Evangelical Lutheran hymnal: with music

#TextTuneText InfoTune InfoTextScorePage ScanAudio
87Say, my soul, what preparationRIPLEYTextPage Scan
88Welcome, thou Victor in the strifeTHANKSGIVING (Nun danket all und bringet Ehr)TextPage Scan
89"The Lord is ris'n indeed"PENTONVILLETextPage Scan
90Hail, Thou once despised Jesus! GREENVILLETextPage Scan
91Christ is risen from the dead! ST. GEORGEPage Scan
92a"I know that my Redeemer lives"WARNERTextPage Scan
92b"I know that my Redeemer lives"MIGDOLTextPage Scan
93Where wilt Thou go, since night draws near?DUKE STREETTextPage Scan
94A hymn of glory let us singBOWENTextPage Scan
95Our Lord has risen from the deadHURSLEYTextPage Scan
96We thank Thee , Jesus! dearest FriendMIGDOLTextPage Scan
97Lord, on earth I dwell sad heartedLEBENS LEBEN (Jesu, meines Lebens Leben)TextPage Scan
98Th'atoning work is doneCHRIST CHURCHTextPage Scan
99The head that once was crown'd with thornsBURLINGTONTextPage Scan
100The Lord of life, with glory crownedROMBERGTextPage Scan
101Come, Holy Ghost, Lord God, and fillWARTBURG (Komm, Heiliger Geist)TextPage Scan
102Come, O come, Thou quick'ning SpiritHERMANNSBURG (Komm, o komm, du Guist des Lebens)TextPage Scan
103O Holy Ghost, descend, we prayNICOLAI (WIE SCHÖN LEUCHTET DER MORGENSTERN)TextPage Scan
104aCreator, Spirit, Holy DoveLUTON TextPage Scan
104bCreator, Spirit, Holy DoveFEDERAL STREETTextPage Scan
105Let songs of praises fill the skyCOURTLANDTextPage Scan
106O enter, Lord, Thy templeEISLEBEN (Aus meines Herzens Grunde)TextPage Scan
107Spirit of mercy, truth and loveGERMANY (Walton)TextPage Scan
108Gracious Spirit! Love divine! PENTECOSTTextPage Scan
109aCome, Holy Spirit, comeVIGILTextPage Scan
109bCome, Holy Spirit, comeMORNINGTONTextPage Scan
110aSpirit Divine, attend our pray'rEVANTextPage Scan
110bSpirit Divine, attend our Pray'rEAGLEYTextPage Scan
111Scarce tongue can speak, ne'er human kenBAPTIZEIN (Christ unser Herr zum Jordan kam)TextPage Scan
112Thou who art Three in UnityNAZARETH (Melcombe)TextPage Scan
113O God, the Father! draw Thou nighPETERBOROUGH (Goss)TextPage Scan
114aFather of all, whose love profoundWARDTextPage Scan
114bFather of all, whose love profoundFEDERAL STREETTextPage Scan
115O praise the Lord! His name extolVARINATextPage Scan
116O that I had a thousand voices!ELBE (O dass ich tausend Zungen hätte)TextPage Scan
117Father of Glory! to Thy NameDENFIELD (Azmon)TextPage Scan
118Father, in whom we liveBOYLSTONTextPage Scan
119Comfort, comfort ye my peopleLUDWIGSBURG (Freu dich sehr, o meine Seele)TextPage Scan
120O Jesus, Lamb of God, who artBRESLAU (Herr Jesu Christ, mein's Leben's Licht)TextPage Scan
121Ye sons of men, in earnestEISLEBEN (Aus meines Herzens Grunde)TextPage Scan
122Lord God, we all give praise to TheeOLD HUNDREDTHTextPage Scan
123Though angels bright escape our sightMARLOWTextPage Scan
124Jesus, Brightness of the FatherNEANDERTextPage Scan
125Stars of the morning, so gloriously brightTRISAGIONTextPage Scan
126In Thy dear name and by Thy favorELBE (O dass ich tausend Zungen hätte)TextPage Scan
127Great God! a blessing from Thy throneHEBRONTextPage Scan
128Lo! in Zion a foundationWINTHROPTextPage Scan
129'Tis a marvel in our eyesBENEVENTOTextPage Scan
130Open now Thy gates of beautyNEANDERTextPage Scan
131Eternal Son of God, O ThouFEDERAL STREETTextPage Scan
