist's cryPUER NOBISTextPage Scan
214Lo! He comes, with clouds descendingHELMSLEYTextPage Scan
215Hark, the glad sound! The Savior comesGRÄFENBERGTextPage Scan
216Christ is coming! Let creationCWM RHONDDATextPage Scan
217O Lord, how shall I meet YouWIE SOLL ICH DICH EMPFANGENTextPage Scan
218Wake, awake, for night is flyingWACHET AUFTextPage Scan
219Joy to the world, the Lord is come!ANTIOCHTextPage Scan
220Jesus shall reign where'er the sunDUKE STREETTextPage Scan
221The King shall come when morning dawnsMORNING SONGTextPage Scan
222My soul now magnifies the LordDEO GRACIASPage Scan
223Blessed be God, the Lord of IsraelBEACH SPRING
224Angels, we have heard on highGLORIATextPage Scan
225Now let Your servant, LordNUNC DIMITTISPage Scan
226Come, Thou long-expected JesusHYFRYDOLTextPage Scan
227Hark! the herald angels singMENDELSSOHNTextPage Scan
228Savior of the nations, comeNUN KOMM, DER EIDEN HEILANDTextPage Scan
229Let all mortal flesh keep silencePICARDYTextPage Scan
230Away in a manger, no crib for a bedCRADLE SONGTextPage Scan
231What Child is this who, laid to restGREENSLEEVESTextPage Scan
232O little town of BethlehemFOREST GREENTextPage Scan
233How bright appears the Morning StarWIE SCHÖN LEUCHTETTextPage Scan
234Love came down at ChristmasCULBACHTextPage Scan
235Gentle Mary laid her ChildTEMPUS ADEST FLORIDUMTextPage Scan
236Once in royal David's cityIRBYTextPage Scan
237Christians, awake, salute the happy mornYORKSHIRETextPage Scan
238Good Christian men, rejoiceIN DULCI JUBILOTextPage Scan
239Silent night! Holy night!STILLE NACHTTextPage Scan
240Break forth, O beauteous heav'nly lightERMUNTRE DICHTextPage Scan
241On Christmas night all Christian singSUSSEX CAROLTextPage Scan
242The first noel the angels did sayTHE FIRST NOWELLTextPage Scan
243Infant holy, infant lowlyW ZLOBIE LEZYTextPage Scan
244Lo, how a rose e'er bloomingES SIT EIN' ROS'TextPage Scan
245From heav'n above to earth I comeVOM HIMMEL HOCHTextPage Scan
246In the bleak midwinterCRANHAMTextPage Scan
247All my heart this night rejoicesWARUM SOLLT' ICH MICH DENN GRÄMENTextPage Scan
248See, amid the winter's snowHUMILITYTextPage Scan
249Angels, from the realms of gloryREGENT SQUARETextPage Scan
250God rest you merry, gentlemenGOD REST YOUR MERRYTextPage Scan
251Behold, the great Creator makesTHIS ENDRIS NYGHTTextPage Scan
252Of the Father's love begottenDIVINUM MYSTERIUMTextPage Scan
253O come, all ye faithfulADESTE FIDELESTextPage Scan
254While shepherds watched their flocks by nightWINCHESTER OLDTextPage Scan
255As with gladness men of oldDIXTextPage Scan
256Hosanna, loud hosannaELLACOMBETextPage Scan
257All glory, laud, and honorST. THEODULPHTextPage Scan
258O love, how deep, how broad, how highDEO GRACIASTextPage Scan
259Ride on, ride on in majesty!TRUROTextPage Scan

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