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Methodist Tune Book: a collection of tunes adapted to the Methodist Hymn book

Publisher: Methodist Book and Publishing House/Methodist Book Room, Toronto/Halifax, 1881
Denomination: Methodist Church of Canada
Language: English
#TextTuneText InfoTune InfoTextScorePage ScanAudio
1O King of kings, thy blessing shedALBIONScorePage ScanAudio
2Eternal depth of love divineANGELS' SONGPage Scan
3Unveil thy bosom, faithful tombBARTHOLDYPage Scan
4Come, Holy Spirit, raise our songsCARMELScorePage ScanAudio
5O Christ, the Lord of heav'n, to theeCHURCH TRIUMPHANTPage Scan
6God of my life, through all my daysCOMMUNIONPage Scan
7Jesus, thou Joy of loving hearts!CRASSELIUSPage Scan
8When I survey the wondrous crossCRUCIFIXIONScorePage ScanAudio
9Eternal Source of ev'ry joyDRESDENScorePage ScanAudio
10O Lord of hosts, whose glory fillsDUKE STREETPage Scan
11My God, how endless is thy love!EDENPage Scan
12This stone to thee in faith we layERFURTPage Scan
13O Spirit of the living GodERNANPage Scan
14When I survey the wondrous corssEUCHARISTScorePage ScanAudio
15Glory to thee, my God, this nightEVENING HYMNPage Scan
16He dies! the Friend of sinner dies!FEDERAL STREETPage Scan
17Holy, and true, and righteous LordFULHAMScorePage ScanAudio
18Unchangeable, all-perfect LordGERMANYPage Scan
19O thou, to whose all-searching sightHAMBURGPage Scan
20Sun of my soul, thou Saviour dearHURSLEYPage Scan
21Lord of the Sabbath, hear our vowsINTERCESSIONPage Scan
22My gracious Lord, I own thy rightLUTONPage Scan
23God is the refuge of his saintsMAINZERPage Scan
24O God, most merciful and trueMELBOURNEScorePage ScanAudio
25O thou who hast, in every ageMELCOMBEPage Scan
26Into thy gracious hands I fallMILTONPage Scan
27Father, whose everlasting loveMONTGOMERYPage Scan
28Awake, my soul, and with the sunMORNING HYMNPage Scan
29O thou that hear'st when sinners cryMÜNICHScorePage ScanAudio
30The Lord is King, and earth submitsNEWCASTLEScorePage ScanAudio
31Let Zion in her King rejoiceNEWMARKETPage Scan
32How do thy merices close me round!NORWOODPage Scan
33All people that on earth do dwellOLD HUNDREDPage Scan
34Almighty maker of my frameOLD SAXONYScorePage ScanAudio
35Deem not that they are bless'd aloneOLIVE'S BROWPage Scan
36Eternal Father, thou hast saidOSSETTPage Scan
37Priase ye the Lord! 'tis good to raiseOVERBURGPage Scan
38Great God, thy watchful care we blessPAGEScorePage ScanAudio
39With broken heart and contrite sighPENTECOSTPage Scan
40O thou, whom all thy saints adoreROCKINGHAMPage Scan
41To us a Child of royal birthROTHERFIELDScorePage ScanAudio
42Sweet is the sunlight after rainSABBATHPage Scan
43Come, sinners, to the gospel feastSESSIONSPage Scan
44I know that my Redeemer ivesSTRATHAMPage Scan
45Jesus, my Saviour, Brother, FriendSUSANNAHScorePage ScanAudio
46New every morning is the loveST. ALBANPage Scan
47From every stormy wind that blowsST. CRISPINPage Scan
48Asleep in Jesus! blessed sleepST. CROSSPage Scan
49Go, labor on; spend and be spentST. GEORGEScorePage ScanAudio
50Forth in thy name, O Lord, I goST. OLAVESScorePage ScanAudio
51How pleasant, how divinely fairST. SEPULCHREPage Scan
52Come, Saviour, Jesus, from above!ST. VINCENTPage Scan
53Why should I till tomorrow stayTURINPage Scan
54Sing all in heav'n, at Jesu's birthTRUROPage Scan
55Sweet is the work, my God, my KingVESPERSScorePage ScanAudio
56The day of wrath, that dreadful dayWARDPage Scan
57Great God, whose universal swayWARRINGTONPage Scan
58My soul, thro' my Redeemers careWAVERTREEPage Scan
59Shrinking from the cold hand of deathWINDHAMPage Scan
60Arm of the lord, awake! Awake!WORCESTERPage Scan
61From all that dwell below the skiesWAREHAMPage Scan
62At even, ere the sun was setSUNSETPage Scan
63The spacious firmament on highST. SERFScorePage ScanAudio
64Thou, Lord, hast blest my going outABRIDGEPage Scan
65Come let us who in Christ believeANDREWSPage Scan
66For ever here my rest shall beARNOLDPage Scan
67Salvation! O the joyful sound!ASHLEYPage Scan
68Thy ceaseless unexhausted loveAUBERYPage Scan
69Spirit divine, attend our prayersBALERMAPage Scan
70With joy we meditate the graceBEDFORDPage Scan
71O for a thousand tonges to singBELMONTPage Scan
72Prayer is the soul's sincere desireBRISTOLScorePage ScanAudio
73O Lord, whle we confess the worthCADDOPage Scan
74Come, Christian children, come, and raiseCHILDHOODScorePage ScanAudio
75How sweet the name of Jesus soundsCLAREMONTPage Scan
76Joy to the world! The Lord is comeCORONATION (NEW)Page Scan
77Thou great Redeemer, dying LambDUBLINPage Scan
78Out of the depths to thee I cryDUNDEEPage Scan
79O for a faith that will not shrinkEAGLEYPage Scan
80On Jordan's stormy banks I standEMMANUELPage Scan
81Jesus hath died that I might liveEVANPage Scan
82God is in this and ev'ry placeFARRANTPage Scan
83Father of me, and all mankindHARRINGTONScorePage ScanAudio
84Father supreme, by whom we liveHARTLEYPage Scan
85Fountain of mercy, God of loveHATFIELDScorePage ScanAudio
86Talk with us, Lord, thyself revealHOLY CROSSPage Scan
87My God, how wonderful thou artHOLY TRINITYPage Scan
88Happy the heart where graces reignHORSLEYPage Scan
89Ascending to thy gracious wordHOWARDPage Scan
90O Sun of Righteousnes, ariseHUDDERSFIELDScorePage ScanAudio
91I want a principle withinIRISHPage Scan
92Sovereign of all the worlds on highJAZERPage Scan
93My Shepherd will supply my needKENSINGTONScorePage ScanAudio
94Come, Let us join our cheerful songsLANESBORO'Page Scan
95O for a closer walk with GodMANCHESTERPage Scan
96What is our calling's glorious hopeMARTYRDOMPage Scan
97I know that my Redeemer livesMESSIAHPage Scan
98All hail the pow'r of Jesus nameMILES' LANEPage Scan
99Plung'd in a gulf of dark despairMIRFIELDPage Scan
100Happy the home when God is thereNEWTONScorePage ScanAudio

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