The Home and School Hymnal

Music Editor: Sir Joseph Barnby
Publisher: T. and A. Constable, Edinburgh, 1894
Denomination: United Free Church of Scotland
Language: English
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234bI'm a little pilgrimPILGRIM SONG
235Little travellers ZionwardLITTE TRAVELLERS
236Little feet are passingWOODBROOK
237The world looks very beautifulCLIFTONVILLE
238O god of Bethel, by whose handST. PAUL
239He leadeth me! O blessed thoughtHE LEADETH ME
240aForward! be our watchwordWATCHWORD
240bForward! be our watchwordCLAREMONT
241Through the night of doubt and sorrowST. OSWALD
242Brightly gleams our bannerST. THERESA
243aHark, hark, my soul! Angelic songs are swellingPILGRIMS
243bHark, hark, my soul! Angelic songs are swellingHARK, HARK, MY SOUL
244aSaviour, blessed SaviourPRINCETHORPE
244bSaviour, blessed SaviourKIRKBRADDAN
245aThough often here we're wearyREQUIES
245bThough often here we're wearyBETHSHAN
246'For ever with the Lord'MONTGOMERY
247Safely, safely gather'd inMONICA
248Gentle Shepherd, Thou hast still'dTHE LONG HOME
249aSleep on, beloved, sleep and take thy restTHE BLESSED REST
249bSleep on, beloved, sleep and take thy restSLEEP ON
249cSleep on, beloved, sleep and take thy restLULWORTH
250Sleep thy last sleepREQUIEM
251aNow the labourer's task is o'erREQUIESCAT
251bNow the labourer's task is o'erLUARD
252Come, let us join our friends aboveSALEM
253Take comfort, Christians, when your friendsKILMARNOCK
254aThere's a Friend for little childrenIN MEMORIAM
254bThere's a Friend for little childrenCANTEMUS JESU
255There is a happy landHAPPY LAND
256Around the throne of God in heavenGLORY
257There is a city brightCITY BRIGHT
258We know there's a bright and glorious homeBRUNTSFIELD
259Shall we gather at the riverBEAUTIFUL RIVER
260I have a dear and happy homeARISTIDES
261How bright these glorious spirits shineST. ASAPH
262There is a blessed homeTHE BLESSED HOME
263aJerusalem the goldenEWING
263bJerusalem the goldenBENTLEY
264aIn the Paradise of JesusSHEFFIELD
264bIn the Paradise of JesusNORTHWOOD
265aO Paradise! O ParadisePARADISE
265bO Paradise! O ParadiseBEATITUDE
266O happy home! where Thou art loved the dearestHAPPY HOME
267Home, home, homeHOME
268To Thee, the Giver of all goodLAUNCESTON
269To thy father and thy motherCARTER
270aWe are but little children weakALSTONE
270bWe are but little children weakRACHEL
271There is beauty all aroundLOVE AT HOME
272Heavenly Father, Thou hast brought usCRUCIFER
273Thou gracious God, whose mercy lendsCLAIRVAUX
274Still on the homeward journeyTHE HOMEWARD JOURNEY
275Great God, Thou Giver of all goodMELCOMBE
276We thank Thee, Lord, for this our foodMELCOMBE
277To God, who gives our daily breadBEDFORD
278Standing forth on life's rough wayMAGDEBURG
279God be with you till we meet againGOD BE WITH YOU
280aWith the sweet word of peaceTHORNFIELD
280bWith the sweet word of peaceADIEU
281Father, who art aloneRALEIGH
282Holy Father, in Thy mercyCAIRNBROOK
283O God, our Father in the heavenROXBY
284O Lord, be with us when we sailBURTON AGNES
285Jesus is our PilotJESUS IS OUR PILOT
286Eternal Father, strong to saveMELITA
287O Father all creatingST. RULE
288How welcome was the callST. OLAF
289O perfect Love, all human thought transcendingPERFECT LOVE
290God save our gracious QueenNATIONAL ANTHEM
291God bless our native landNATIONAL ANTHEM
292aTo Thee, our God, we flyOMAGH
292bTo Thee, our God, we flyEWBADUS
293Our fathers were high-minded menCHRISTIANIA
294We come unto our fathers' GodLAUS SEPITERNA
295From Thee all skill and science flowST. PETER
296Thine arm, O Lord, in days of oldLAND OF REST
297Across the sky the shades of nightFIDUCIA
298Jesus, blessed SaviourTADCASTER
299For Thy mercy and Thy graceCULBACH
300At Thy feet, our God and FatherLUX EOI
301Standing at the portalSUMUS TIBI
302God will take care of you: all through the dayPROTECTION
303Childhood's years are passing o'er usMARINERS
304It is a day of gladnessHARVEST
305Jesus, King of gloryAMBLESIDE
306The glory of the Spring how sweetST. SAVIOUR
307All is bright and cheerful round usNORMANDY
308We plough the fields, and scatterDRESDEN
309Summer days are comingSUMMER
310Summer suns are glowingRUTH
311Come, ye thankful people, comeST. GEORGE'S, WINDSOR
312To Thee, O Lord, our hearts we raiseGOLDEN SHEAVES
313aNow sing we a song for the harvestBEECHKNOWE
313bNow sing we a song for the harvestHARVEST-TIDE
314The year is swiftly waningAUTUMN
315The sower went forth sowingST. BEATRICE
316Now the days are dark and drearyLOWTON
317Salvation! O the joyful soundST. MAGNUS
318Father of all, from land and seaFULDA

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