The Minstrel of Zion: a book of religious songs, accompanied with appropriate music, chiefly original

Editor: Rev. William Hunter, Rev. Samuel Wakefield
Publisher: Sorin & Ball, Philadelphia, 1845
Language: English
Notes: Numbering is by page number. Letters are added to hymns that start on the same page.
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11Oh praise the Lord! he dwells on highPRAISETextPage Scan
12Happy the spirit released from its clayTHE CHRISTIAN VICTORTextPage Scan
13aJoyfully, joyfully, onward I moveTextPage Scan
13bWake, Christian soldiers, wakeCHRISTIAN SOLDIERSTextPage Scan
15The vernal flowers their beauties spreadFADING FLOWERSTextPage Scan
16Father in heaven, how great the graceSOCIETY IN HEAVENTextPage Scan
17Soon we shall see, shall see the glorious morningSAINTS, ARISETextPage Scan
19The child! the child! the kind old prophet saidTextPage Scan
20Oh no, I never can forgetTHE BACKSLIDERTextPage Scan
21Go, bring me said the dying fairTHE DYING BACKSLIDERTextPage Scan
23Oh! had I the wings of a dove, I would flyLONGING FOR HEAVENTextPage Scan
24When day first dawn'd upon my soulTHE CONVERT IN DOUBTTextPage Scan
26Come, tell of your vessel, and what is her name?"THE OLD SHIP OF ZION"TextPage Scan
28As on the cross our Saviour hungPENITENT THIEFTextPage Scan
29Broad is the road that leads to death THE BROAD AND NARROW WAYTextPage Scan
30Pray, brethren, pray!"PRAY, BRETHREN, PRAY"TextPage Scan
31aRise, sinner, rise!TextPage Scan
31bCome, ghastly death, and lay me lowVICTORYTextPage Scan
33A pilgrim and a stranger hereTHE PILGRIMTextPage Scan
34To Jordan's banks our hosts are comeCHRISTIAN PILGRIMSTextPage Scan
35Sinner, come"SINNER, COME"TextPage Scan
36Christ is set on Zion's hill"FAITHFUL SOLDIERS"TextPage Scan
37O blessed Lord, be near usPETITIONTextPage Scan
38Why wanderest thou so far from home?"FLY TO JESUS"TextPage Scan
39God of the forests, fields, and floodsAN EVENING HYMN IN THE WILDERNESSTextPage Scan
40Who would mourn, and pine, and languishINTERROGATIONTextPage Scan
41Father of all! Creator blestTRAVELLER'S MORNING HYMNTextPage Scan
42Ye erring souls, that wildly roamTHE PRODIGALTextPage Scan
43Let others delight in the gambols of mirthTHE CLASS-ROOMTextPage Scan
44See, Christian, see, how time steals onTHE CHRISTIAN'S WELCOME HOMETextPage Scan
46If some kind wealthy friend should waitEXPOSTULATIONTextPage Scan
47The day is past and goneEVENING HYMNTextPage Scan
48'Twas in the days of vernal primeTHE BETTER PARTTextPage Scan
50Let others choose the place of mirthTHE MERCY-SEAT FOR METextPage Scan
51While wandering to and froGIVE ME JESUSTextPage Scan
52The rosy light is dawningSABBATH MORNINGTextPage Scan
53What a wonder of mercy is this!THE CONVERT'S SONGTextPage Scan
54aHaste, haste, the clouds ariseTHE ARK OF SAFETYTextPage Scan
54bSafe, safe within the arkTHE ARK OF SAFETYTextPage Scan
55Our kindred dear to heav'n have goneMARCHING TO GLORYTextPage Scan
57Blissful hours, when first I knew himBLISSFUL HOURSTextPage Scan
58Oh! who would remain in this prison of clayOH! WHO WOULD REMAINTextPage Scan
59Child of sorrow, child of care"CHILD OF SORROW"TextPage Scan
60Cease, fond nature, cease this clinging"CEASE, FOND NATURE"TextPage Scan
61You may sing of the beauty of mountain and dale"THE HOUSE OF THE LORD"TextPage Scan
62Oh! how can I forget the hourOH! HOW CAN I FORGET THE HOURTextPage Scan
63Earth's stormy night will soon be o'erEARTH'S STORMY NIGHTTextPage Scan
