Hymns and Hymn Tunes in the English Metrical Psalters

Editor: Edna Parks
Publisher: Coleman Ross, New York, 1966
Language: English
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d501Now, I perceive a God there is
d502Now, in myself, I notice take
d503Now my dear friend is gone
d504Now, my soul, the day is gone
d505Now shall my soul adore the grace
d506Now that the sun hath veiled his light
d507Now that the sun is at his height
d508Now the cheerful day is past
d509Now the earth begins to mourn
d510Now, the glories of the year
d511O beauteous God, uncircumscribed treasure
d512O blessed Lord, O blessed Lord
d513O blessed Lord, why dost thou love
d514O blessed well of love, O flower of grace
d515O blest be God for ever blest
d516O book, infinite sweetness, let my heart
d517O Christ, this day thy flesh did bleed
d518O come away
d519O day of God most calm, most bright
d520O glorious crown! more precious many ways
d521O glorious dear, dread Trinity
d522O God, be thou my living rock
d523O God, how poor a thing is man
d524O God of grace, who hath restored
d525O God, remit thy peoples' sin
d526O God, that guides the cheerful sun
d527O God, the malice of my foes
d528O God, the mountains and the seas
d529O God, the Sion [Zion] of my soul
d530O God, to whom thy thoughts direct
d531O God, whose dreadful voice like thunder
d532O God, whose judgements are severe
d533O gracious God and heavenly Father dear
d534O gracious God, O Savior sweet
d535O holy blessed glorious trinity
d536O how my mind is graveled, Not a thought
d537O how uneasy does it seem
d538O I'm all ecstacy, and love, and flame
d539O Jesu, be not long away
d540O Jesu Christ, in all things now
d541O Jesu Christ, that hast me made
d542O Jesu Christ, under whose power
d543O Jesu, comfort mine exile
d544O Jesu dear, do thou with me
d545O Jesu dear, give me thy grace
d546O Jesu, grant I may resign
d547O Jesu, here in earth we live
d548O Jesu, if thou do withdraw
d549O Jesu, king of glory great
d550O Jesu, let me reach my hand to thee
d551O Jesu, many times I pray
d552O Jesu meek, grant that I may
d553O Jesu meek, O Jesu sweet
d554O Jesu mild, thine ear bow down
d555O Jesu, oft it grieveth me
d556O Jesu, shut not up my soul
d557O Jesu sweet, a little thing
d558O Jesu sweet, for heavenly things
d559O Jesu sweet, give me an heart
d560O Jesu sweet, grant that thy grace
d561O Jesu sweet, I know I am
d562O Jesu sweet, with mercy now
d563O Jesu, thou my glory art
d564O Jesu, who shall give me wings
d565O Lord, behold a wretched one
d566O Lord I fain would sing thy praise
d567O Lord, in sorrow and distress
d568O Lord in thee is all my trust
d569O Lord, increase in me true faith and love
d570O Lord my God, I wandered have
d571O Lord my judgement's dark, and blind
d572O Lord my Savior and support
d573O Lord my sins doth overcharge thy breast
d574O Lord, now I the favor have
d575O Lord, this night who hast me kept
d576O Lord! we magnify thy might
d577O Lord when near the appointed hour
d578O Lord whose mercies, and whose paths
d579O make us apt to seek, and quick to find
d580O mercy, mercy, which much greater is
d581O mighty God, who for us men
d582O my chief good
d583O my God, what helpeth less
d584O my life, my all, my dear
d585O nobody knows the trouble I see
d586O pleasant spot, O place of rest
d587O praise the Lord, praise him, praise him
d588O purify my soul from stain
d589O Sapientia
d590O save us then
d591O sing the glories of our Lord
d592O soul reviving word, let all my fears be gone
d593O sun and moon, the days and evening lights
d594O that it may one day be said by thee
d595O that mine eyes would melt into a flood
d596O that my soul as prosperous were
d597O that thou wouldst hide me in the grave
d598O thou who taught'st the blind man's night
d599O thou whose mercy did begin
d600O thou, within whose tender breast

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