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Sheng tu shi ge = Hymnary (聖徒詩歌)

Editor: Bocheng Shi
Publisher: Meiguo jian zheng chu ban she, Culver City, 1984
Language: Chinese; English
Notes: ISBN-13: 978-0942164503
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100我曾被罪惡鎖鍊之捆綁[Once I was bound by sins galling fetters]
101我因歸耶穌,全人得著釋放 [Release! release the glory]
102我今來就主十架,既軟弱而又貧、瞎 [I am coming to the cross]
103救主耶穌由天而來,為要使我蒙祂慈愛[In loving kindness Jesus came]
104救我恩何等豐滿,救我恩何等豐滿[O how great His salvation]
105我曾深沉罪海中,遠離平安之岸 [I was sinking deep in sin]
106十架永遠得勝,哈利路亞!哈利路亞 [The cross it standeth fast]
107哦,我知道我已得救[Oh, yes! I'm saved and I know it]
108祂躺臥在墳墓,耶穌我救主 [Low in the grave He lay]
109榮耀歸與你,復活得勝子,你已永遠得勝,你已勝過死。[Thine is the glory]
110忠心聖徒當高聲,歡然唱出凱歌 [Come, ye faithful, raise the strain]
111救主基督己復活,阿利路亞 [Christ the Lord is risen today]
112祂是主,祂是主 [He is Lord, He is Lord]
113哈利路亞,“祂已復活!”基督已經高天升 [Hallelujah, He is risen]
114由祂活著,我能面對明天 [Because He lives I can face tomorrow]
115我所事奉復活主,祂仍活於此世 [I serve a risen Savior]
116眾城門哪,請你頭抬 [Ye gates lift up your heads on high]
117看哪!救主奏凱上升!看哪!君王的尊榮 [See the Conqueror mount in triumph]
118歡呼今日主升天,阿利路亞 [Hail the day that sees Him rise]
119看哪!聖徒,榮耀光景;憂患之子得勝回 [Look ye saints! The sight is glorious]
120a看哪!冠冕已給羔羊!榮耀、尊貴己歸祂 [Behold the Lamb with glory crowned]
120b看哪!冠冕已給羔羊!榮耀、尊貴己歸祂 [Behold the Lamb with glory crowned]
121冠祂 — 萬王之王,寶座上的羔羊 [Crown Him with many crowns]
122哦主,你比世人更為美麗,在你嘴裹充滿恩惠言語[Thou art the fairest]
123哦,主耶穌,我的心向著寶座[Lord, Thou art worthy]
124從前那戴荊棘的頭,今戴榮耀冠冕 [The head that once was crowned with thorns]
125榮耀歸於我主,天地齊來歡呼 [Glory to God on hight]
126但願尊貴、榮耀、豐富[Glory, honour, praise and power]
127我們當來同聲歡呼,稱頌神的基督 [Come, let us join our cheerful songs]
128同來頌揚無比尊貴,甘甜齊唱榮耀光輝 [O could I speak the matchless worth]
129聽哪,這是教會凱歌:羔羊是配 [Worthy the Lamb]
130何等權柄- 耶穌尊名!天使全數俯伏 [All hail the power of Jesus' name]
131聽哪!千萬聲音雷嗚,同聲高舉神羔羊 [Hark! Ten thousand voices crying]
132神的基督,榮耀的主,你的心慈,你恩溥 [Lord of glory, we adore Thee]
133金琴在天響起,天使大讚美 [Golden harps are sounding]
134哦,主耶穌,我心喜樂[O Jesus, Lord! 'tis joy to know]
135榮耀、榮耀,永遠榮耀,歸給寶座的羔羊! [Glory, everlasting glory]
136耶穌基督親愛救主,我們向你歌唱![To Thee, dear Lord, O Christ of God]
137主,你是神受膏者,你是萬王之王![Lord, Thou art God's anointed]
138幔子裂開!看哪,耶穌站立施恩座前![The veil is rent]
139救主耶穌在寶座上 [Majestic sweetness sits enthroned]
140神的兒子,親愛救主[O blessed Saviour, Son of God]
141耶穌得勝,歡聲雷動,歌聲彌漫穹蒼之間![Jesus, victory thunderous applause]
142更美的名,遠超萬名!父神榮耀從你輝映 [More beautiful]
143頌讚受膏的基督,君尊大衛後裔![Hail to the Lord's anointed]
144為我受傷,為我受傷,加略山上,耶穌為我受傷[Wounded for me, wounded for me]
145等到何日恩主纔回來?我心渴望見祂丰采![Oh, how long before my Lord comes back]
146自從當年橄欖山前一別離,[Since Thy departure]
147我們傅奇妙佳音,我們唱榮耀歌吟 [Jesus is coming again]
