Hymns of Promise: a large print songbook

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101May the mind of Christ, my SaviorST. LEONARDSText
102Come! Live in the light!WE ARE CALLED
103What a fellowship, what a joy divineSHOWALTERTextPage Scan
104I love to tell the storyHANKEYTextPage Scan
105And can it be that i should gainSAGINATextPage Scan
106My hope is built on nothing lessSOLID ROCKTextPage Scan
107Come away from rush and hurryBEACH SPRING
108Onward, Christian soldiersST. GERTRUDETextPage Scan
109Be strong, be strong, be strong in the LordSTENGTHTextPage Scan
110As the deer pants for the waterAS THE DEER
111Take, O take me as I amTAKE ME AS I AM
112Open my eyes, that i may seeOPEN MY EYESTextPage Scan
113I need thee every hourNEEDTextPage Scan
114We cannot measure how you healYE BANKS AND BRAES
115Dona nobis pacem, pacemDONA NOBIS PACEMTextPage Scan
116You who know our fears and sadnessHEALER OF OUR EVERY ILL
117Help us accept each otherBARONITATextPage Scan
118Like a river gloriousWYE VALLEYTextPage Scan
119Make me a channel of your peacePRAYER OF ST. FRANCIS
120I then shall live as one who's been forgivenFINLANDIA
121Just as I am, without one pleaWOODWORTHText
122In Christ alone my hope is foundIN CHRIST ALONE
123I've got peace like a riverPEACE LIKE A RIVERText
124Incline your ear, O Lord, to meGIFT OF LOVE
125When memory fades and recognition faltersFINLANDIA
126Kum ba yah, my Lord, kum ba yah!KUM BA YAHText
127Let there be peace on earthLET THERE BE PEACE ON EARTH
128O day of peace that dimly shinesJERUSALEMTextPage Scan
129Take my life and let it beHENDONTextPage Scan
130As I went down to the river to prayDOWN TO THE RIVERTextPage Scan
131Lord, listen to your children prayingCHILDREN PRAYINGTextPage Scan
132Search me, O God, and know my heart todayELLERSTextPage Scan
133In the morning, when I riseGIVE ME JESUSTextPage Scan
134Deep river, my home is over JordanDEEP RIVERText
135Lord, prepare me to be a sanctuarySANCTUARY
136Some glad morning when this life is o'erI'LL FLY AWAY
137I looked over Jordan, and what did I seeSWING LOWTextPage Scan
138For all the saints who from their labors restSINE NOMINETextPage Scan
139Abide with me, fast falls the eventideEVENTIDETextPage Scan
140There's a land that is fairer than daySWEET BY AND BYTextPage Scan
141When the trumpet of the Lord shall soundROLL CALLTextPage Scan
142Rock of Ages, cleft for meTOPLADYTextPage Scan
143Sing the wondrous love of JesusHEAVENTextPage Scan
144There'll be joy in the morning on that dayJOY IN THE MORNINGTextPage Scan
145Soon and very soon, we are going to see the KingSOON AND VERY SOON
146Shall we gather at the riverHANSON PLACETextPage Scan
147God of our life, through all the circling yearsSANDONTextPage Scan
148Come, thou long-expected JesusHYFRYDOLTextPage Scan
149O come, O come, EmmanuelVENI EMMANUELTextPage Scan
150Joy to the world! the Lord is comeANTIOCHTextPage Scan
151O little town of BethlehemST. LOUISTextPage Scan
152O come, all ye faithfulADESTE FIDELESTextPage Scan
153Hark! the herald angels singMENDELSSOHNTextPage Scan
154Silent night! holy night!STILLE NACHTTextPage Scan
155Angels we have heard on highGLORIATextPage Scan
156It came upon the midnight clearCAROLTextPage Scan
157Were you there, were you there on that Christmas nightJUXTAPOSITIONTextPage Scan
158Away in a manger, no crib for a bedAWAY IN A MANGERTextPage Scan
159Hark! the herald angels singWE'LL WALK IN THE LIGHTText
160While shepherds kept their watchingGO, TELL ITTextPage Scan
161We three kings of Orient areKINGS OF ORIENTTextPage Scan
162Beneath the cross of JesusST. CHRISOPHERTextPage Scan
163Jesus, keep me near the crossNEAR THE CROSSTextPage Scan
164On a hill far away, stood an old rugged crossOLD RUGGED CROSSTextPage Scan
165Jesus, remember meJESUS, REMEMBER ME
166Your only Son, no sin to hideLAMB OF GOD
167When I survey the wondrous crossHAMBURGText
168What wondrous love is this, O my soul, O my soulWONDROUS LOVETextPage Scan
169You are the King of IsraelST. THEODULPH TextPage Scan
170Were you there when they crucified my Lord?WERE YOU THERETextPage Scan
171Come, Christians, follow where our Savior trodCRUCIFERTextPage Scan
172Christ the Lord is risen today, Alleluia!EASTER HYMNTextPage Scan
173Christ is risen! Shout Hosanna!HYMN TO JOYTextPage Scan
174I come to the garden aloneGARDENTextPage Scan
175I know that my Redeemer lives!DUKE STREETTextPage Scan
176Thine is the glory, risen, conquering SonJUDAS MACCABEUSTextPage Scan
177Holy, holy, holyARGENTINE SANTOTextPage Scan
178Jesus is Lord of all the earthALLELUIA NO. 1
179Crown him with many crownsDIADEMATATextPage Scan
180God sent his Son, they called him JesusRESURRECTION
181Gentile or JewONE BREAD, ONE BODY
182Eat this bread, drink this cupBERTHIER
183Let us break bread together on our kneesLET US BREAK BREADText
184I come with joy, a child of GodDOVE OF PEACEText
185I will bless the Lord at all timesTASTE AND SEE
186In remembrance of me, eat this breadRED
187What gift can we bring, what present, what token?ANNIVERSARY SONGTextPage Scan
188Come, ye thankful people, comeST. GEORGE'S WINDSORTextPage Scan
189We gather together to ask the Lord's blessingKREMSERTextPage Scan
190I thank you, Lord, for each new dayGRATUSTextPage Scan
191For the fruit of all creationAR HYD Y NOSTextPage Scan
192God of the ages, whose almighty handNATIONAL HYMNTextPage Scan
193O beautiful for spacious skiesMATERNATextPage Scan
194Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the LordBATTLE HYMNTextPage Scan
195My country 'tis of theeAMERICATextPage Scan
196May the God of hope go with us every dayARGENTINATextPage Scan
197Go now in peace; though friends must partTALLIS' CANONTextPage Scan
198God, my children, with my blessingAR HYD Y NOS
199Glory be to the FatherGREATOREXTextPage Scan
200Our Father, who art in heavenMALOTTEText

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