The Liberal Hymn Book: a collection of liberal songs adapted to popular tunes. For use in liberal leagues and other meetings, and in liberal homes

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1O sometimes gleams upon our [my] sightPage Scan
2All men ar equal in their birthPage Scan
3O yet we trust that somehow goodPage Scan
4As o'er his furrowed fields which liePage Scan
5Honor him whose hands are sowingPage Scan
6All are architects of fatePage Scan
7Friends of freedom, ye who standPage Scan
8Saint Augustine well hast thou saidPage Scan
9Blest is the man, whose softening [generous] heartPage Scan
10There are moments when life's shadowsPage Scan
11What is it that the crowd requitePage Scan
12O love, O Life, our faith and sightPage Scan
13I love the sunshine everywherePage Scan
14My mind to me a kingdom isPage Scan
15How happy is he born and [or] taughtPage Scan
16Tell me not, in mournful numbersPage Scan
17O gift of God, O perfect dayPage Scan
18Within my breast there is no lightPage Scan
19May every year but draw more nearPage Scan
20Men whose boast it is, that yePage Scan
21Ah never shall the land forgetPage Scan
22The doubts we vainly seek to solvePage Scan
23Perplext in faith, but purePage Scan
24Thy voice is on the rolling airPage Scan
25Love is and was my Lord and KingPage Scan
26He loathed the false, yet livedPage Scan
27Sleep sweetly, tender heartPage Scan
28While day by day our loved onePage Scan
29Father of all, in evey agePage Scan
30'Mid pleasures and palaces tho' we may roamPage Scan
31We believe in the dawn of a dayPage Scan
32Ring again the war cry sterlingPage Scan
33Salvation, O the joyful soundPage Scan
34Seize upon truth where'er 'tisPage Scan
35Rock of reason, made for mePage Scan
36There are lonely hearts to cherishPage Scan
37Light in our darkness, sailor, Day is at handPage Scan
38My faith looks up to thee, Thou Lamb of CalvaryPage Scan
39They tell us that we worship notPage Scan
40Work, for the night is comingPage Scan
41Sowing the seed by the daylight fairPage Scan
42The time has come to stand erectPage Scan
43Nearer, O truth, to theePage Scan
44O think of the homes round usPage Scan
45Watchman, tell us of the nightPage Scan
46We need it every hourPage Scan
47Love Divine, all love impellingPage Scan
48A holy spirit goes to warPage Scan
49Blow ye [you] the trumpet, blowPage Scan
50Let every human ear attendPage Scan
51Joy to the world, the Light is comePage Scan
52All hail the Truth, behold, he comesPage Scan
53Guide us, Truth, thou star refulgentPage Scan
54Hurrah, the day is breakingPage Scan
55Hark, the trump of freedom ringingPage Scan
56While on this earth ye stayPage Scan
57Hark, through the waking earthPage Scan
58Rise, my mind [soul], expand thy wingsPage Scan
59Behold, the reign of freedom comesPage Scan
60Up, Man of reason, rouse thee upPage Scan
61Humanity, for thee, and for thy libertyPage Scan
62For truth where will ye seekPage Scan
63What a world of deep sweetnessPage Scan
64'Tis true the world is very badPage Scan
65Hear ye the cry, O men of earthPage Scan
66The records of the olden timePage Scan
67Glad voices let us raisePage Scan
68O bright the day that dawneth nowPage Scan
69Star of progress, guide us onwardPage Scan
70Come, let us join in cheerfulPage Scan
71Let superstition be destroyedPage Scan
72Ah wretched minds who still remainPage Scan
73O the world is moving onwardPage Scan
74Happy the land of every climePage Scan
75Look around the fields of naturePage Scan
76The laws of nature they are surePage Scan
77Nature is the safest teacherPage Scan
78The world is young, my brothersPage Scan
79The place of worship is not boundPage Scan
80Through realms of earnest, lofty thoughtPage Scan
81O Reason, full of gracePage Scan
82Rise, reason, shine on all our racePage Scan
83Reason, the friend of human kindPage Scan
84Comrades, see o'er yonder hill topsPage Scan
85We want no counsel from the priestPage Scan
86Scourge and tyrant of the landPage Scan
87Freedom's charms alike engagePage Scan
88Bound fast to creed who can be freePage Scan
89There are hearts that never falterPage Scan
90I'd rather wear a crown of thornsPage Scan
91Be thyself, a nobler gospelPage Scan
92Trust thyself, believe, endeavorPage Scan
93Still firm in purpose ever bePage Scan
94Be thyself, there's nothing granderPage Scan
95What of thy life, O friend of minePage Scan
96I live for those who love me for those I know are truePage Scan
97Cherish faith in one anotherPage Scan
98Take the spade of perseverancePage Scan
99When worth and genius are combinedPage Scan
100Honor to him who freely givesPage Scan

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