A New Version of the Psalms of David: Fitted to the Tunes Used in Churches

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3How blest is he who ne'er consentsTextPage Scan
4With restless and ungoverned rageTextPage Scan
5How many, Lord, of late are grownTextPage Scan
7O Lord, that art my righteous JudgeTextPage Scan
8Lord, hear the voice of my complaintTextPage Scan
9Thy dreadful Anger, Lord, restrainTextPage Scan
11O Lord my God, since I have plac'dTextPage Scan
13O thou to whom all creatures bowTextPage Scan
14To celebrate thy Praise, O LordTextPage Scan
16Thy Presence why withdraw'st thou, LordTextPage Scan
19Since I have placed my trust in GodTextPage Scan
20Since godly Men decay, O LordTextPage Scan
21How long wilt thou forget me, Lord?TextPage Scan
22Sure, wicked fools must needs supposeTextPage Scan
23Lord, who's the happy Man, that mayTextPage Scan
24Protect me from my cruel FoesTextPage Scan
26To my just Plea, and sad ComplaintTextPage Scan
28No Change of Times shall ever shockTextPage Scan
34The Heav'ns declare thy Glory, LordTextPage Scan
36The Lord to thy request attendTextPage Scan
37The King, O Lord, with Songs of PraiseTextPage Scan
39My God, my God, why leav'st thou meTextPage Scan
43The Lord himself, the mighty LordTextPage Scan
44This spacious Earth is all the Lord'sTextPage Scan
46To God, in whom I trustTextPage Scan
48Judge me, O Lord, for I the PathsTextPage Scan
50Whom should I fear, since God to meTextPage Scan
52O Lord, my Rock, to Thee I cryTextPage Scan
53Ye Princes that in Might excelTextPage Scan
54I'll celebrate thy Praises, LordTextPage Scan
56Defend me, Lord, from ShameTextPage Scan
59He's blest, whose Sins have Pardon gainedTextPage Scan
61Let all the Just to God with JoyTextPage Scan
63Thro' all the changing Scenes of LifeTextPage Scan
65Against all those that strive with meTextPage Scan
69My crafty foe, with flattering artTextPage Scan
71Tho' wicked Men grow rich or greatTextPage Scan
75Thy chast'ning Wrath, O Lord, restrainTextPage Scan
78Resolved to watch o'er all my waysTextPage Scan
79I waited meekly for the LordTextPage Scan
82Happy the Man whose tender CareTextPage Scan
84As pants the Hart for cooling StreamsTextPage Scan
85Just Judge of Heav'n, against my FoesTextPage Scan
86O Lord, our Fathers oft have toldTextPage Scan
89While I the King's loud praise rehearseTextPage Scan
92God is our Refuge in DistressTextPage Scan
93aO all ye People, clap your HandsTextPage Scan
93bThe Lord, the only God, is greatTextPage Scan
95Let all the list'ning World attendTextPage Scan
98The Lord hath spoke, the mighty GodTextPage Scan
100Have Mercy, Lord, on meTextPage Scan
103In vain, O Man of lawless MightTextPage Scan
104The wicked fools must sure supposeTextPage Scan
105aLord, save me, for thy glorious NameTextPage Scan
105bGive Ear, Thou Judge of all the EarthTextPage Scan
108Do Thou, O God, in Mercy helpTextPage Scan
110Thy Mercy, Lord, to me extendTextPage Scan
111Speak, O ye Judges of the EarthTextPage Scan
113Deliver me, O Lord my GodTextPage Scan
116O God, who hast our Troops dispers'dTextPage Scan
117Lord, hear my Cry, regard my Pray'rTextPage Scan
118My Soul for Help on God reliesTextPage Scan
119O God, my gracious God, to TheeTextPage Scan
121Lord, hear the Voice of my ComplaintTextPage Scan
122For thee, O God, our constant PraiseTextPage Scan
124Let all the Lands with Shouts of JoyTextPage Scan
126To bless thy chosen RaceTextPage Scan
127Let God, the God of battle, riseTextPage Scan
132Save me O God from Waves that rollTextPage Scan
136aO Lord, to my Relief draw nearTextPage Scan
136bIn Thee I put my stedfast TrustTextPage Scan
139Lord, let thy just Decrees the KingTextPage Scan
142At length, by certain Proofs, 'tis plainTextPage Scan
145Why hast Thou cast us off, O God?TextPage Scan
148To Thee, O God, we render PraiseTextPage Scan
150In Judah the Almighty's knownTextPage Scan
151To God I cry'd, who to my HelpTextPage Scan
153Hear, O my People, to my LawTextPage Scan
162Behold, O God, how heathen HostsTextPage Scan
164O Isr'l's Shepherd, Joseph's guideTextPage Scan
166To God, our never failing strengthTextPage Scan
169God in the great Assembly stands TextPage Scan
170Hold not thy Peace, O Lord our GodTextPage Scan
172O God of Hosts, the mighty LordTextPage Scan
174Lord, thou hast granted to thy LandTextPage Scan
175To my Complaint, O Lord my GodTextPage Scan
178aGod's temple crowns the holy mountTextPage Scan
178bTo Thee, my God and Saviour, I TextPage Scan
180Thy Mercies, Lord, shall be my SongTextPage Scan
186O Lord, the Saviour and DefenceTextPage Scan
188He that has God his Guardian madeTextPage Scan
190How good and pleasant must it beTextPage Scan
191With Glory clad, with Strength array'dTextPage Scan
192O God, to whom revenge belongsTextPage Scan
194O come, loud Anthems let us singTextPage Scan
196Sing to the Lord a new-made SongTextPage Scan
197Jehovah reigns, let all the EarthTextPage Scan
199Sing to the Lord a new-made SongTextPage Scan
200Jehovah reigns, let therefore allTextPage Scan
202aWith one Consent let all the EarthTextPage Scan

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