Common Service Book of the Lutheran Church

#TextTuneText InfoTune InfoTextScorePage ScanAudio
92aJesus, Refuge of the wearyO DU LIEBE MEINER LIEBETextPage Scan
92bJesus, Refuge of the wearySAVONAROLATextPage Scan
93aGo to dark GethsemaneREDHEAD No. 76TextPage Scan
93bGo to dark GethsemaneREDHEAD No. 76TextPage Scan
94Now, my soul, thy voice upraisingST. AUSTINTextPage Scan
95Lord, Thy Death and Passion giveCHRISTE, WAHRES SEELENLICHTTextPage Scan
96My Lord, my Master, at Thy feet adoringWOODLYNNTextPage Scan
97aWhen I survey the wondrous CrossBRESLAUTextPage Scan
97bWhen I survey the wondrous CrossROCKINGHAMTextPage Scan
98Christ the Life of all the livingJESU, MEINES LEBENS LEBENTextPage Scan
99O Sacred Head, now woundedPASSION CHORALTextPage Scan
100Ah, holy Jesus, how hast Thou offendedHERZLIEBSTER JESUTextPage Scan
101Alas! and did my Saviour bleedMARTYRDOMTextPage Scan
102Behold the Lamb of God!ECCE AGNUSTextPage Scan
103O perfect life of love!GORTONTextPage Scan
104Throned upon the awful treeLA TROBETextPage Scan
105O come and mourn with me awhileST. CROSSTextPage Scan
106Lord Jesus, Who, our souls to saveCONSTANCETextPage Scan
107Rest of the weary! ThouEASTER EVETextPage Scan
108Come ye faithful, raise the strainST. KEVINTextPage Scan
109The strife is o'er, the battle done!VICTORYTextPage Scan
110Christ Jesus lay in death's strong bandsCHRIST LAG IN TODESBANDENTextPage Scan
111Christ, the Lord, is risen to-dayST. GEORGETextPage Scan
112Christ, the Lord, is ris'n to-dayRESURRECTION HYMNTextPage Scan
113Jesus Christ is risen to-dayWORGANTextPage Scan
114aChrist, the Lord, is risen againCHRIST IST ERSTANDENTextPage Scan
114bChrist, the Lord, is risen againWÜRTEMBERGTextPage Scan
115The day of Resurrection!LANCASHIRETextPage Scan
116Alleluia! Alleluia!LUX EOITextPage Scan
117Christ is risen! Alleluia!MORGENLIEDTextPage Scan
118Welcome, happy morning! age to age shall sayFORTUNATUSTextPage Scan
119Welcome, Thou Victor in the strifeDIE HELLE SONNE IST DAHINTextPage Scan
120See the Conqueror mounts in triumph!REX GLORIAETextPage Scan
121Look, ye saints! the sight is gloriousCORONAETextPage Scan
122A hymn of glory let us singPARK STREETTextPage Scan
123Thou art gone up on highDIADEMATATextPage Scan
124Draw us to Thee, Lord JesusKOCHERTextPage Scan
125The Head that once was crowned with thornsNOTTINGHAMTextPage Scan
126Rejoice, the Lord is King!LAUS REGISTextPage Scan
127Alleluia! sing to JesusALLELUIATextPage Scan
128O Christ, our Hope, our heart's DesireREDHEAD, No. 66TextPage Scan
129Beautiful Saviour!SCHÖNSTER HERR JESUTextPage Scan
130Come, let us join our cheerful songsNUN DANKET ALL' UND BRINGET EHRTextPage Scan
131aAll hail the power of Jesus' Name!MILES LANETextPage Scan
131bAll hail the power of Jesus' Name!LAUDTextPage Scan
131cAll hail the power of Jesus' Name!CORONATIONTextPage Scan
132Hail, holy, holy, holy Lord!HARLECHTextPage Scan
133Hark! ten thousand harps and voicesPRESCOTTTextPage Scan
134aCrown Him with many crownsDIADEMATATextPage Scan
134bCrown Him with many crownsDIADEMATATextPage Scan
