Psalms for All Seasons: a complete Psalter for worship

Editor: Joyce Borger, Martin Tel, John D. Witvliet
Publisher: Calvin Institute for Christian Worship/ Faith Alive Christian Resources / Brazos Press, a division of Baker Publishing Group, Grand Rapids, MI, 2012
Denomination: Christian Reformed Church in North America
Notes: Canticles and Hymns in the Services of Prayer are numbered by page number.
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128BHappy are they all who fear the Lord[Blest are those who love you]
128CWhoever fears the LordOLD DOMINION
129AI will sing a song of triumphCAPTIVITY (KAS DZIEDAJA)
130AOut of the depths I cry to youAUS TIEFER NOT
130BOut of the depths I cry to you, O Lord[Out of the depths I cry to you, O Lord]
130COut of the depths I cry to you on highSANDONTextPage Scan
130DOut of the depths I cry to you[Out of the depths I cry to you]
130EIn deep despair I cry to youMORNING SONG (CONSOLATION)
130FFrom the depths of sin and sadnessRUSSIAN
130GFor you, my God, I waitSPRINGTIME
130HOut of the depths of my soul I cry to you
131ALoving God, may our words be simple
131BMy heart is not proud, my eyes not above you[My heart is not proud, my eyes not above you]
131CLike a child that is quieted is my soul[Like a child that is quieted is my soul]Text
131DFor you the pride from my heart is banishedTHE ISLE OF MULL
131EMy God, I am not proud[My God, I am not proud]
132AWhen David had a longingTHAXTED
132BOnce in royal David's cityIRBY
132CHail to the Lord's AnointedST. THEODULPH (VALET WILL ICH DIR GEBBEN) (fragment)
133ABehold the goodness of our LordDETROIT
133BMirad cuán bueno y cuán delicioso es (Behold, how good and delightful a gift it is)[Behold, how good and delighful a gift is]
133CHow very good and pleasant[How very good and pleasant]Audio
133DMiren qué bueno es (How good it is when brothers)MIREN QUÉ BUENOPage Scan
133EHow good and how pleasant it isMIREN QUÉ BUENO
134ACome, all you servants of the LordGENEVAN 134 (OLD HUNDREDTH )
134BCome bless the Lord[Come bless the Lord]
134CO come bless the Lord[O come bless the Lord]
135AExalt the LORD, his praise proclaimCREATIONTextPage Scan
135BO praise God's name togetherAURELIA
136ALet us with a gladsome mind MONKLAND
136BLet us with a gladsome mindGENEVAN 136 (adapt.)Text
136CWe give thanks unto you, O God of might[We give thanks unto you, O God of might]Page Scan
136Dfor God's mercy endures forever[for God's mercy endures forever]
136D(alt)All creation join to sayEASTER HYMN (fragment)Text
136EGive thanks to God, for good is heCONSTANCETextPage Scan
136FWe thank you, Lord, for you are goodWAS GOTT TUT
136GGive thanks unto the LordKIHAYA
136HO give thanks to the LORD, for the LORD is good[O give thanks to the LORD, for the LORD is good]
137ABy the Babylonian riversCAPTIVITY (KAS DZIEDAJA)
137BI pray the psalm of wrath
137CBy the waters, the waters of BabylonBY THE WATERSTextPage Scan
137DBy the waters, the waters of BabylonBY THE WATERSTextPage Scan
137EGod of memory, I rememberEBENEZER
138AWith grateful heart my thanks I bringSOLID ROCKTextPage Scan
138BThank you, Lord, thank you, Lord[Thank you, Lord, thank you, Lord]
138CWith all my heart I thank you, LordGENEVAN 138
139AMy Lord, you have examined meRESIGNATION
139BLord, you have searched me, and you knowFEDERAL STREETPage Scan