148哦!榮耀早晨,憂愁全消 [Some glorious morning sorrow will cease]
149我主,我正等候你再臨,等候己久,[My Lord, I am waiting for you to come back]
150我知道我救贖主活着 [I know that my Redeemer liveth]
151我王必定快要再臨,天空都滿了祂 [My King will soon come back again]
152“一點時候”主就回來,我們就要不再流落 [A little while our Lord shall come]
153耶穌要從高天再降臨,會否就在今天? [Jesus is coming to earth again]
154我們的大君彌賽亞 [Our Maharaja Messiah]
155耶穌要來獎賞祂的僕人,或早或晚時不定 [When Jesus comes to reward his servants]
156自伯大尼你與我們分手後 [Since long ago at Bethany]
157看哪!救主駕雲降臨,祂曾為罪人捨命 [Lo! He comes with clouds descending]
158哦!主耶穌要再來 [Do you know why I'm longing for the coming]
159我能否忘快來的主?否,否,我心不斷想慕 [I can remember coming Lord]
160耶穌,耶穌,耶穌! [There's something about that name]
161耶穌此名何等芬芳,在蒙恩人耳中![How sweet the name of Jesus sounds]
162主耶穌,我愛你名!謙卑俯伏在你前 [Thy name we love Lord Jesus]
163時常攜帶耶穌聖名,你們憂愁困苦人 [Take the name of Jesus with you]
164被殺羔羊,完成救贖,被神高舉天上 [All praise to Him who reigns above]
165耶穌!你名何等芬芳,在蒙恩人身上! [Jesus! How much Thy name unfolds]
166耶穌,這名甜美、芬芳 [Jesus, this name is sweet and fragrant]
167大地無名甜至如此!名甜至此高天無! [There is no name so sweet on earth]
168耶穌!我愛這名,耶穌我主! [Jesus, Thy name I love]
169耶穌!這名,何其甘甜! [The name of Jesus is so sweet]
170祂名為奇妙,祂名為奇妙 [His name is wonderful]
171廣,廣似洋無邊;高,高似最高的天; [Wide, wide as the ocean]
172我真歡樂,因為天上父神 [I am so glad that our Father in Heaven]
173我曾犯罪到厭倦,煩悶昏沉若病 [In tenderness He sought me]
174神聖的愛,何其美甜! [O love divine, how sweet Thou art]
175我們雖然時常搖動,但祂依然歷久不變 [Although we often shake]
176我的救主,你愛何以這真!這寬!這奇! [My blessed Savior is thy love]
177主愛,口舌真說不來! [His love is more than tongue can tell]
178你的大愛,過於人所能度 [It passeth knowledge that dear love]
179何能如此—如我也能得著救主寶血權利! [And can it be that I should gain]
180主耶穌,當我們想到你的一切恩愛 [Lord Jesus, when we think of Thee]
181你這不肯放我的愛 [O love that wilt not let me go]
182深哉,深哉,耶穌的愛,無限廣闊,無限量! [O the deep, deep love of Jesus]
183祂是超乎萬人之上,哦,祂的愛! [One there is above all others]
184我有良友,其愛難述,愛我遠在創世前 [I've found a friend, O such a friend]
185我主因愛尋找我,當我罪中迷困 [Of Jesus love that sought me]
186拿撒勒人耶穌面前我站立,心便震驚! [I stand amazed in the presence]
187驚人恩典!何等甘甜,來救無賴如我! [Amazing grace, how sweet the sound]
188耶穌已愛我,奇妙的救主! [Jesus has loved me, wonderful Savior]
189我們要從那裏說起,主,你所賜一切福氣?[Where shall my wandering soul begin]
190我今俯伏主面前,我希奇主恩典![Loving specimens]
191我真希奇,神竟是道樣愛我 [I am amazed that God could ever love me]
192我主耶穌,惟你是配,來得永遠的讚美 [Jesus, Thou alone art worthy]
193讚美,不盡讚美,讚美救主恩深 [Praise Him forevermore]
194在我深處充滿喜樂,主己救我脫罪惡 [Why do I sing about Jesus?]
195來阿,你這萬福泉源!調我心弦來稱頌! [Come, thou fount of every blessing]
196我聽救主聲音,說我能力薄弱[I hear the Savior say thy strength indeed is small]
197咒詛祂受,祝福我享[He cursed blessed I enjoy]
198我歌頌你,尊貴的主[I sing of Thee, O blessed Christ]

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