132The Church above forever ringsCREATIONTextPage Scan
133Here, in Thy name, eternal GodALSTONETextPage Scan
134Built on Christ, the firm foundationKÖNIGSBERG (Gott des Himmels und der Erden)TextPage Scan
135aO Lord, our God, accept, we prayRETREATTextPage Scan
135bO Lord, our God, accept, we prayHURSLEYTextPage Scan
136Come, Christians,praise your Maker's goodnessELBE (O dass ich tausend Zungen hätte)TextPage Scan
137aPraise, O praise our God and King! HENDONTextPage Scan
137bPraise, O praise our God and King! ELIJAHTextPage Scan
138aGreat is our God, and mercifulMENDONTextPage Scan
138bGreat is our God, and mercifulHARMONY GROVETextPage Scan
139Bright rays of autumn quiverEVARTSTextPage Scan
140Lord of the harvest! Thee we hailCREATIONTextPage Scan
141aSummer ended, harvest o'erESHTEMOA (Solace)TextPage Scan
141bSummer ended, harvest o'erROSEFIELDTextPage Scan
142Come,ye thankful people, comeSPANISH HYMNTextPage Scan
143What our Father does is wellTOPLADY (Rock of Ages)TextPage Scan
144A tow'r of strength our God is still!EIN FESTE BURG IST UNSER GOTTTextPage Scan
145Had God not come,may Israel sayDECIUS (Allein Gott in der Hoch sei Ehr)TextPage Scan
146The mouth of fools doth God confessDECIUS (Allein Gott in der Hoch sei Ehr)TextPage Scan
147O God! look down from heav'n and seeMONMOUTHTextPage Scan
148Lord, by Thy Word deliv'rance workWITTENBERG (Erhalt uns Herr bei deinem Wort)TextPage Scan
149Zion stands with hills surroundedMT. ZIONTextPage Scan
150When Rome had shrouded earth in nightWEIMAR (Herr Jesu Christ, dich zu uns wend)TextPage Scan
151When in our hour of utmost needCOMMANDMENTS (Wenn wir in höchsten Nöten sein)TextPage Scan
152While o'er our guilty land, O LordFEDERAL STREETTextPage Scan
153Lord Jesus Christ, the Prince of PeaceRESIGNATIONTextPage Scan
154Lord God, we worship Thee!GRATITUDE (Marenzo) (Old) (Nun danket alle Gott)TextPage Scan
155Unto Caesar let us renderRATHBUNTextPage Scan
156O bless, Thou Heav'nly PotentateOLD HUNDREDTHTextPage Scan
157aBefore Jehovah's awful throneMIGDOLTextPage Scan
157bBefore Jehovah's awful throneOLD HUNDREDTHTextPage Scan
158Let Zion praise the mighty GodROTHWELLTextPage Scan
159Lord, let Thy goodness lead our landROTHWELLTextPage Scan
160O come, Eternal SpiritTESCHNER (Valet will ich dir geben)TextPage Scan
161aO Christ, our true and only LightBRESLAU (Herr Jesu Christ, mein's Leben's Licht)TextPage Scan
161bO Christ, our true and only LightRETREATTextPage Scan
162O Lord, our God, ariseLISBONTextPage Scan
163From Greenland's icy mountainsMISSIONARY HYMNTextPage Scan
164Jesus shall reign where'er the sunMISSIONARY CHANTTextPage Scan
165Spread, O spread, thou mighty WordBENEVENTOTextPage Scan
166Songs of immortal praise belongLANESBOROTextPage Scan
167We sing th' almighty pow'r of GodDENFIELD (Azmon)TextPage Scan
168Maker of all things, mighty Lord!LANESBOROTextPage Scan
169The Lord is King! lift up thy voiceTextPage Scan
170Lord, Thy omniscience I adore!ROCKINGHAM (New)TextPage Scan
171God is love: His mercy brightensTALMAR (Chester-Dorrnance)TextPage Scan
172Of omnipresent Grace i singNAZARETH (Melcombe)TextPage Scan
173The Lord my pasture shall prepareST. CATHERINETextPage Scan
174Thy ways, O Lord! with wise designROCKINGHAM (Old)TextPage Scan
175God moves in a mysterious wayDEDHAMTextPage Scan

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