Favorite Radio Hymns of Edward MacHugh (Rev. and enl.)

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1If I have wounded any [a] soul todayPage Scan
4Lest I lose my way and wander
5The Lord's my Shepherd, I'll not wantPage Scan
6Good night, sweet Jesus, guard us in sleepPage Scan
7Mother of mine, an angel of gracePage Scan
8Within [Here in] [Yet in] the maddening maze of thingsPage Scan
9I come to the garden alonePage Scan
12When your heart is aching, turn to Jesus
13Mine is a story of infinite love
14God builds my life, he builds not I
15Breathe on me breath of God
16When the way is so dark that you can't see ahead
17Why should I feel discouraged
19Just beyond these earthly scenes, there's a land
20I walked in the shadows, around me was night
21There is only one name that can satisfy men
22Have you ever felt discouraged
23Life is like a mountain railroad With an engineer that's bravePage Scan
24O soul, without a Savior, O body tiredPage Scan
25I have a Savior, he's pleading in gloryPage Scan
26There'll be light in the sky, from the palace on high
27I've [I have] found a friend in Jesus, He's everything to mePage Scan
28On a hill far away stood an old rugged crossPage Scan
29God's tomorrow is a day of gladness
30Sunset and evening star and one clear call for me
31Some day 'twill all be overPage Scan
32O Love that wilt [will] not let me goPage Scan
33When the cares of life assail me
34Jesus, keep me near the cross
35I am far fr' my hame [from my home], and I'm wearyPage Scan
36It was alone the Savior prayed in dark GethsemenePage Scan
38When comes to the weary a blessed releasePage Scan
39There's a land where the birds are ever singing
40Just when the need is greatest
41All the darkness of the night
42Sometimes our skies are cloudy
43I shall not fear, the terrors that confound me
44I may not understand just how
45There's no disappointment in heaven, no wearinessPage Scan
46Sun of my soul [our souls], thou [my] [O] Savior [Father] dearPage Scan
47When I, a poor, lost sinner, Before the Lord
48King of my life, I crown thee now
49Look all around you find someone in need
50When it's raining and the sun is shiningPage Scan
51It may not be on the mountain [mountain's] height, Or over the stormy sea
52Near to the Savior be our song
53Are the days of long ago far sweeterPage Scan
54Dear Lord, take up the [my] tangled strandsPage Scan
55On Calvary's brow there was planted a crossPage Scan
56Softly and tenderly Jesus is callingPage Scan
57Have you been in the garden with JesusPage Scan
58I grieved my Lord from day to dayPage Scan
59Just a few more days to be filled with praisePage Scan
60There's a church in the valley by the wildwoodPage Scan
61Though you have fallen on life's way
62There were ninety and nine that [who] safely layPage Scan
63There are loved ones in the [up in] [now in] glory
64Mid the saddest hours of life Jesus is near
66She only touched the hem of his garment
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