The New English Hymnal

#TextTuneText InfoTune InfoTextScorePage ScanAudio
85Jesu, meek and lowlyST MARTINTextPage Scan
86My song is love unknownLOVE UNKNOWNText
87Nature with open volume standsNÜRNBERGTextPage Scan
88Now my soul, thy voice upraisingWEBBE'S ST THOMASTextPage Scan
89aO dearest Lord, thy sacred headBELMONTText
89bO dearest Lord, thy sacred headAYRSHIREText
90aO sacred head, sore woundedPASSION CHORALETextPage Scan
90bO sacred head, sore woundedPASSION CHORALETextPage Scan
91Sweet the moments, rich in blessingBATTYTextPage Scan
92There is a green hill far awayHORSLEYTextPage Scan
93aWere you there when they crucified my Lord?WERE YOU THERE?TextPage Scan
93bWere you there when they crucified my Lord?WERE YOU THERE?Text
94We sing the praise of him who diedBOW BRICKHILLTextPage Scan
95When I survey the wondrous CrossROCKINGHAMTextPage Scan
96O thou who through this holy weekCHESHIREPage Scan
97At the Cross her station keepingSTABAT MATERTextPage Scan
98O come and stand beneath the crossST CROSS
99It is finished! Blessèd JesusOMNI DEITextPage Scan
100aThe day draws on with golden lightAURORA LUCISTextPage Scan
100bThe day draws on with golden lightRESURREXITTextPage Scan
101aThe Lamb's high banquet we awaitAD CENAM AGNITextPage Scan
101bThe Lamb's high banquet we awaitDEUS TUORUM MILITUMTextPage Scan
102A brighter dawn is breakingNUN LASST UNS GOTTTextPage Scan
103Alleluya! Alleluya!LUX EOITextPage Scan
104At the Lamb's high feast we singSALZBURGTextPage Scan
105aChrist the Lord is risen again!ORIENTIS PARTIBUSTextPage Scan
105bChrist the Lord is risen again!WÜRTEMBURGText
106Come, ye faithful, raise the strainAVE VIRGO VIRGINUMTextPage Scan
107Good Christian men, rejoice and sing!VULPIUS (GELOB'T SEI GOTT)Text
108Hail, Easter bright, in glory dight!SOUTHWOLD
109aLo, the fair beauty of earthSALVE FESTA DIESPage Scan
109bLo, the fair beauty of earthSALVE FESTA DIES
110Jesus Christ is risen to-day, Alleluya!EASTER HYMNTextPage Scan
111Jesus Christ is risen TRIERTextPage Scan
112Jesus lives! thy terrors nowST ALBINUSTextPage Scan
113Love's redeeming work is doneSAVANNAH (HERRNHUT)TextPage Scan
114Now is eternal lifeCHRISTCHURCH
115Now the green blade riseth from the buried grainNOEL NOUVELET
116O praise our great and glorious LordST MATTHEWTextPage Scan
117The Day of Resurrection!ELLACOMBETextPage Scan
118The Lord is risen indeed!NARENZATextPage Scan
119The strife is o'er, the battle doneVICTORYTextPage Scan
120Thine be the glory, risen conquering SonMACCABAEUSText
121This joyful EastertideTHIS JOYFUL EASTERTIDETextPage Scan
122Thou hallowed chosen morn of praiseMACH'T MIT MIR GOTTTextPage Scan
123Walking in a gardenDUN ALUINN
124Ye choirs of new JerusalemST FULBERTTextPage Scan
125aYe sons and daughters of the KingO FILII ET FILIAETextPage Scan
125bYe sons and daughters of the KingO FILII ET FILIAETextPage Scan
126Lord, in thy name thy servants pleadLINCOLNTextPage Scan
127To thee our God we flyCROFTS 136THTextPage Scan
128aEternal Monarch, King most highAD CENAM AGNI TextPage Scan
128bEternal Monarch, King most highGONFALON ROYALTextPage Scan
129O Christ, our hope, our hearts' desireMETZLER'S REDHEAD NO 66TextPage ScanAudio
130aHail the day that sees him rise Alleluya!LLANFAIRTextPage Scan
130bHail the day that sees him rise Alleluya!CHISLEHURSTTextPage Scan
131O King most high of earth and skyACH GOTT UND HERRTextPage Scan
132See the Conqueror mounts in triumphREX GLORIAETextPage Scan
133The eternal gates lift up their headsCRUCIS VICTORIATextPage Scan
134The head that once was crowned with thornsST MAGNUSTextPage Scan
135The Lord ascendeth up on highNUN FREUT EUCHTextPage Scan
136aRejoice, the year upon its wayVENI CREATOR
136bRejoice, the year upon its wayFINNART
137Come down, O Love divineDOWN AMPNEYTextPage Scan
138Come, Holy Ghost, our souls inspireVENI CREATOR (MECHLIN)TextPage Scan
139aCome, thou Holy Spirit, comeVENI SANCTE SPITITUSPage Scan
139bCome, thou Holy Spirit, comePROMPTO GENTES ANIMO
140Holy Spirit, come, confirm usALL FOR JESUS
141Holy Spirit, ever dwellingSALISBURYText
142Sing to him in whom creationFINNIAN
143Spirit of mercy, truth and loveBIRLINGTextPage Scan
144Father most holy, merciful and tenderO PATER SANCTETextPage Scan
145All hail, adorèd TrinityILLSLEYTextPage Scan
146Holy, Holy, Holy! Lord God Almighty!NICAEATextPage Scan
147Most ancient of all mysteriesST FLAVIANTextPage Scan
148The God of Abraham praiseLEONITextPage Scan
149aFather, we praise thee, now the night is overNOCTE SURGENTESText
149bFather, we praise thee, now the night is overCHRISTE SANCTORUMText
150aO blest Creator of the lightLUCIS CREATORTextPage Scan
150bO blest Creator of the lightLUCIS CREATORTextPage Scan
151Now that the daylight fills the skyJAM LUCIS ORTOTextPage Scan
152Creator of the earth and skyDEUS CREATORTextPage Scan
153aO let the heart beat high with blissEXULTET CORTextPage Scan
153bO let the heart beat high with blissCROMERTextPage Scan
154aA heavenly splendour from on highSPLENDOR COELESTIS
154bA heavenly splendour from on highST PETERSBURG
155We sing the glorious conquestKING'S LYNNTextPage Scan
156Sing how the age-long promise of a SaviourISTE CONFESSOR (I)
157Hail to the Lord who comesOLD 120THTextPage Scan
158We praise thy name, all-holy LordLLANGLOFFANTextPage Scan
159I bind unto myself todayST PATRICK'S BREASTPLATETextPage Scan
160Lord, hear the praises of thy faithful peopleO PATER SANCTE
161For Mary, Mother of the LordKILMARNOCK
162Lord God of Hosts, within whose handMELITAPage Scan
163The Saint who first found grace to penBROCKHAMPage Scan
164Twin princes of the courts of heavenWELLSPage Scan
165The highest and the holiest placeJACKSONTextPage Scan
166Now in holy celebrationURBS BEATA
167The 'Son of Consolation'AURELIAPage Scan
168On this high feast day honour we the BaptistUT QUEANT LAXIS

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