The Harp: being a collection of hymns and spiritual songs, adapted to all purposes of social and religious worship

Editor: Rev. Hiram May
Publisher: American Citizen Office, Perry, [N.Y.], 1840
Language: English
Notes: This hymnal has many numbering errors. Brackets are used for actual hymnal numbers when necessary.
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101A warrior fallen! a warrior fallen!Page Scan
102Yes, there's one place like home, 'tis at God's holy shrinePage Scan
103Prayer is the soul's sincere desirePage Scan
104Hail ye hosts of seraphs bright!Page Scan
105Well! blessed Savior, call'st thou mePage Scan
106Fallen--on Zion's battle hillPage Scan
107A poor wayfaring man of griefPage Scan
108The more we live, more brief appearPage Scan
109Jerusalem, Jerusalem! enthroned once on highPage Scan
110Art thou a Christian? Dost thou say thou art!Page Scan
111There is a hope--a blessed hopePage Scan
112Know then that every soul is freePage Scan
113When Joseph his brethren beheldPage Scan
114Hail! God the Father, glorious lightPage Scan
115From all that's mortal, all that's vainPage Scan
116Ye brave and bold, ye brisk and dullPage Scan
117Through all the world belowPage Scan
118Ah, give me, Lord, my sins to mournPage Scan
119Remember, sinful youth, You must diePage Scan
120Jesus, in truth and pow'r divinePage Scan
121One there is, above all othersPage Scan
122My hope, my all, my Savior therePage Scan
123A few more days of pain and woPage Scan
124Jesus came into the worldPage Scan
125We are hastening on, we are hastening onPage Scan
126Among the Hebrew captivesPage Scan
127O heavenly Muse! my breast inspirePage Scan
128While within my garden rovingPage Scan
129Long time I bow'd at folly's shrinePage Scan
130Like snow that falls where waters glidePage Scan
131When torn is the bosom by sorrow or carePage Scan
132Barren still this tree is foundPage Scan
133When Jesus dwelt on earth belowPage Scan
134When persecution rears its headPage Scan
135Who'd be a missionary's bride?Page Scan
136Hark! with each passing breeze I hearPage Scan
137My years roll on in silent coursePage Scan
138Alas! alas! poor little thingPage Scan
139Why should we be affrighted at pestilence and war?Page Scan
140Since man by sin has lost his GodPage Scan
141While marshall'd on the nightly plainsPage Scan
142Oh, careless sinner, comePage Scan
143When the repentant Mary camePage Scan
144When tossed on error's stormy tidePage Scan
145Savior, we have long been sighingPage Scan
146Saw ye where the Savior keptPage Scan
147Come, ye that love the Lord indeedPage Scan
148Hail, ye missionary bandsPage Scan
149Say, Eliza! have you seenPage Scan
150"Stand by!" cried the Pharisee; dare not to mar!Page Scan
151In de dark wood, no Indian nighPage Scan
152Immanuel reigns; the long foretoldPage Scan
153Have ye heard, have ye heard of that sunbright chimePage Scan
154Hark! it is the bell of prayerPage Scan
155O Lord, thy heavenly grace impartPage Scan
156Rock of ages cleft for mePage Scan
157O how charming!--O, how charmingPage Scan
158By faith I view my Saviour dyingPage Scan
159This world is beautiful and brightPage Scan
160As much have I of worldly goodPage Scan
161There is a stream whose narrow tidePage Scan
162Praise, praise the Lord, ho! all the earth!Page Scan
163There is a Star whose heavenly lightPage Scan
164Precious Bible! what a treasurePage Scan
165The fading world promiscuous flowsPage Scan
166'Tis a point I long to knowPage Scan
167Fleet as the arrow through the airPage Scan
168When the fierce north windPage Scan
169What various hindrances we meetPage Scan
170Encouraged by thy wordPage Scan
171Before Elisha's gate The Syrian leper stoodPage Scan
172Jesus, my pattern and my Guide!Page Scan
173Jesus to every willing mindPage Scan
174What heavenly music do I hear?Page Scan
175A soldier, Lord, thou hast me madePage Scan
176Mid scenes of confusion, and creature complaintsPage Scan
177Hear the Gospel trumpet soundingPage Scan
178Child, amidst the flowers at playPage Scan
179Awake my soul in joyous laysPage Scan
180The worth of truth, no tongue can tellPage Scan
181Ye Saints attend the Savior's voicePage Scan
182When pulse beats low, and cheeks grow palePage Scan
183Come my brethren dearPage Scan
184Hail, my ever blessed Jesus!Page Scan
185Earth with her ten thousand flowersPage Scan
186Great Redeemer, friend of sinnersPage Scan
187Go to dark GethsemanePage Scan
188Jesus, thy love shall we forgetPage Scan
189See the Lord of Glory dying!Page Scan
190Jesus, while he dwelt belowPage Scan
191Now, in a song of grateful praise Page Scan
192O where are the men with virtue endow'dPage Scan
193Lord, search and try this heart of minePage Scan
194Long since with blest emotionPage Scan
195Come, let us anew, our journey pursuePage Scan
196When through the torn sailPage Scan
197Ye people away, Nor talk of delayPage Scan
198From every stormy wind that blowsPage Scan
199Adieu! my dear brethren, adieu!Page Scan
200Camp meetings with success are crown'dPage Scan

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