Hymns of Glory, Songs of Praise

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460Join all the glorious namesCROFT'S 136thTextPage Scan
461How sweet the Name of Jesus soundsST. PETERTextPage Scan
462The King of love my shepherd isDOMINUS REGIT METextPage Scan
464Though hope desert my heartCALABRIA
465Be thou my Vision, O Lord of my heartSLANEText
466Before the throne of God aboveBEFORE THE THRONE OF GOD ABOVEText
467All my days I will sing this song of gladnessBEAUTIFUL SAVIOUR
468Son of God, eternal SaviourBLAENWERNTextPage Scan
469Restore, O Lord, the honour of your name!RESTORE, O LORD
470Jesus shall reign where'er the sunWARRINGTONTextPage Scan
471To the name of our salvationTANTUM ERGO SACRAMENTUMText
472Come, thou long-expected JesusSTUTTGARTTextPage Scan
473'Thy kingdom come!'– on bended kneeIRISHTextPage Scan
474Hail to the Lord's AnointedES IST EIN ROS' ENTSPRUNGENText
475Christ is coming! let creationNEANDER (UNSER HERRSCHER)TextPage Scan
476Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the LordBATTLE HYMN OF THE REPUBLICTextPage Scan
477Lo, he comes with clouds descendingHELMSLEYTextPage Scan
478Behold the amazing gift of loveST. STEPHEN (NEWINGTON)TextPage Scan
479View the present through the promiseFRANKLIN PARK
480Word of the FatherCOME, LORD, COME
481Jesus is the name we honour[Jesus is the name we honour]
482aCome, let us to the Lord our GodKILMARNOCKText
482bCome, let us to the Lord our GodKEDRONText
483Father of heaven, whose love profoundRIVAULXTextPage Scan
484Great God, your love has called us hereMELITATextPage Scan
485Dear Lord and Father of mankindREPTONTextPage Scan
486'Forgive our sins as we forgive'DETROIT
487Come, let us seek our God's protectionCHILEMATextPage Scan
488Teach us, O loving heart of ChristKHANDALLAHTextPage Scan
489Come down, O Love DivineDOWN AMPNEYText
490aJesus, lover of my soulABERYSTWYTHTextPage Scan
490bJesus, lover of my soulHOLLINGSIDETextPage Scan
491Lord Jesus, think on meSOUTHWELLText
492Lord Jesus, think on meSOUTHWELLText
493Not my mother or my father, but it's me, O LordIT'S ME, O LORDText
494Spirit of God, in all that's true I know youINTERCESSOR
495Spirit of God, descend upon my heartSONG 22TextPage Scan
496Humbly in your sight we come together, LordTIZA PANTAZI PINUTextPage Scan
497Almighty Father of all things that beCHILTON FOLIATTextPage Scan
498Angel voices ever singingANGEL VOICESTextPage Scan
499Lord God, Almighty, Saviour, Redeemer[Lord God, Almighty, Saviour, Redeemer]
500Lord of creation, to you be all praise!SLANE
501Take this moment, sign, and spaceTAKE THIS MOMENT
502Take my life, Lord, let it beNOTTINGHAMTextPage Scan
503I will offer up my life in spirit and truth[I will offer up my life in spirit and truth]
504Two little fishes, five loaves of breadALL THAT I HAVE
505All that I am, all that I doALL THAT I AM
506All that I once held dear, built my life uponKNOWING YOU
507Jesus, I come trusting your kindnessLITTLE VENICETextPage Scan
508I bind my heart this tideUNIONText
509Jesus calls us! O'er the tumultST. ANDREWTextPage Scan
510Jesus calls us here to meet himLEWIS FOLK MELODY
511Your hand, O God, has guidedTHORNBURYText
512To God be the glory, great things he has done!TO GOD BE THE GLORYTextPage Scan
513Courage, brother! do not stumbleCOURAGE BROTHERTextPage Scan
514Onward! Christian soldiersST. GERTRUDETextPage Scan
515Soldiers of Christ, ariseFROM STRENGTH TO STRENGTHTextPage Scan
516We are marching in the light of God (Siyahamb' ekukhanyen; kwenkhos')SIYAHAMBA
517Fight the good fight with all your mightDUKE STREETText
518'Lift up your hearts!' We lift them, Lord, to theeWOODLANDSText
519Love divine, all loves excellingHYFRYDOLText
520Ye who the name of Jesus bearST. ANNETextPage Scan
521Children of God, reach out to one another!INTERCESSORTextPage Scan
522The church is wherever God's people are praisingTHE BARD OF ARMAGHText
523Hands to work and feet to runCAREY'S FANCYText
524Jesus Christ, our living LordSANDOR
525Have you heard the raindrops drumming on the rooftops?HAVE YOU HEARD THE RAINDROPSTextPage Scan
526This is a day of new beginningsCANONMILLSTextPage Scan
527Lord, make us servants of your peaceO WALY WALY
528Make me a channel of your peacePRAYER OF ST. FRANCIS (CHANNEL OF PEACE)
529Forth in thy name, O Lord, I goKILLIBEGSText
530One more step along the world I goSOUTHCOTETextPage Scan
531My Jesus, my Saviour[My Jesus, my Saviour]
532Lord, you have come to the seashorePESCADOR DE HOMBRES
533Will you come and follow meKELVINGROVE
534Make me a captive, LordLEOMINSTERTextPage Scan
535Who would true valour seeMONK'S GATEText
536May the mind of Christ my SaviourCANDLEBEAMText
537We do not hope to ease our mindsMARY MORISON
538God be in my head, and in my understandingGOD BE IN MY HEADText
539I want Jesus to walk with meSOJOURNERText
540I heard the voice of Jesus sayTHE ROWAN TREEText
541Lord, I pray, if todayKLOKJE KLINKT
542Lord, speak to me, that I may speakWINSCOTTText
543Longing for light, we wait in darknessCHRIST BE OUR LIGHT
544When I needed a neighbour, were you there, were you there?NEIGHBOURTextPage Scan
545Lord, teach us how to pray arightEDGBASTONText
546Prayer is the soul's sincere desireCOLESHILLTextPage Scan
547What a friend we have in JesusCONVERSETextPage Scan
548Approach, my soul, the mercy seatSTRACATHROText
549How deep the Father's love for usHOW DEEP THE FATHER'S LOVE
550As the deer pants for the waterAS THE DEER PANTS
551In heavenly love abidingPENLANTextPage Scan
552aOh, for a closer walk with GodMARTYRDOM (FENWICK)TextPage Scan
552bOh, for a closer walk with GodTHE FLOWER OF THE QUERNText
553aJust as I am, without one pleaSAFFRON WALDENTextPage Scan
553bJust as I am, without one pleaMISERICORDIATextPage Scan
554Rock of Ages, cleft for mePETRA (REDHEAD No. 76)TextPage Scan
555aAmazing grace! how sweet the soundAMAZING GRACE (NEW BRITAIN)Text

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