139CLord, you have searched me[Lord, you have searched me]Text
139DYou are before me, Lord, you are behindHIGHLAND CATHEDRAL
139EO Lord, my God, you know all my waysSHEPHERDSWELLTextPage Scan
139FOh Señor, tú me has examinado [Oh, Lord God, you have searched me in my heart][Oh Sénor, tú me has examinado]
141AO LORD, come quickly; hear me prayWHEN JESUS WEPT
141BI call out to youPICARDY (adapted)
141CO God, I call to you[Let my prayer rise up like incense before you]
141DO Lord, I have cried to you, hear me[O Lord, I have cried to you, hear me]
141EI call you, Lord; come now to help me![I call you, Lord; come now to help me]
141FO Lord, O call to you; come to me quickly[Let my prayer rise before you as incense]
141GLord, come quicklyPage Scan
142AHear my cry and supplicationARISE (RESTORATION)
142BWhen I lift up my voiceWHEN I LIFT UP MY VOICETextPage Scan
143AHear my prayer, O GodHYMN CHANTTextPage Scan
143BI lift my soul to you (What wondrous love is this)WONDROUS LOVE (fragment)
144AO Morning Star, O radiant SunO HEILAND, REISS DIE HIMMEL AUF
145ABlessed are you, Lord our God, King of the universePage Scan
145BI will exalt my God and KingJERUSALEMText
145CTe exaltaré, me Dios, mi Rey (I will exalt my God, my King)ECUADORText
145DI will exalt you, my God and king[I will praise your name forever]
145EI will extol you, O my GodNOEL (GERARD)TextPage Scan
145FO my God and King and SaviorHOLY MANNA
145GWe will extol you, God and KingSCARECROWAudio
146AI'll praise my maker while I've breathOLD 113THText
146BAlleluia, alleluia, alleluia[Alleluia, alleluia, alleluia]
146B(alt1)Heleluyan, heleluyan (Hallelujah, halleujah)[Heleluyan, heleluyan]Text
146B(alt2)Puji Tuhan (Hallelujah)[Puji Tuhan]Text
146CPraise the LORD! Sing hallelujah![Praise the LORD, sing hallelujah]TextPage Scan
146DPraise the LORD! Sing hallelujah!RIPLEYTextPage Scan
146EAlmighty and loving GodPage Scan
147AAlleluia, Alleluia[Alleluia, Alleluia]
147A(alt)Alleluia, alleluia, alleluia, alleluiaMOZART ALLELUIA
147BGive thanks for God is gracious[Give thanks for God is gracious]
147CGod unites his scattered peopleGLENDONAudio
147DO praise the LORD, for it is goodMINERVATextPage Scan
147ESing praise to our CreatorHARTFORD
147FGod of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob
148ALet all creation's wonders THAXTED
148BO bless the Lord, highest heavens above[O bless the Lord, highest heavens above]
148CPraise the LORD, sing hallelujahPRAISE JEHOVAHTextPage Scan
148DPraise him, praise him from the heavens[Praise him, praise him from the heavens]
148ENyanyikanlah nyanyian baru bagi (Hallelujah! Sing praise to your Creator)NYANYIKANLAH
148FPraise the LORD! O heavens, adore himAUSTRIAN HYMNTextPage Scan
148GEre zij God, ere zij God (Glory to God, glory to God; Hallelujah, hallelujah)ERE ZIJ GOD (fragment)
148G(alt)Hallelujah, hallelujah[Hallelujah, hallelujah]Text
148HHallelujah! Praise the LORD from the heavens[Hallelujah! Praise the LORD from the heavens]
148ILet the whole creation crySALZBURGTextPage Scan
149AHoly God, we praise your nameGROSSER GOTT (fragment)
149A(alt)Alleluia, alleluia, alleluia[Alleluia, alleluia, alleluia]
149BGive praise to our God and sing a new songLAUDATE DOMINUMTextPage Scan
150ASing praise to the Lord, you people of graceCHU LEUNG

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