Hymns, Original and Selected, for the Use of Christians. 8th ed.

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d101Ho, pilgrims, if ye pilgrims be
d102Honor and happiness unite To make the Christian's name
d103Hosanna to Jesus on high, Another has entered his rest
d104Hosanna to the King of David's ancient blood
d105How beauteous are their [his] feet
d106How daring is the wretch profane
d107How firm a foundation, ye [you] saints of the Lord
d108How great, how solemn is the work
d109How great, how terrible that God
d110How happy are they, Who the [their] Savior [Jesus] obey
d111How lost was [is] my [our] condition
d112How sweet the name of Jesus sounds
d113How tedious and tasteless [restless and tiresome] the hours
d114Humble souls, who [that] seek salvation
d115I am, saith Christ, the Way
d116I ask'd the Lord that I might
d117I, Jesus, am ascended high
d118I know that my Redeemer lives, what comfort this
d119I set myself against the Lord
d120I sing a song which doth belong
d121I sojourn in a vale of tears
d122I'm glad I ever saw the day
d123In Jordan's tide [waves] the Baptist [prophet] stands
d124In the house of king David a fountain
d125In this extreme distress of soul
d126Innumerable foes attack the child of God
d127Is this unpleasing cup now given
d128Isr'l in ancient days
d129Jehovah, we adore thy name
d130Jerusalem, my happy home, O how I long for thee
d131Jesus, and shall it ever be
d132Jesus, at thy command
d133Jesus Christ has [hath] power alone
d134Jesus, let not thy grace delay
d135Jesus, my [mine] [our] all, to heaven is [has] gone
d136Jesus, thou omniscient Savior
d137Jesus, thy blessings are not few
d138Jesus, thy gospel armor gird
d139Jesus, we love thy name
d140Jesus, while he dwelt below
d141Join all who love the Savior's name
d142Kindred, and friends, and native land
d143Know then [this] that every soul [one] is free
d144Let all the heathen writers join
d145Let every mortal ear attend
d146Let me lie prostrate on the ground
d147Let party names no more
d148Let strife forever cease
d149Let thy Kingdom, blessed Savior
d150Let us ask the important question
d151Let us rise and go to Zion's hill
d152Listed into the cause of sin
d153Long have I trod the way to hell
d154Lord, at thy table I [we] behold The wonders of thy grace
d155Lord, dismiss us with thy blessing
d156Lord God of grace, I feel, I see
d157Lord, I cannot let thee go Till a blessing thou bestow
d158Lord, I have made thy word my choice
d159Lord, let me never go
d160Lord, search and try this heart
d161Lord, 'tis an infinite delight
d162Love divine, all loves [love] excelling
d163Mercy, O thou Son of David
d164Methinks the last great day is come
d165'Mong all the priests of Jewish race
d166More than ten years have rolled away
d167Mortals, awake, with angels join
d168My Captain sounds the alarm of war
d169My Christ is a friend, To Him I attend
d170My God, my life, my love, to thee, to thee I call
d171My soul doth magnify the Lord, My spirit doth
d172My soul's full of glory, inspiring [which fires] [it fires] my tongue
d173Never does truth more shine
d174No, I shall envy them no more
d175No man, nor angel, can compare With our all glorious God
d176Not all the blood of beast [beasts], On Jewish altars
d177Not the malicious or [nor] [and] profane
d178Not with our mortal eyes have we beheld the Lord
d179Now far above these [the] starry skies
d180Now from the garden to [of] the cross
d181Now in a song of grateful praise [love]
d182Now the Savior stands [standeth] [standing] a-pleading [and pleading]
d183Now to the pilgrims born of God
d184Now we are met in holy fear to hear the happy
d185Now whilst I try my heart
d186Now, ye dear saints, break out in praise
d187O all ye blessed throng
d188O am I born to die
d189O blessed souls are they
d190O careless sinner [sinners], come, pray [and] now attend
d191O don't you hear the alarm
d192O for a glance of heavenly day
d193O glorious hope of perfect [heavenly] love
d194O God, my heart with love inflame
d195O God, whose favorable eye
d196O how I have longed for the coming [presence] of God [the Lord]
d197O how sweet it is to me
d198O is the king of terrors come
d199O Jesus, my Savior, to Thee I submit
d200O Lord, how dangerous is the place

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