A Hymnal for Friends

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1O gracious Father of mankindST. LEONARD
2Spirit of life, in this new dawnHESPERUS
3Come, O Lord, like morning sunlightLUCERNE
4Let us with a gladsome mindINNOCENTS
5O Father, thou who givest allJEWISH TUNE
6Praise to the Lord! The Almighty, the King of creation!LOBE DEN HERREN
7For man's unceasing quest for GodCOTTINGHAM
8All praise and thanks be unto GodTRADITIONALText
9Now thank we all our GodNUN DANKET
10All creatures of our God and KingLASST UNS ERFREUEN
11Love divine, all love excellingBEECHER
12The Lord's my shepherd, I'll not wantSTRACATHRO
13If with all your hearts ye truly seek me[If with all your hearts ye truly seek me]Text
14Father, again to thy dear name we raiseELLERS
15Lord of all being, thron'd afarHURSLEY
16My God, I thank thee who hast made The earth so brightWENTWORTH
17Father, give thy benedictionVESPER HYMN
18Father Almighty, bless us with thy blessingINTEGER VITAE
19The Lord be with us as we walkBELMONT
20Praise ye Jehovah! Praise the Lord most holyRUSSIAN HYMN
21Eternal One, thou living GodWALTHAM
22Lead us, O Father, in the paths of peaceBURLEIGH
23Dear Lord and Father of mankindREST
24We give thee but thine ownSCHUMANN
25Spirit divine, attend our prayerBRECON
26Bless thou the gifts our hands have broughtCANONBURY
27O God, the Rock of AgesSCHUBERT
28'Mid all the traffic of the waysST. AGNES
29Behold us, Lord, a little spaceABENDRUHE
30O sometimes gleams upon my sightBEETHOVEN
31When shadows gather on our wayST. CUTHBERT
32Unto the calmly gather'd thoughtFEDERAL STREET
33Lord, we come before thee nowPLEYEL'S HYMN
34One common purpose brings us hereST. BERNARD
35O God of gifts exceeding rareBEATITUDO
36Come, my soul, thou must be wakingHAYDN
37When morning gilds the skiesLAUDES DOMINI
38Awake, my soul, and with the sunMORNING HYMN
39Still, still with thee, when purple morning breakethCONSOLATION
40Day is dying in the westEVENING PRAISE
41Softly now the light of daySEYMOUR
42Now the day is overMERRIAL
43God, that madest earth and heavenAR HYD Y NOS
44O God, in restless livingRUTHERFORD
45O Love that wilt not let me goST. MARGARET
46Not to the swift, the raceOLD 134TH
47Spirit of God, descend upon my heartMORECAMBE
48Gracious spirit, dwell with meVOLLER WUNDER
49Immortal Love, forever fullSERENITY
50Strong Son of God, immortal LoveST. CRISPIN
51At work beside his father's benchKINGSFOLD
52Take my life, and let it beELLINGHAM
53O rugged Master of the hillsTRURO
54O young and fearless Prophet of ancient GalileeMEIRIONYDD
55O Master workman of the raceALL SAINTS NEW
56All glory, laud, and honorST. THEODULPH
57Walk in the light! so shalt thou knowMANOAH
58Holy Spirit, Truth divine!NOYES
59God of grace and God of gloryCWM RHONDDA
60All as God wills, who wisely heedsSARON
61We are climbing Jacob's ladderJACOB'S LADDER
62I would be true, for there are those who trust mePEEK
63Lord, speak to me, that I may speakCANONBURY
64What thou wilt, O Father give!NUREMBERG
65My faith it is an oaken staffMUSWELL HILL I
66Lord, as we thy name professST. BEES
67O Son of Man, thou madest knownRACHEL
68Lead on, O King EternalLANCASHIRE
69To knights in the days of old[To knights in the days of old]
70God of our youth, to whom we yieldYOUTH
71We bear the strain of earthly careAZMON
72Rejoice, ye pure in heartMARION
73He who would valiant beST. DUNSTAN'S
74O Master, let me walk with theeMARYTON
75"Welcome, morning, bright and blue!"ENGLAND'S LANE
76With happy voices ringingTOURS
77God of the strong, God of the weakMOZART
78Come, Master Workman, work with usSARRATT
79We thank thee, Lord, for eyes to seeMELODY
80Where cross the crowded ways of lifeGERMANY
81They who tread the path of laborSTUTTGART
82Once to ev'ry man and nationTON-Y-BOTEL
83That cause can neither be lost nor stayed[That cause can neither be lost nor stayed]
84Forth in thy name, O Lord, I goKEBLE
85Hail, hero workers of the mighty past!HERO
86We would be building; temples still undoneFINLANDIA
87The voice of God is callingMEIRIONYDD
88Rise up, O men of GodST. THOMAS
89God send us men whose aim 'twill beKEBLE
90Now praise we great and famous menOLD ENGLISH MELODY
91Eternal Ruler of the ceaseless roundYORKSHIRE
92Brother, sing your country's anthemHYMN TO JOY
93Father, who hast made us brothersLAUS DEO
94In Christ there is no East or WestST. PETER
95Peace in our time, O LordDIADEMATA
96O God of Love, O King of PeaceHESPERUS
97These things shall be- a loftier raceMENDON
98Forward thro' the agesST. ALBANS
99Gwine to lay down my burden[Gwine to lay down my burden]
100O brother man, fold to thy heart thy brotherSTRENGTH AND STAY

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