The Faith We Sing

The Faith We Sing is a supplement to the 1989 United Methodist Hymnal. Like many recent hymnal supplements, the 284 songs included in the collection explore new hymnic territory: recently written hymn texts, praise & worship, non-western musics, gender neutral texts, etc. The pew edition is slim enough to fit in a pew rack with the UMH, but a number of other editions expand one's options: the singer's edition (for choir and soloists), accompaniment and simplified editions (piano/organ), worship planner edition, guitar edition, and braille, American sign language, and MIDI editions.
Publisher: Abingdon Press, 2001
Denomination: United Methodist Church
Language: English
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2101Two fishermen, who lived alongLEAVE ALL THINGS BEHIND
2102Swiftly pass the clouds of gloryGENEVA
2103We have come at Christ's own biddingHYFRYDOLText
2104An outcast among outcastsLLANGLOFFAN
2105Jesus, tempted in the desertEBENEZER
2106When Jesus wept, the falling tearWHEN JESUS WEPTTextAudio
2107See that host all dressed in whiteWADE IN THE WATERText
2108O how he loves you and me!PATRICIA
2109Jesus rode into JerusalemHOSANNA! HOSANNA!
2110"Why has God forsaken me?"SHIMPI
2111We sang our glad hosannasHOLY WEEK
2112Jesus walked this lonesome valleyLONESOME VALLEYTextPage ScanAudio
2113Your only Son, no sin to hideSWEET LAMB OF GOD
2114At the font we start our journeyLAUDA ANIMATextPage Scan
2115Christ has risen while earth slumbersHOLY MANNA
2116Christ the Lord is risen!GARUText
2117Spirit of God, bright WindDOVE SONG
2118Holy Spirit, come to usVENI SANCTE SPIRITUS
2119Where the Spirit of the Lord isADAMS
2120You moved on the watersSPIRIT OF GENTLENESS
2121O Holy Spirit, Root of lifePUER NOBIS NASCITUR
2122Silent waters rocking on the morning of our birthSHE FLIES ON
2123Loving Spirit, loving SpiritKINGDOMTextPage Scan
2124Come, O Holy Spirit, comeWA EMIMEMO
2125Come, Holy Spirit. Hear us callingFOREMAN
2126All who hunger, gather gladlyHOLY MANNA
2127Come and see, come and seeMH KYRIE
2128Come and find the quiet centerBEACH SPRINGText
2129I have decided to follow JesusASSAMText
2130Will you come and follow me if I but call your name?KELVINGROVE
2131Humble thyself in the sight of the LordHUMBLE THYSELF
2132You who are thirsty, come to the wellALL WHO HUMBLY SEEK
2133Give me a clean heart so I may serveDOUROUX
2134Forgive us LordCONFESION
2135When Cain killed Abel in a fightAFTER THE FALL
2136Out of the depths, O God, we call to youFENNVILLE
2137Would I have answered when you calledKINGSFOLD
2138Sunday's palms are Wednesday's ashesBEACHSPRING
2139Did ever you see the like before?I KNOWTextPage ScanAudio
2140What a wonderful change in my life has been wroughtMCDANIELTextPage ScanAudio
2141There's a song of love in my heartHANSON
2142Joys are flowing like a riverBLESSED QUIETNESSText
2143O Lord, your tendernessYOUR TENDERNESS
2144Someone asked the question, "Why do we sing?WHY WE SING
2145I've got peace like a riverPEACE LIKE A RIVERTextPage ScanAudio
2146Why should I feel discouraged?SPARROWTextPage ScanAudio
2147There are some things I may not knowYES, GOD IS REAL
2148Oh, when the world is silentMUSIC IN THE AIR
2149Living for Jesus a life that is trueLIVING FOR JESUSTextPage ScanAudio
2150In our lives, Lord, be glorifiedLORD, BE GLORIFIED
2151I'm so gladI'M SO GLADTextPage ScanAudio
2152Change my heart, O GodCHANGE MY HEART
2153I'm gonna live so (live so) God can use meI'M GONNA LIVEText
2154Please enter my heart, hosannaENTER MY HEART
2155Blest are they, the poor in spiritBLEST ARE THEY
2156Give peace to every heartDA PACEM
2157Come and fill our hearts with your peaceCONFITEMINI DOMINO
2158I am weak, but thou are strongCLOSER WALKTextPage ScanAudio
2159Jesus, draw me closeDRAW ME CLOSE
2160Into my heart, into my heartINTO MY HEARTText
2161To know you in all of your gloryTO KNOW YOU MORE
2162Every promise we can makeGRACE ALONE
2163He who began a good work in youA GOOD WORK
2164Lord, prepare me to be a sanctuarySANCTUARY
2165Teach me your holy ways, O LordCRY OF MY HEART
2166Christ beside me, Christ before meBUNESSAN
2167More like you, Jesus, more like youMORE LIKE YOU
2168Love the Lord, your God, with all your heartGREAT COMMANDMENT
2169God, how can we forgiveLEONI
2170God made from one blood all the families of earthST. DENIO
2171Make me a channel of your peaceCHANNEL OF PEACE
2172Come! Live in the light!WE ARE CALLEDPage Scan
2173Lord, the light of your love is shiningSHINE, JESUS, SHINE
2174What does the Lord require of you?MOON
2175Together we serveSAN ANSELMOTextPage Scan
2176Make me a servant, humble and meekMAKE ME A SERVANT
2177Wounded world that cries for healingHEALING SPIRITTextPage Scan
2178Here am I, where underneath the bridges in our winter citiesSTANISLAUSTextPage Scan
2179Live in charity and steadfast love (Ubi caritas et amor)UBI CARITAS (TAIZE)
2180Why stand so far away, my God?MORNING SONG
2181We need a faith so colorblindCRIMOND
2182When God restored our common lifeRESIGNATION
2183Unsettled world, where people longTHUNDER BAYTextPage Scan
2184Sent out in Jesus' nameENVIADO
2185This thread I weave, this step I dancePOXONText
2186May the God of hope go with us every dayARGENTINATextAudio
2187Now it is eveningEVENING HYMNTextPage Scan
2188Come and fill our homes with your presenceFAMILY PRAYER
2189A mother lined a basketWEST MAIN
2190You are salt for the earth, O peopleBRING FOR THE KINGDOM
2191Eternal Father, strong to saveMELITATextPage ScanAudio
2192O freedom, O freedomFREEDOM IS COMINGPage Scan
2193Lord, listen to your children prayingCHILDREN PRAYINGTextPage Scan
2194O freedom! O freedom!O FREEDOMText
2195In the Lord I'll be ever thankfulITLIBET
2196We walk by faith, and not by sightMARTYRDOMTextAudio
2197Lord of all hopefulness, Lord of all joySLANE
2198Stay with me, remain here with me (Noho pu noho mai me ia'u)STAY WITH ME
2199Stay with us, till night has comeSTAY WITH US
2200O Lord, hear my prayerHEAR MY PRAYER

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