生命聖詩 - Hymns of Life, 1986

Publisher: Chinese Alliance Press, 1986
Language: Chinese
Notes: ISBN: 978-962-244-122-4
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301主耶穌,我愛你, (My Jesus, I love Thee)GORDONText
302有一美名我最愛聽, (O How I love Jesus)[O How I love Jesus]
303我心深處充滿快樂, (Why do I sing about Jesus?)[Why do I sing about Jesus?]
304我真快樂原因就是這樣, (I'm so happy)[I'm so happy]
305我心內常有美妙音樂,是主細語溫柔聲﹔ (He keeps me singing)SWEETEST NAME
306哈利路亞,哈利路亞, (Hallelujah! I've been happy)[Hallelujah! I've been happy]
307環球響應讚美聲, (O be joyful in the Lord)FINLAY
308哈利路,哈利路, (Hallelujah)[Hallelujah]
309愁苦兄弟容我勸你, (Take the name of Jesus with you)PRECIOUS NAME
310主能帶領我經過曠野路, (My lord knows the way)[My lord knows the way]
311懇求主像牧人領導, (Saviour , like a shepherd, lead us)BRADBURYText
312主耶和華是我牧者, (The Lord's my Shepherd, I'll not want)CRIMONDText
313救世主凡事引導我,我何需別有所求, (All the way my Saviour leads me)ALL THE WAYText
314我知救主為我預備道路, (I know the Lord will make a way for me)[I know the Lord will make a way for me]Text
315指示你路,主阿,指示你路! (Teach me Thy way, O Lord)PATH DIVINE (CAMACHA)Text
316天國君王眾子民, (Children of the Heavenly King)PLEYEL'S HYMN
317耶穌領我,何等福氣! (He leadeth me)HE LEADETH ME
318你這行走天路客旅, (I will guide thee)[I will guide thee]
319求救主為我掌舵, (Jesus, Saviour, pilot me)[Jesus, Saviour, pilot me]Text
320黑暗之中,懇求慈光引領, (Lead, kindly Light)SANDON
321若非真神親自建造, (If God build not the house)RYBURN
322懇求主垂念我, (Lord Jesus, think on me)SOUTHWELL (DAMON)
323耶和華,求你帶領我, (Guide me, o Thou great Jehovah)CWM RHONDDAText
324我聞耶和華溫柔說道, (I heard the voice of Jesus say)VOX DILECTI
325無論人生境遇如何, (Through all the changing scenes of life)WILTSHIRE
326有一寧靜安息之處, (Near to the Heart of God)[Near to the Heart of God]
327常住屬天妙愛中, (In heavenly love abiding)PENLAN
328憂愁煩悶的人, (Come, ye disconsolate)CONSOLATOR
329永不離我偉大的愛, (O Love the wilt not let me go)ST. MARGARET
330主的完全平安, (Like a river glorious)WYE VALLEYText
331有平安在我心,非世界能給予, (Constantly Abiding)[Constantly Abiding]
332你是否在憂愁淵中, (The Everlasting Arms)[The Everlasting Arms]
333主賜的十架雖然沉重,總不重過主恩典, (The Cross Is Not Greater)[The Cross Is Not Greater]Text
334怎能平安, (Pece, perfect peace)PAX TECUM
335自從耶穌使我釋放, (Where Jesus Is, 'Tis Heaven)[Where Jesus Is, 'Tis Heaven]
336主是我牧者,我一無所缺, (His Yoke Is Easy)[His Yoke Is Easy]
337為何灰心常怨歎? (His Eye Is on the Sparrow)[His Eye Is on the Sparrow]
338你孤單麼, (Are You Lonely)[Are You Lonely]
339與耶穌同死,我與主合一, (Moment by Moment)WHITTLE-MOODY
340惟獨耶穌, (Only Jesus! Only Jesus!)[Only Jesus! Only Jesus!]