64Though flowers of hope so early fadeTHE YOUTHFUL MINISTER'S DECLINETextPage Scan
65Oh! give me the flowers that never decayTRUE RICHESTextPage Scan
66aThough poor my condition, and low my degreeTextPage Scan
66bMary to her Saviour's tombMARY AT THE SAVIOUR'S TOMBTextPage Scan
68Oh! how shall I praise my adorable SaviourPRAISE TO THE REDEEMERTextPage Scan
70The Sabbath is come! The Sabbath is come!"THE SABBATH IS COME"TextPage Scan
71Why weepest thou and sighestTHE PENITENT'S DIALOGUETextPage Scan
72How blest the place where Jesus is!HOW BLEST THE PLACETextPage Scan
73Awake, my faith, and bring to viewAWAKE, MY FAITHTextPage Scan
74A home in heaven! what a joyful thoughtA HOME IN HEAVENTextPage Scan
75Oh! bless the Lord! for the shining sunTextPage Scan
76aGive me but some humble spotRELIGIOUS CONTENTMENTTextPage Scan
76bHappy are our days belowTextPage Scan
77Wo, wo to the sinner, who lives in his sin"WO, WO TO THE SINNER"TextPage Scan
78Oh! meet me at the throne of graceTHE ITINERANT HUSBAND'S ADIEUTextPage Scan
80I'll meet thee at the hour of pray'rTHE ITINERANT'S WIFE'S ADIEUTextPage Scan
81We're marching to the promised landPILGRIM BANDTextPage Scan
83Life, let us cherish, while yet the taper glowsLIFE LET US CHERISHTextPage Scan
84Approach, my soul, the mercy seatPENITENCETextPage Scan
85Sinners, the city where you dwellTextPage Scan
86United in affection dearLOVE-FEASTTextPage Scan
88Thou sweet gliding Kedron, by thy silver streamKEDRONTextPage Scan
89There comes a day, a fearful dayDAY OF WRATHTextPage Scan
91Our Father, God, and KingGOD IS OUR KINGTextPage Scan
92There is a place where my hopes stay'dFATHERLANDTextPage Scan
93I seek a place which is out of sightTextPage Scan
94We're bound for the land of the pure and the holyTHE EDEN ABOVETextPage Scan
96Firmly, brethren, firmly standFIELD OF BATTLETextPage Scan
97Though to a distant regionMISSIONARY SEWING SOCIETYTextPage Scan
98The heavenly home is bright and fairTHE HEAVENLY MANSIONTextPage Scan
100I'm fading away to the land of the blestTHE CHRISTIAN'S DEATH SONGTextPage Scan
102Saints, exult! adieu to tearsMILLENNIAL DAWNTextPage Scan
103My Lord, my Life, at last to theeSUPPLICATIONTextPage Scan
104Come to Calvary's holy mountainCOME TO CALVARYTextPage Scan
105God of our fathers, whose right handLAND OF LIBERTYTextPage Scan
106Review the palsied sinner's caseTHE PARALYTICTextPage Scan
107There is a spot to me more dearTHE PLACE OF CONVERSIONTextPage Scan
109In this glad employCONCERT VALEDICTORYTextPage Scan
110Oh! happy the day he was bornCHRISTMAS HYMNTextPage Scan
111Hail, happy day! when Christ, the SonCHRISTMASTextPage Scan
112Come, children, let your voices riseTextPage Scan
113Hail to the brightness of Zion's glad morning!ZION'S GLAD MORNINGTextPage Scan
114In error's ways you vainly roamTHE WAY OF THE SINNERTextPage Scan
115In this calm impressive hourMORNING PRAYERTextPage Scan
116Now from labor and from careTextPage Scan
117This earth hath many a pleasant sweetTHE FLOWERS OF EARTH AND HEAVENTextPage Scan
118O'er the gloomy hills of darknessO'ER THE GLOOMY HILLSTextPage Scan
119Who but thou, Almighty SpiritTextPage Scan
120Zion! the marvelous story be tellingSHOUT THE GLAD TIDINGSTextPage Scan
121Christ the Lord is risen todayTHE LORD IS RISENTextPage Scan
122Oh yes, I'll join the union bandTHE UNION BANDTextPage Scan
123My soul is happy in its choiceCHURCH MEMBERSHIPTextPage Scan
125And may I still get there?TRIUMPH OVER DESPONDENCYTextPage Scan

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