Messages of Love Hymn Book: for Gospel, Sunday School, Special Services and Home Singing

#TextTuneText InfoTune InfoTextScorePage ScanAudio
1"A little while" the Lord shall comeEATONPage Scan
2Behold the Saviour at the door!ST. CATHERINEPage Scan
3O! what a Saviour is Jesus the Lord!JOYFULLYPage Scan
4Are your souls the saviour seeking?ALL IS WELLPage Scan
5A little ship was on the seaALIDAPage Scan
6Behold, behold the Lamb of GodMERCY'S FREEPage Scan
7By Thee, O God, invitedTRICHINOPOLYPage Scan
8As the serpent raised by MosesHEALINGPage Scan
9"Call them in!"—the poor, the wretchedFABENPage Scan
10Christ is coming, are you ready?SHEPHERDPage Scan
11Come, let us all unite to singBEULAHPage Scan
12Come, let us sing the matchless worthARIELPage Scan
13"Come!" 'tis Jesus gently calling'TIS SO SWEET TO TRUST IN JESUSPage Scan
14God in mercy sent His SonHERALD ANGELSPage Scan
15Come, ev'ry soul by sin oppressed[Come, ev'ry soul by sin oppressed]Page Scan
16Everlasting glory unto Jesus be!TRIUMPHPage Scan
17He sitteth o'er the waterfloodsSOVEREIGNTYPage Scan
18He comes! He comes! the Bridegroom comes!OSTENDPage Scan
19How loving is JesusFULLNESSPage Scan
20How many children sayLISCHERPage Scan
21How precious and pure is the truth!DE FLEURYPage Scan
22I am not told to laborWEBBTextPage Scan
23I left it all with Jesus[I left it all with Jesus]Page Scan
24I heard the voice of Jesus sayVARINAPage Scan
25I love to hear the story[I love to hear the story]Page Scan
26I love to sing of JesusHIGHBRIDGEPage Scan
27Inquire, my soul, inquire!BROWNEPage Scan
28I once was a stranger to grace and to GodPORTUGUESEPage Scan
29I've found a Friend; O, such a Friend![I've found a Friend; O, such a Friend!]Page Scan
30I was a wand'ring sheepLEBANONPage Scan
31"Jesus," Lord and Saviour isBEACHLEYPage Scan
32I am Thine, O Lord; I have heard Thy voice[I am Thine, O Lord; I have heard Thy voice]Page Scan
33Lift up your heads, eternal gates[Lift up your heads, eternal gates]Page Scan
34Love not the world: its smiles, its hopes[Love not the world: its smiles, its hopes]Page Scan
35Midst the darkness, storm, and sorrow[Midst the darkness, storm, and sorrow]Page Scan
36Mighty, mighty love of Jesus![Mighty, mighty love of Jesus!]Page Scan
37My God, I have found[My God, I have found]Page Scan
38O blessed, precious Saviour[O blessed, precious Saviour]Page Scan
39O! come to Jesus, children, comeDONT'S DELAYPage Scan
40Nothing, either great or small[Nothing, either great or small]Page Scan
41O, come to Jesus, sinner, come![O, come to Jesus, sinner, come!]Page Scan
42O! for the robe of whitenessWORKPage Scan
43O gracious Saviour, Thou hast giv'n[O gracious Saviour, Thou hast giv'n]Page Scan
44O Lamb of God, still keep us[O Lamb of God, still keep us]Page Scan
45O! would you know my Saviour[O! would you know my Saviour]Page Scan
46O, what a glorious truth is thisMERCY'S FREEPage Scan
47One there is above all others[One there is above all others]Page Scan
48Salvation thro' Christ Jesus!MISSIONARYPage Scan
49Our sins were borne by JesusMALTONPage Scan
50Passing onward, quickly passingZIONPage Scan
51Saved thro' the blood of Jesus[Saved thro' the blood of Jesus]Page Scan
52Saviour! lead us by Thy powerBAVARIAPage Scan
53Sinner, thine's a lost condition[Sinner, thine's a lost condition]Page Scan
54The gospel of Thy grace[The gospel of Thy grace]Page Scan
55Shall we gather at His comingBEAUTIFUL RIVERPage Scan
56The great Physician now is near[The great Physician now is near]Page Scan
57The heav'nly Bridegroom soon will come[The heav'nly Bridegroom soon will come]Page Scan
58The glory shines before me![The glory shines before me!]Page Scan
59The holy Lamb has diedWESTLANDPage Scan
60There is a better world aboveBETTER WORLDPage Scan
61Thou my everlasting portion[Thou my everlasting portion]Page Scan
62To Israel's land, when Israel sinnedWILSONPage Scan
63We are by Christ redeemedPRIORYPage Scan
64We wait for Thee, O Son of GodEXPECTATIONPage Scan
65What means this eager, anxious throng[What means this eager, anxious throng]Page Scan
66What a Friend we have in JesusSCRVENPage Scan
67What will it be to dwell aboveSTELLAPage Scan
68'Tis the hope of His coming['Tis the hope of His coming]Page Scan
69When our loved parents are awayPRAISEPage Scan
70The infant children Christ received[The infant children Christ received]Page Scan
71Troubled heart, thy God is calling![Troubled heart, thy God is calling!]Page Scan
72Weeping will not save me[Weeping will not save me]Page Scan
73When mothers of Salem their children bro't to JesusBENEDICTUSPage Scan
74Christian, walk carefully, danger is near[Christian, walk carefully, danger is near]Page Scan
75Thou, Lamb of God! didst shed Thy blood[Thou, Lamb of God! didst shed Thy blood]Page Scan
76A little lamb went strayingSTRAYINGPage Scan
77A little talk with Jesus[A little talk with Jesus]Page Scan
78By faith I see the Saviour dyingMERCY'S FREEPage Scan
79All the path the saints are treadingGLOAMINGPage Scan
80Hark ye! those who choose the pleasuresBAYLEYPage Scan
81In heav'nly love abidingCONFIDENCEPage Scan
82Nothing but the NAME of JESUSTHORENSPage Scan
83There is a stream of precious bloodCOWPERPage Scan
84The sands of time are sinkingRUTHERFORDPage Scan
85Thou art coming, mighty SaviourAUTUMNPage Scan
86Little child, do you love Jesus?HUMILITYPage Scan
87My heart is fixed, eternal GodCHRIST FOR MEPage Scan
88We know there's a bright and a glorious home[We know there's a bright and a glorious home]Page Scan
89There's a Friend for little childrenWATCHERPage Scan
90Now have I seen Thee and found Thee[Now have I seen Thee and found Thee]Page Scan
91I see the crowds of earth go byALONEPage Scan
92On Calv'ry's brow my Saviour died[On Calv'ry's brow my Saviour died]Page Scan
93O what a Saviour that He died for me![O what a Saviour that He died for me!]Page Scan
94O precious blood, on Calv'ry shed[O precious blood, on Calv'ry shed]Page Scan
95Safe in Christ, the weakest childFAITHPage Scan
96Satisfied with Thee, Lord Jesus[Satisfied with Thee, Lord Jesus]Page Scan
97Lord, Thy love has sought and found usEVEN MEPage Scan
98The Father, from eternity[The Father, from eternity]Page Scan
99"Stricken, smitten, and afflicted"AUSTRIAPage Scan
100Hark! how the gospel trumpet soundsDUANE STREETPage Scan

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