Hymns in Harmony with Modern Thought

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1What has drawn us thus apartPage Scan
2What purpose burns within our heartsPage Scan
3Now with creation's morning songPage Scan
4We wake each morn as if the Maker's gracePage Scan
5O upward-springing Morning light!Page Scan
6O Life that makest all things newPage Scan
7Oh! Source divine, and Life of allPage Scan
8Thou whose spirit dwells in allPage Scan
9O God, whose presence glows in allPage Scan
10Thy seamless robe conceals thee notPage Scan
11O, come and dwell in mePage Scan
12One thought I have, my ample creedPage Scan
13O, may our spirits learn to reachPage Scan
14The harp at Nature's advent strungPage Scan
15Immortal Love, forever fullPage Scan
16Holy Spirit, Love divine!Page Scan
17God of the earth, the sky, the sea!Page Scan
18Eternal Ruler of the ceaseless roundPage Scan
19Eternal One, thou living GodPage Scan
20Thou, who, Immutable and OnePage Scan
21Nearer, my God, to theePage Scan
22O God, I thank thee for each sightPage Scan
23Again, as evening's shadow fallsPage Scan
24Hast thou, midst life's empty noisesPage Scan
25Not for false and fleeting joysText InfoPage Scan
26O blessed life! the heart at restText InfoPage Scan
27I believe in Human KindnessPage Scan
28I live for those who love meText InfoPage Scan
29O the happiness of livingPage Scan
30All are architects of FatePage Scan
31Wake, my soul! Enough of slumber!Page Scan
32Fill the moments one by oneText InfoPage Scan
33Amid the ceaseless loss and changePage Scan
34Soul, struggle on! Within the darkest nightText InfoPage Scan
35All before us lies the wayPage Scan
36New words to speak, new thoughts to hearPage Scan
37One by one the sands are flowingPage Scan
38Work! it is thy highest missionPage Scan
39The bird let loose in eastern skiesPage Scan
40Say not the law divinePage Scan
41So let our lips and lives expressPage Scan
42So shall we live that every hourPage Scan
43Lie open, soul; around the pressPage Scan
44Born in each heart is impulse strongPage Scan
45Life is onward, use itPage Scan
46As we wax older on this earthPage Scan
47Prune thou thy words, the thoughts controlPage Scan
48O thou whose smile is life and peacePage Scan
49Live thou thy life; nor take thou heedPage Scan
50How happy is he born and taughtPage Scan
51I want a true regardPage Scan
52Not always on the mount may wePage Scan
53He liveth long who liveth wellPage Scan
54Come, sound the praise of Truth's fair namePage Scan
55O Star of Truth, down shiningPage Scan
56He who has the truth, and keeps itPage Scan
57Thou long disowned, reviled, oppressedPage Scan
58O Church of Freedom and of FaithPage Scan
59Three guides, already minePage Scan
60O nerve thy spirit to the proofPage Scan
61He who, in fealty to the TruthPage Scan
62Once to every man and nationPage Scan
63Be true to every inmost thoughtPage Scan
64Men whose boast it is that yePage Scan
65Dost thou hear the bugle soundingPage Scan
66All hail, God's angel, Truth!Page Scan
67Thou, whose name is blazoned forthPage Scan
68There are loyal hearts, there are spirits braveTextPage Scan
69All around us, fair with flowersPage Scan
70There is no wind but soweth seedsPage Scan
71The heart it hath its own estatePage Scan
72We cannot kindle when we willPage Scan
73Oh, sometimes gleams upon our sightPage Scan
74Stainless soldier on the wall!Page Scan
75For me--to have made one soulPage Scan
76O Thou whose law is in the skyPage Scan
77'Tis well, O heart, no life of easePage Scan
78Thank God for Joy!Page Scan
79Honored they who firmly standPage Scan
80O blest is he to whom is givenPage Scan
81What matter though we seek with painPage Scan
82By the thorn-road, and none otherPage Scan
83When the gladsome day declinethPage Scan
84Through all the various shifting scenePage Scan
85Out of the night that covers mePage Scan
86I look to thee in every needPage Scan
87When fond hopes fall and skies are dark before usPage Scan
88Within the maddening maze of thingsPage Scan
89Whoever plants a seed beneath the sodPage Scan
90O sometimes comes to soul and sensePage Scan
91I little see, I little knowPage Scan
92O for a faith that will not shrinkPage Scan
93The world in radiant beauty liesPage Scan
94A lowering sky with heavy cloudsPage Scan
95Standing upon the mountain topPage Scan
96O Love, with thy sweet chains Page Scan
97O brother man, fold to thy heart thy brother!Page Scan
98A voice by Jordan's shore!Page Scan
99Wherever through the ages risePage Scan
100There is in every human heartPage Scan

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