341有時黑影來遮掩,濃霧隱蔽前路; (Keep On Believing)[Keep On Believing]Text
342有時享平安如江河平又穩, (It Is Well with My Soul)VILLE DU HAVRE
343安穩在耶穌手中,安穩在主懷裡; (Safe in the Arms of Jesus)[Safe in the Arms of Jesus]
344主翅膀下,我今可安然居住, (Under His Wings)HINGHAM
345主阿,我奉你名前行, (Forth in Thy Name, O Lord, I Go)SONG 34
346我們已受主教導今要出發, (Be True)[Be True]Text
347背十架跟隨主 (Jesus, I My Cross Have Taken)ELLESDIE
348主,我願忠心於你, (Jesus, I Would Faithful Be)[Jesus, I Would Faithful Be]
349我聽見救主的呼召, (Where He Leads Me)[Where He Leads Me]
350憑你意行,主! (Have Thine Own Way, Lord)ADELAIDEText
351我的燈需要油,求主常賜下; (Oil in My Lamp)SING HOSANNA
352我要忠誠, (I Would Be True)ALBANY
353我要忠誠, (I would Be True)PEEK
354誰與主同陣營? (Who Is on the Lord's Side)RACHIE
355信徒,是否看見在神聖戰場, (Christian, Do You See Them)ST. ANDREW OF CRETE
356奮起,上主子民, (Rise Up, O Men of God!)FESTAL SONG
357主,願你俘擄我, (Make Me a Captive, Lord)LEOMINSTER
358我靈速醒,振發精神, (Awake, My Soul, Stretch Every Nerve)TWENTY-FOURTH
359我願愛主基督, (More Love to Thee)[More Love to Thee]Text
360但願救主基督心意, (May the Mind of Christ, My Saviour)ST. LEONARDS
361我寧願有耶穌, (I'd Rather Have Jesus)[I'd Rather Have Jesus]Text
362但願我有頌主之心, (O for a Heart to Praise My God)ZENG CHENG
363別人看見巨人,迦勒看見主, (Caleb Saw the Lord)[Caleb Saw the Lord]
364我靈,奮起! (Arise, My Soul, Arise!)GOPSAL
365我一生目標, (My Goal Is God Himself)ST. AGNES (LANGRAN)
366主阿,我屬你, (Draw Me Nearer)
367求主使我近十架, (Near the Cross)[Near the Cross]
368我今直向高處而行, (Higher Ground)[Higher Ground]
369我要揚寶貴救主, (Channels Only)[Channels Only]
370主阿,我屬你, (Draw Me Nearer)[Draw Me Nearer]
371上主之慈愛猶如極大海洋, (Launch Out)[Launch Out]
372非我惟主, (Not I, But Christ)[Not I, But Christ]
373求使我更聖善, (More Holiness Give Me)MY PRAYER
374更像我恩主, (More Like the Master)[More Like the Master]
375仇敵已接近,戰號快吹起, (Sound the Battle Cry!)[Sound the Battle Cry!]
376十架精兵快起來, (Soldiers of the Cross)ORIENTUS PARTIBUS (ST. MARTIN)
377興起興起為耶穌,十架忠勇精兵MORNING LIGHT (WEBB)Text
378我是否主十架精兵, (Am I a Soldier of the Cross)CAITHNESS
379永恆之君,求前導,出發時期已到, (Lead On, O King Eternal)LANCASHIRE
380我眾兄弟,看那旗號, (Hold the Fort)[Hold the Fort]
381基督精兵前進, (Onward, Christian Soldiers)ST. GERTRUDE
382信徒看哪,萬世戰爭已臨我們時代, (The Conflict of the Ages)
383興起,基督哨兵! (The Challenge of Times)
384切莫順從試探, (Yield Not to Temptation)PALMERText
385上帝愛子親臨戰場, (The Son of God Goes Forth to War)ALL SAINTS NEW
386主基督眾軍兵齊昂首仰望,主所賜旌旗飄揚; (The Banner of the Cross)[The Banner of the Cross]
387求我心中王,成為我異象, (Be Thou My Vision)SLANE
388願更親密與主同行, (O for a Closer Walk with God)CAITHNESS
389我靈深處向你呼求, (Out of the Depths I Cry to You)AUS TIEFER NOT
390求永生真神的靈,來復興我, (Spirit of the Living God)IVERSON
391榮耀救主,我深願像你, (O to Be Like Thee!)RONDINELLA
392成聖須用工夫,儆醒常禱告; (Take Time to Be Holy)HOLINESS/LONGSTAFF
393前所要是祝福, (Himself)[Himself]
394求主鑒察,知道我心實情, (Search Me, O God)ST. AGNES (LANGRAN)
395我曾否叫聖靈擔心, (Have I Grieved Thy Holy Spirit)[Have I Grieved Thy Holy Spirit]
396願你純潔神聖形像, (Print Thine Image Pure and Holy)PSALM 42 (FREU DICH SEHR)
397主比生命更寶貴, (Every Day, Every Hour)[Every Day, Every Hour]
398我願與主親近, (Nearer, My God, to Thee)BETHANY
399我時刻需要你, (I Need Thee Every Hour)NEEDText
400與主同行是何等佳美, (Step by Step)[Step by Step]

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