135O for a thousand tongues to singDEDHAMTextPage Scan
136aI know that my Redeemer lives!FAITHTextPage Scan
136bI know that my Redeemer lives!DUKE STREETTextPage Scan
137Where high the heavenly temple standsSAXBYTextPage Scan
138Arise, my soul, ariseST. GODRICTextPage Scan
139Let songs of praises fill the skyMEIRINGENTextPage Scan
140Spirit of mercy, truth, and loveFEDERAL STREETTextPage Scan
141Lord God, the Holy Ghost!DURHAMTextPage Scan
142aCome, Holy Ghost, our souls inspireVENI CREATORTextPage Scan
142bCome, Holy Ghost, our souls inspireVENI CREATORTextPage Scan
142cCome, Holy Ghost, our souls inspireMENDONTextPage Scan
143Come, Holy Ghost, in loveFIAT LUXTextPage Scan
144Holy Spirit, Lord of LightVENI, SANCTE SPIRITUSTextPage Scan
145O Spirit of Life, O Spirit of GodO HEILIGER GEIST, O HEILIGER GOTTTextPage Scan
146aCome, Holy Spirit, God and Lord!KOMM, HEILIGER GEIST, HERRE GOTTTextPage Scan
146bCome, Holy Spirit, God and Lord!GERMANYTextPage Scan
147Holy Spirit, source of gladness!ALLELUIATextPage Scan
148Blest Spirit, one with God aboveROCKINGHAMTextPage Scan
149Come, O come, Thou quickening SpiritKOMM, O KOMM, DU GEIST DES LEBENSTextPage Scan
150Come, gracious Spirit, heavenly DoveWAREHAMTextPage Scan
151Come, Holy Spirit, comeCARLISLETextPage Scan
152To Thee, O Comforter divineSUNDRIDGETextScorePage ScanAudio
153O Holy Spirit, enter inWIE SCHÖN LEUCHTETTextPage Scan
154Gracious Spirit, Dove divine!UNIVERSITY COLLEGETextPage Scan
155O enter, Lord, Thy templeST. THEODULPHTextPage Scan
156Holy Ghost, with light divineGIBBONSTextPage Scan
157Our Blest Redeemer, ere He breathedST. CUTHBERTTextPage Scan
158Holy, Holy, Holy! Lord God Almighty!NICAEATextPage Scan
159Holy, Holy, Holy LordST. ATHANASIUSTextPage Scan
160All glory be to God on highALLEIN GOTT IN DER HÖH' SEY EHRTextPage Scan
161Round the Lord in glory seatedADORATIONTextPage Scan
162Hail! Holy, Holy, Holy LordHARLECHTextPage Scan
163Glory be to God the Father!ST. RAPHAELTextPage Scan
164Come, Thou Almighty KingITALIAN HYMNTextPage Scan
165Father of heaven, Whose love profoundRIVAULXTextPage Scan
166Spread, O spread, thou mighty WordGOTT SEI DANK DURCH ALLE WELTTextPage Scan
167aLord, keep us steadfast in Thy WordERHALT UNS, HERR, BEI DEINEM WORTTextPage Scan
167bLord, keep us steadfast in Thy WordMENDONTextPage Scan
168aLord, Thy Word abidethST. CYPRIANTextPage Scan
168bLord, Thy Word abidethLEOMINSTERTextPage Scan
169O Word of God IncarnateCHENIESTextPage Scan
170A glory gilds the sacred pageST. ETHELDREDATextPage Scan
171Thy Word, O Lord, like gentle dewsST. LEONARDTextPage Scan
172Father of mercies, in Thy WordST. AGNESTextPage Scan
173Father of heaven, Who hast created allST. FRANCISTextPage Scan
174Saviour, Who Thy flock art feedingBROCKLESBYTextPage Scan
175Lord Jesus Christ, our Lord most dearST. MATTHIASTextPage Scan
176Blessèd Saviour, Who hast taught meEVERTONTextPage Scan
177Father, Son, and Holy SpiritHOLYWOODTextPage Scan
178My God, accept my heart this dayST. PETERTextPage Scan

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