The Mission Hymnal: as adopted by the General Convention at Cincinnati

Publisher: The Biglow & Main Co., Chicago / New York, 1911
Denomination: Episcopal Church
Language: English
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101Fight the good fight with all thy mightPENTECOSTPage Scan
102Faith of our Fathers! living stillWHITEHEADPage Scan
103Jesus, Saviour, pilot mePILOTPage Scan
104Christ, the Lord, is risen todayCLARIONPage Scan
105Children of the heav'nly KingPLEYEL'S HYMNPage Scan
106I need Thee ev'ry hourNEEDPage Scan
107In the Christian's home in gloryREST FOR THE WEARYPage Scan
108Tis midnight; and on Olive's browOLIVE'S BROWPage Scan
109There is a green hill far awayHORSLEYPage Scan
110God is working His purpose outAINGERPage Scan
111In the cross of Christ I gloryRATHBUNPage Scan
112aThou didst leave Thy throne and Thy kingly crownMARGARETPage Scan
112bThou didst leave Thy throne and Thy kingly crownVENIPage Scan
113I was a wand'ring sheepLEBANONPage Scan
114He leadeth me! oh, blessed thought!AUGHTONPage Scan
115O mother dear, JerusalemMATERNAPage Scan
116O Lamb of God, still keep meST. CHRISTOPHERPage Scan
117Onward, Christian soldiersST. GERTRUDEPage Scan
118O little town of Bethlehem!ST. LOUISPage Scan
119He, who safely keepethPROTECTIONPage Scan
120How sweet the name of Jesus soundsST. PETERPage Scan
121Awake my soul, stretch ev'ry nerveCHRISTMASPage Scan
122Hark! the herald angels singMENDELSSOHNPage Scan
123Go, labor on! spend and be spent!CAMDENPage Scan
124O happy day, that fixed my choiceRIMBAULTPage Scan
125Jesus, keep me near the crossNEAR THE CROSSPage Scan
126Holy, holy, holy! Lord God Almighty!NICAEAPage Scan
127I heard the voice of Jesus sayVOX DILECTIPage Scan
128Come unto Me, ye wearyPARACLETEPage Scan
129Jesus is tenderly calling thee homeJESUS IS CALLINGPage Scan
130Lord Jesus, I long to be perfectly wholeWHITER THAN SNOWPage Scan
131Throw out the Life-Line across the dark waveTHE LIFE-LINEPage Scan
132My soul, be on thy guard!LABANPage Scan
133Must Jesus bear the cross aloneCROSS AND CROWNPage Scan
134O Saving Victim, op'ning wideHAMBURGPage Scan
135Bread of the world, in mercy brokenEUCHARISTIC HYMNPage Scan
136Forth to the fight, ye ransomedFESTIVALPage Scan
137Glorious things of thee are spokenAUSTRIAPage Scan
138aStand up, stand up for JesusWEBBPage Scan
138bStand up, stand up for JesusGEIBELPage Scan
139Never a day nears its sunsetMINSHALLPage Scan
140O Jesus, Thou art standingST. HILDAPage Scan
141O Jesus, I have promisedDAY OF RESTPage Scan
142All praise to Thee, my God, this nightTALLIS' HYMNPage Scan
143When all my labors and trials are o'erOH, THAT WILL BE GLORYPage Scan
144The day Thou gavest, Lord, is endedTWILIGHTPage Scan
145My heart is resting, O my GodWARINGPage Scan
146My faith looks up to TheeOLIVETPage Scan
147Just as I am, without one pleaWOODWORTHPage Scan
148Hark! the voice of Jesus cryingGRANNISPage Scan
149Come, Thou almighty KingMOSCOWPage Scan
150Why do you wait, dear brotherWHY DO YOU WAIT?Page Scan
151Breathe on me, Breath of GodWHITTLEPage Scan
152O Holy Saviour, Friend unseenKIRKSTALLPage Scan
153Father, whate'er of earthly blissNAOMIPage Scan
154Sun of my soul, Thou Saviour dearHURSLEYPage Scan
155Saviour, more than life to meEVERY DAY AND HOURPage Scan
156Saviour, when in dust to TheeHERVEYPage Scan
157Father, hear thy children's callHERVEYPage Scan
158"Yet there is room!" The Lamb's bright hall of songBONARPage Scan
159Jesus shall reign where'er the sunDUKE STREETPage Scan
160Lord, dismiss us with Thy blessingDISMISSALPage Scan
161Praise to the Holiest in the heightGERONTIUSPage Scan
162Blest be the tie that bindsBOYLSTONPage Scan
163The whole wide world for JesusKIRKPATRICKPage Scan
164Souls in heathen darkness lyingST. ENOCHPage Scan
165Fling out the banner! let it floatCAMDENPage Scan
166Gently, Lord, O gently lead usSTOCKWELLPage Scan
167My country, 'tis of theeAMERICAPage Scan
168Lord, I hear of show'rs of blessingEVEN MEPage Scan
169Hail to the Lord's AnointedZOANPage Scan
170Yield not to temptationPALMERPage Scan
171From Greenland's icy mountainsMISSIONARY HYMNPage Scan
172Lead us, heav'nly Father, lead usDULCE CARMENPage Scan
173Jesus, my Saviour, look on meHANFORDPage Scan
174Now the day is overEVENING PRAYERPage Scan
175O Lamb of God most lowlyWALSHPage Scan
176O God, our help in ages pastST. ANNEPage Scan
177Sleep on, beloved, sleep, and take thy restTHE CHRISTIAN'S GOOD-NIGHTPage Scan
178Great God, what do I see and hear!LUTHER'S HYMNPage Scan
179Send the Light, O send it quicklySEND THE GOSPEL LIGHTPage Scan
180One sweetly solemn thoughtAMBROSEPage Scan
181There is a blessed homeBEULAHPage Scan
182God be with you till we meet againTOMERPage Scan
183Glory be to God on high: and on earth peace[Glory be to God on high: and on earth peace]Page Scan

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