The Hymnal

Editor: Clarence Dickinson, M.A., Mus.D., Litt.D.
Assistant Editor: Calvin Weiss Laufer, M.A., D.D.
Publisher: Presbyterian Board of Christian Education, Philadelphia, 1950
Denomination: Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A.
Language: English
Notes: Published by Authority of The General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in the United States of America, 1933
#TextTuneText InfoTune InfoTextScorePage ScanAudio
457Brightly gleams our bannerST. THERESATextPage Scan
458Saviour, like a Shepherd lead usSICILIAN MARINERSTextPage Scan
459Now thank we all our GodNUN DANKETTextPage Scan
460Come, ye thankful people, comeST. GEORGE'S, WINDSORTextPage Scan
461We praise Thee, O God, our Redeemer, CreatorKREMSERTextPage Scan
462O God, beneath Thy guiding handDUKE STREETTextPage Scan
463Praise, O praise our God and KingMONKLANDTextPage Scan
464We plow the fields and scatterWIR PFLÛGENTextPage Scan
465God of mercy, God of graceRATISBONTextPage Scan
466Ring out, wild bells, to the wild skyJORDANTextPage Scan
467From glory unto glory! Be this our joyous songHOYTE (ST. COLUMBA)TextPage Scan
468Standing at the portalTHE NEW YEARTextPage Scan
469Break, new-born year, on glad eyes breakNOX PRAECESSITTextPage Scan
470Great God, we sing that mighty handWAREHAMTextPage Scan
471All beautiful the march of daysFOREST GREENTextPage Scan
472Christ is our Corner StoneUNITYTextPage Scan
473O Thou, whose hand has brought usDAY OF RESTTextPage Scan
474Founded on Thee, our only LordMENDONTextPage Scan
475All things are Thine; no gift have weHERR JESU CHRISTTextPage Scan
476Thou, whose unmeasured temple standsST. ANNETextPage Scan
477O Thou whose glory shone like fireSOLOTHURNTextPage Scan
478All nature's works His praise declareBETHLEHEMTextPage Scan
479Let children hear the mighty deedsDUNDEETextPage Scan
480O Thou who makest souls to shineSOLOTHURNTextPage Scan
481God of the prophets! Bless the prophets' sonsTOULONTextPage Scan
482Lord of the Church, we humbly prayMAGDALEN COLLEGETextPage Scan
483Come, O Thou God of graceTRINITY (ITALIAN HYMN)TextPage Scan
484O perfect love, all human thought transcendingPERFECT LOVETextPage Scan
485O Love divine and goldenBLAIRGOWRIETextPage Scan
486Behold a Sower! from afarFOREST GREENTextPage Scan
487Come, my soul, thou must be wakingCOLUMBIA COLLEGETextPage Scan
488Be strong!SONG 24TextPage Scan
489Father of men, in whom are oneST. LOTextPage Scan
490O thou whose feet have climbed life's hillST. MAGNUSTextPage Scan
491Now praise we great and famous menACH GOTT UND HERRTextPage Scan
492Eternal Father, strong to saveMELITATextPage Scan
493In the early morningCELESTIAL VOICESTextPage Scan
494Jesus, kneel beside meEUDOXIATextPage Scan
495May the grace of Christ our SaviourEVENING PRAYERTextPage Scan
496The lone, wild fowl in lofty flightText
497My Master was so very poorMY MASTERTextPage Scan
498I am not worthy, holy LordLEICESTERTextPage Scan
499Through love to light! O wonderful the wayFINLANDIATextPage Scan
500Beloved, let us love: love is of GodGRANDPONTTextPage Scan
501Not so in haste, my heart!DOLOMITE CHANTTextPage Scan
502Round me falls the nightSEELENBRÄUTIGAMTextPage Scan
503O Lord, turn not away Thy faceCHESHIRE TUNETextPage Scan
504None other Lamb, none other NameALL HALLOWSTextPage Scan
505Now woods and fields are sleepingNUN RUHEN ALLE WÄLDER (INNSBRUCK)TextPage Scan
506Lord Jesus Christ, with us abideACH BLEIB BEI UNSTextPage Scan
507Dear Master, in whose life I seeSOLOTHURNTextPage Scan
508My spirit longs for TheeFINGALText
509Before the day draws near its endingSUNSETText
510As now the sun's declining raysST. COLUMBA (IRISH)TextPage Scan
511aEre I sleep, for every favorTHANETTextPage Scan
511bEre I sleep, for every favorCWMDUTextPage Scan
512O Saviour, I have naught to pleadGWYNETHText
513My Jesus, pierced for love of meNU WOL GOTT DAS UNSER GESANGTextPage Scan
R1Come dearest Lord, descend and dwellEIN KIND GEBORENTextPage Scan
R2Come, dearest Lord, descend and dwellFEDERAL STREETTextPage Scan
R3O come, let us worship and bow down[O come, let us worship and bow down]Text
R4O come, let us worship and bow before the Lord[O come, let us worship and bow before the Lord]Text
R5The Lord is in His holy temple[The Lord is in His holy temple]Text
R6The Lord is in His holy temple[The Lord is in His holy temple]TextPage Scan
R7Father of lights, in whom there is no shadowWELWYNTextPage Scan
R8Father, the watches of the night are o'erLANGRANTextPage Scan
R9Lord, for the mercies of the nightFARRANTTextPage Scan
R10Approach, my soul, the mercy seatDALEHURSTText
R11Lord, we come before Thee nowHORSHAMText
R12Jesus, where'er Thy people meetSIMEONTextPage Scan
R13Jesus, stand among usBEMERTON (CASWALL)TextPage Scan
R14Let all mortal flesh keep silencePICARDYText
R15Shepherd of mortals, here beholdDIMAN
R16May you who enter hereST. ISSEYTextPage Scan
R17Come, my soul, thy suit prepareSAVANNAHTextPage Scan
R18May the words of my mouth[May the words of my mouth]TextPage Scan
R19Hear Thou in love, O Lord, our cry[Hear Thou in love, O Lord, our cry]TextPage Scan
R20May the words of my mouth[May the words of my mouth]TextPage Scan
R21O Thou who hearest every heartfelt prayerMORECAMBETextPage Scan
R22O Lord, open Thou our eyes[O Lord, open Thou our eyes]TextPage Scan
R23Thy word have I hid in my heartSELMATextPage Scan
R24Thy word have I hid in my heartCHESHIRE TUNETextPage Scan
R25Teach me, O Lord, the way of Thy statutes[Teach me, O Lord, the way of Thy statutes]Text
R26All things come of Thee, O Lord[All things come of Thee, O Lord]Text
R27All things are Thine: no gift have weHERR JESU CHRISTSText
R28The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit[The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit]TextPage Scan
R29Bless Thou the gifts our hands have broughtDEUS TUORUM MILITUMTextPage Scan
R30Bless Thou the gifts our hands have broughtLLANGOLLEN (LLEDROD)TextPage Scan
R31We give Thee but Thine ownWINDERMEREText
R32We give Thee but Thine ownSELMAText
R33To do good, and to distribute, forget not[To do good, and to distribute, forget not]Text
R34O dearest Lord[O dearest Lord]Text
R35To Him who sits upon the throneST. MAGNUSText
R36O Bread of life from heavenBREAD OF LIFE (WARREN)TextPage Scan
R37Father, fill us with Thy loveHORSHAMText
R38A holy stillness, breathing calmLANDSKRONText
R40Praise to the Holiest in the heightHEBDOMADALText
R41Now may He who from the deadSOLITUDETextPage Scan
R42Honor and glory, power and salvationCOELITES PLAUDANTTextPage Scan

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