Sheng tu shi ge = Hymnary (聖徒詩歌)

Editor: Bocheng Shi
Publisher: Meiguo jian zheng chu ban she, Culver City, 1984
Language: Chinese; English
Notes: ISBN-13: 978-0942164503
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599有一呼聲來自幽禁的罪囚[There's a call comes ringing o'er the restless sea]
600到遠方,到萬國[To the regions beyond I must go, I must go]
601我豈可去,雙手空空?[Must I go, and empty-handed?]
602貧窮、軟弱、悲傷、憂愁[Come, ye sinners, poor and needy]
603我願你認識耶穌[I wish you knew my Jesus]
604你的罪雖像硃紅[Though your sins be as scarlet]
605你曾否念過十架故事[Have you read the story of the cross]
606因為神愛世人[For God so loved the world]
607愛就是神成人樣式[Love was when God became a man]
608仰望真神羔羊[Look to the lamb of God]
609至大醫生現今可近[The great Physician now is here]
610罪惡途中多年流蕩[Evil way, over the years wandering]
611讓我向你述說主耶穌的寶貴[I would love to tell you what I think of Jesus]
612我知何時我的罪擔全脫落[I remember when my burdens rolled away]
613我到主前滿帶軟弱憂傷[I came to Jesus weary, worn and sad]
614以前我迷失在罪途[I once was lost in sin's dark night]
615一事我知道[This one thing I know]
616閃爍眾星展示祂手藝[In the stars his handiwork I see]
617你心有空處為主嗎?[Have you any room for Jesus?]
618永遠永遠,永永遠遠![Eternity, Eternity]
619有佳客在你門外[There's a Stranger at the door]
620飄渺人生何短暫[Life at best is very brief]
621你若願意脫離罪的苦情[If you are tired of the load of your sin]
622“幾乎要聽勸,”棄絕罪途[Almost persuaded now to believe]
623來信耶穌,來信耶穌[Come to Jesus, Come to Jesus]
624何等柔細慈愛,耶穌在呼召[Softly and tenderly, Jesus is calling]
625耶穌發慈聲要召你回來[Jesus is tenderly calling you home]
626耶穌今留步,要等候你來[Jesus lingers still]
627被罪壓害,人人請來[Come, every soul by sin oppressed]
628照我本相,無善足稱[Just as I am, without one plea]
629你的歡迎聲音[I hear Thy welcome voice]
630我正流蕩遠離天父[I've wandered far away from God]
631救主耶穌,聽我呼求[O Jesus, Savior, hear my call]
632來進入我心,親愛耶穌[Into my heart, into my heart]
633別忘記我,慈愛救主[Pass me not, O gentle Savior]
634在人生紛歧曲折途徑中[Out in the highways and byways of life]
635主要我事奉祂的所在[It may not be on the mountain height]
636從基督學校我們今要出發[We are going forth from the school of Jesus]
637我已得蒙寶血洗淨[How I praise Thee, precious Savior]
638去作工,去作工[To the work, to the work]
639事奉耶穌真有快樂[There is joy in serving Jesus]
640向我說話[Lord, speak to me, that I may speak]
641主耶穌,我曾應許[O Jesus I have promised]
642不是我們隨意走[Not I but Christ]
643神聖呼召,榮耀顯現[Divine calling]
644趕緊工作,夜快臨[Work, for the night is coming]
645“要將最好獻上!”聽主呼聲[Hear ye the Master's call, "Give me thy best"]
646正當時日悄然而過[There are lonely hearts to cherish]
647復興你工作,主![Revive Thy work, o Lord]
648必賜靈恩有如大雨[There shall be showers of blessing]
649基督你是潔淨火焰[Thou Christ of burning, cleansing flame]
650有如當初在五旬節[Lord, as of old at Pentecost]
651主阿,我今俯伏在你前[Coming now to Thee, O Christ my Lord]
652懇求我主,鑒察我的心思[Search me, O God, and know my heart today]
653枯乾的骸骨阿[O ye dry bones]
654我神乃是大能堡壘[A mighty fortress is our God]
655古聖信仰,仍然活著[Faith of our fathers, living still]
656當你苦受撒但試探[When you suffered the temptation of Satan]
657今日戰爭兇猛[Conflict today is fierce]
658起來,起來為耶穌[Stand up, stand up for Jesus]
659神的兒子出戰前方[The Son of God goes forth to war]
660 我不敢稍微失敗[I dare not be defeated]
661耶穌的十字架[Cross of Jesus]
662靠主耶穌必得勝[Victory in Jesus]
663站住,你當為主站住![Stand up for Jesus, Christians stand]
664福音執事當宣告[Gospel Deacon, when the declaration]
665耶穌的十字架[Join the army of the Church]
666 誰是在主這邊?[Who is on the Lord's side]
667親愛基督精兵,戰場在衝鋒[Soldier, soldier, fighting in the world's great strife]
668哈利路亞!耶穌得勝[Hallelujah! Christ is victor]
669爭戰原來不是你的[It's not your battle]
670靠主耶穌聖名[In the name of Jesus]
671我奉耶穌全能的名[The name with is above every name]
672要全心,要真心,信實且忠誠[True-hearated, whole-hearted, faithful and loyal]
673衝過!戰士哪,衝過![Charge, soldier, charge in battle]
674當奉耶穌這名站住[The name of Jesus is our stand]
675神的子民被寇[God's people were detained]
676你可聽見他們步聲[Do you hear them coming, brother]
677美麗錫安,我神聖城[Glorious things of thee are spoken]
678主,我愛你國度[I love Thy kingdom, Lord]
679求主住在教會中[Jesus, with Thy church abide]
680主耶穌,我們聚集在你墓的四圍[Around Thy grave, Lord Jesus]
681與主同葬,也一同復活[Buried with Christ and raised with him too]
682阿爸,我們進前來[Abba, Father, we approach Thee]
683為著這餅和這杯[For the bread and for the wine]
684主舉愛旗遮蓋我們[Jesus spreads His banner over us]
685主,在此,我要與你面對面[Here, O my Lord, I see Thee face to face]
686主耶穌,當那晚間[On that same night Lord Jesus]
687我們照你恩惠話語[According to Thy gracious word]
688願主為我擘開生命的餅[Break Thou the bread of life]
689我主,請說,僕人敬聽[Master, speak, thy servant heareth]
690主,你有否一句為我?[Lord, hast Thou not one word for me]
691主阿,我們聚集你前[Lord, in Thy presence we are met]
692救主,我們因你話[Blessed Jesus, at Thy word]
693我們呼吸天上空氣[The air we breathe in heaven]
694福哉,愛的捆綁[Blest be the tie that binds]
695弟兄和睦同居,何等美善![Brothers, to be living together in harmony]
696 聖徒眾心,愛裏相繫[Christian hearts in love united]
697哦,完全的愛[O, perfect love]
698愛的神阿,在你座前[O God of love to Thee we bow]

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