Lead Me, Guide Me (2nd ed.)

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291Maker's love poured out from heaven[Maker's love poured out from heaven]
292You are the King of IsraelST. THEODULPHTextPage Scan
293King Jesus rides on a milk white horse[King Jesus rides on a milk white horse]
294Kneels at the feet of his friendsCHEREPONITextPage Scan
295Since the love of Christ has brought us all together (Congregávit nos in unum Christi amor)UBI CARITAS
296Ev'ry time I think about JesusCALVARYTextPage Scan
297O sacred head, sore woundedREDDINGText
298Just for me, just for me[Just for me, just for me]
299O sacred head, surroundedPASSION CHORALETextPage Scan
300Jesus, keep me near the crossNEAR THE CROSSText
301Were you there when they crucified my Lord?WERE YOU THEREText
302On a hill far away stood an old rugged cross[On a hill far away stood an old rugged cross]
303God sent his Son, they called him JesusRESURRECTION
304He is Lord, He is Lord!HE IS LORDTextPage Scan
305This is the day, this is the day[This is the day, this is the day]
306Go and tell Mary and Martha[Go and tell Mary and Martha]Text
307They crucified my SaviorHE AROSEText
308The strife is o'er, the battle doneVICTORYTextPage Scan
309I know that my Redeemer lives!DUKE STREETTextPage Scan
310This is the day that the Lord has made[This is the day that the Lord has made] (Louis)
311Christ the Lord is ris'n todayVICTIMAE PASCHALITextPage Scan
312O sons and daughters, let us sing!O FILII ET FILIAEText
313Goodness is stronger than evilGOODNESS IS STRONGER
314Christ has arisen, Alleluia! (Mfurahini, Haleluya)MFURAHINI, HALELUYA
315Jesus Christ is ris'n today, Alleluia!EASTER HYMNTextPage Scan
316At the Lamb's high feast we singSALZBURGTextPage Scan
317Sing with all the saints in gloryHYMN TO JOYTextPage Scan
318Alleluia! Alleluia!NETTLETONTextPage Scan
319Unarmed, he faces forces of demons and death (Sizowa nyathela amadimoni)[Unarmed, he faces forces of demons and death]
320Go ye therefore and teach all nations, go, go, go[Go ye therefore and teach all nations]
321Go to the world! Go into all the earthSINE NOMINE
322Go ye therefore and teach every nation[Go ye therefore and teach every nation] (Louis)
323Spirit of God, descend upon my heartMORECAMBETextPage Scan
324Come, Holy Ghost, Creator blestLAMBILLOTTETextPage Scan
325Spirit of the Living GodIVERSON
326Come, Holy Spirit, from heaven shine forth[Come, Holy Spirit, from heaven shine forth]
327There's a sweet, sweet spirit in this placeMANNA
328Veni Creátor SpíritusVENI CREATOR SPIRITUSText
329Holy Spirit, flow through me[Holy Spirit, flow through me]
330Holy Spirit, come and fill this place[Holy Spirit, come and fill this place]
331Wa wa wa Emimimo (Come, O Holy Spirit, come)[Wa wa wa Emimimo (Come, O Holy Spirit, come)]Text
332Come down, O Love divineDOWN AMPNEYTextPage Scan
333God sends us his Spirit to befriend and help usNATOMAHTextPage Scan
334Come now, almighty KingITALIAN HYMNTextPage Scan
335Holy, Holy, Holy! Lord God Almighty!NICAEAText
336Father, I adore youMARANATHA
337O God, almighty FatherGOTT VATER SEI GEPRIESEN
338O Dawn of all creationANDÚJAR
339Hidden here before me, Lord, I worship you (Adóro te devóte, latens Déitas)ADORO TE DEVOTE
340We will glorify the King of kingsWE WILL GLORIFY
341Who is the king of glory; how shall we call him?KING OF GLORY
342All hail the pow'r of Jesus' name!DIADEMTextPage Scan
343All hail the pow'r of Jesus' name!CORONATIONText
344Crown him with many crownsDIADEMATATextPage Scan
345Jesus shall reign where’er the sunDUKE STREETTextPage Scan
346He built his throne up in the airHE IS KINGTextPage Scan
347To Jesus Christ, our sov'reign KingICH GLAUB AN GOTT
348O Christ, what can it mean for usKINGSFOLD
349Rejoice, the Lord is King!DARWALL'S 148THTextPage Scan
350I heard my mother sayGIVE ME JESUSText
351There's not a friend like the lowly JesusHARPER MEMORIALTextPage Scan
352Oh, it is Jesus[Oh, it is Jesus]
353O holy Savior! Friend unseenHOLY SAVIORText
354Some people doubt the Lord[Some people doubt the Lord]
355No man can do like JesusWEARY LANDText
356When I've lost my direction[When I've lost my direction]
357Real, real, Jesus is real to me[Real, real, Jesus is real to me]
358I need Jesus, each and ev'ry day[I need Jesus, each and ev'ry day]
359You, Lord, are both Lamb and ShepherdPICARDY
360I can't forget when I was sadHE'S SWEETText
361What a Friend we have in JesusCONVERSETextPage Scan
362Living he loved me, dying he saved me[Living he loved me, dying he saved me]Text
363More love to thee, O ChristMORE LOVE TO THEETextPage Scan
364My Jesus, I love thee, I know thou art mineGORDONTextPage Scan
365There is a name I love to hearHOW I LOVE JESUSTextPage Scan
366Precious Jesus, how I love you[Precious Jesus, how I love you]
367I really love the Lord![I really love the Lord!]
368Happy day, oh, happy dayANYBODY HEREText
369Your only Son, no sin to hideLAMB OF GOD
370Jesus is all the world to meALL THE WORLDTextPage Scan
371Now behold the Lamb[Now behold the Lamb]
372His name is Wonderful[His name is Wonderful]
373There's power in the name of Jesus[There's power in the name of Jesus]Text
374Glorious is the name of Jesus[Glorious is the name of Jesus]
375Take the name of Jesus with youPRECIOUS NAMETextPage Scan
376In the name of Jesus[In the name of Jesus]Text
377Oh Lord, how excellent, how excellent[Oh Lord, how excellent, how excellent]
378Praise the name of Jesus[Praise the name of Jesus]
379So glad I'm here in Jesus' name[So glad I'm here in Jesus' name]Text
380Jesus, Jesus, Jesus!THAT NAME
381There is a fountain filled with bloodCLEANSING FOUNTAINTextPage Scan
382I know it was the bloodIT WAS THE BLOODText
383The blood that Jesus shed for meTHE BLOOD
384I've got the joy, joy, joy, joyI'VE GOT THE JOYTextPage Scan
385Have you got good religionCERTAINLY LORDText
386I've been 'buked an' I've been scornedI'VE BEEN 'BUKEDText
387Lord, I want to be a ChristianI WANT TO BE A CHRISTIANTextPage Scan
388I want Jesus to walk with meWALK WITH METext
389Glory, glory, hallelujah! Since I laid my burdens downGLORYText
390I don't feel no ways tired[I don't feel no ways tired]

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