Our Praise in Song: a collection of hymns and sacred melodies, adapted for use by Sunday schools, Endeavor societies, Epworth Leagues, evangelists, pastors, choristers, etc.

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3Let my gaze be fixed on thee[Let my gaze be fixed on thee]TextPage Scan
4The earth is the Lord's and the fullnessTextPage Scan
5Beautiful star of promisePage Scan
6All along life's rugged journeyTextPage Scan
7What wouldst thou have me to do, Lord?TextPage Scan
8I always go to JesusTextPage Scan
9While we pray, and while we pleadTextPage Scan
10Out of darkness into lightTextPage Scan
11Oh, my hope is as bright as the clear noonday sunTextPage Scan
12There's a lovely harbor of peace and restTextPage Scan
13"I am with you," oh, how preciousTextPage Scan
14We come to thee, O Christ our KingTextPage Scan
15Give the very best to JesusTextPage Scan
16While as Christians we journey to the mansions of lightTextPage Scan
17There's a word of tender beautyTextPage Scan
18O wand'ring one, come to the fountain of cleansingTextPage Scan
19In the shadow of thy wings, dearest SaviourTextPage Scan
20"On to victory" shall our motto beTextPage Scan
21Upon the King's highwayTextPage Scan
22There is a joy that fills my soulTextPage Scan
23Sweet words o'er-arching mercy's doorTextPage Scan
24Up with the morning's blushing rayTextPage Scan
25Again within the house of prayerTextPage Scan
26My Saviour, when they brought theeTextPage Scan
27I'll sing my dear Redeemer's praiseTextPage Scan
28Jesus is my Helper, Mighty and strongTextPage Scan
29Throw out the life-line across the dark wavePage Scan
30One by one the sheaves are gatheredTextPage Scan
31Why will you roam far from your homeTextPage Scan
32Earthly sweets will sometime cloyTextPage Scan
33Again we come with songs of praiseTextPage Scan
34Jesus now is standing at the threshold of your heartTextPage Scan
35Boast thou not of thy golden hoardTextPage Scan
36Christ the Lord is coming to his loved ones once againTextPage Scan
37Go tell to the nations in darknessTextPage Scan
38Wonderful tidings bringTextPage Scan
39In the day of trial, in the hour of needTextPage Scan
40There's not a bird that wings its flightTextPage Scan
41I ask, O Lord, that mine may bePage Scan
42Sing on the way to ZionPage Scan
43Only to follow, day by dayPage Scan
44Only a little word, softly and kindlyPage Scan
45Jesus my Saviour did leave his bright homePage Scan
46Blessed Lord, I am weary of sin and the worldPage Scan
47Thank God, and take couragePage Scan
48Where shall I go, my SaviourPage Scan
49In the ways of the Lord I am finding a songPage Scan
50See, a sail amid the fearful breakersPage Scan
51Have you nothing to do? in this world of oursPage Scan
52Singing and trusting, press onward, my soul!Page Scan
53Blessed the hour when Jesus first spokePage Scan
54Oh, what a wonderful Saviour is mine!Page Scan
55We love to gather at eveningPage Scan
56Why are you languishing here by the wayPage Scan
57Come home, come home, the fold is freePage Scan
58Oft I seem to hear sweet musicPage Scan
59There is a fountain filled with bloodPage Scan
60We are building in sorrow, and building in joyPage Scan
61I once was a stranger to grace and to GodPage Scan
62Will you meet me in the morningPage Scan
63Will you be among the numberPage Scan
64Give praise to God, who rules the earth and skyPage Scan
65Working for Jesus, my Saviour and KingPage Scan
66I am walking today in that glorious wayPage Scan
67There are songs, glad songs, that in dreams I hearPage Scan
68At the '"beautiful gate" of the templePage Scan
69I have left the land of bondage far behindPage Scan
70Behold Me standing at the doorPage Scan
71A trembling soul, I sought the LordPage Scan
72From the stranger countryPage Scan
73Simple faith in JesusPage Scan
74On Calv'ry's cross, uplifted highPage Scan
75Jesus, come in todayPage Scan
76There are heights that frown before usPage Scan
77The foes of life we will not fearPage Scan
78Come, ye saints of the Lord, who believe in his wordPage Scan
79Nothing to pay, for atonement's madePage Scan
80What a comfort to know that he loves mePage Scan
81Tho' waves dash around me, no danger I fearPage Scan
82I heard a sweet voice, saying come unto mePage Scan
83Tell to the nations the tidings of oldPage Scan
84Weary and sinsick and ready to diePage Scan
85I sang, one day, a sad, sweet songPage Scan
86A joyful song I love to singPage Scan
87Oh, glad are our hearts in a service of lovePage Scan
88Are you growing heavy-hearted?Page Scan
89Come, weary trav'ler, haste, haste awayPage Scan
90Alone with thee, my SaviourPage Scan
91Ev'rything in Jesus, Cleansing from all sinPage Scan
92Some day, but when I cannot tellPage Scan
93We are singing on the wayPage Scan
94There's a wonderful story I've heard long agoPage Scan
95I will sing you a song of a beautiful landPage Scan
96Hark! from the joy-land hear the songPage Scan
97The evening sun is sinking fastPage Scan
98Dear Jesus, canst thou help me?Page Scan
99Thou art with me, SaviourPage Scan
100Precious lessons, precious lessons we are learningPage Scan
101Draw me near to theePage Scan
102"Eye hath not seen" the city of the KingPage Scan

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