Evangelical Lutheran Hymn-book

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201O Bleeding Head, and woundedTextPage Scan
202Enslaved by sin, and bound in chainsTextPage Scan
203O Lamb of God most holyTextPage Scan
204When I survey the wondrous crossTextPage Scan
205See, world, thy Life assailèdTextPage Scan
206Thy soul, O Jesus, hallow meTextPage Scan
207Sev'n times our blessed Savior spokeTextPage Scan
208Glory be to JesusTextPage Scan
209Stricken, smitten and afflictedTextPage Scan
210Jesus, Refuge of the wearyTextPage Scan
211Behold the Savior of mankindTextPage Scan
212Come to Calvary's holy mountainTextPage Scan
213Savior, when in dust to TheeTextPage Scan
214Alas! and did my Savior bleedTextPage Scan
215O darkest woe!TextPage Scan
216So rest, my Rest!TextPage Scan
217Lord Jesus, who, our souls to saveTextPage Scan
218Awake, my heart, with gladnessTextPage Scan
219Father of Jesus Christ, my LordTextPage Scan
220Jesus Christ, my sure DefenceTextPage Scan
221"Christ, the Lord, is risen today"TextPage Scan
222Jesus lives! no longer nowTextPage Scan
223Who is this that comes from EdomTextPage Scan
224In death's strong grasp the Savior layTextPage Scan
225Christ the Lord is risen again!TextPage Scan
226I am content! My Jesus liveth stillTextPage Scan
227Where wilt Thou go, since night draws nearTextPage Scan
228Welcome, Thou Victor in the strifeTextPage Scan
229I know that my Redeemer lives!TextPage Scan
230Lord Jesus Christ, strong Hero ThouTextPage Scan
231See the Conqueror mounts in triumphTextPage Scan
232Our Lord is risen from the deadTextPage Scan
233Lo, God to heaven ascendeth!TextPage Scan
234Draw us to TheeTextPage Scan
235A hymn of glory let us singTextPage Scan
236Since Christ has gone to heaven, His homeTextPage Scan
237The Head that once was crowned with thornsTextPage Scan
238Hark! ten thousand harps and voicesTextPage Scan
239We thank Thee, Jesus, dearest FriendTextPage Scan
240Arise, my soul, ariseTextPage Scan
241Th' atoning work is doneTextPage Scan
242Hail, Thou once despisèd Jesus!TextPage Scan
243Hail the day that sees Him riseTextPage Scan
244Jesus, my great High PriestTextPage Scan
245I know that my Redeemer livesTextPage Scan
246Come O come, Thou quickening SpiritTextPage Scan
247O Holy Spirit, enter inTextPage Scan
248Send, O God, a gentle showerTextPage Scan
249Come, God, Creator, Holy GhostTextPage Scan
250Spirit of mercy, truth, and loveTextPage Scan
251O Holy Ghost, eternal GodTextPage Scan
252O enter, Lord, Thy templeTextPage Scan
253Gracious Spirit, Dove divine!TextPage Scan
254Let songs of praises fill the skyTextPage Scan
255Come, Holy Spirit, heavenly DoveTextPage Scan
256Holy Spirit! hear usTextPage Scan
257Come, Holy Ghost, God and Lord!TextPage Scan
258Come, Holy Spirit, come!TextPage Scan
259Holy Ghost, with light divineTextPage Scan
260Now do we pray God the Holy GhostTextPage Scan
261All glory be to God on highTextPage Scan
262Come, Thou almighty KingTextPage Scan
263Holy, holy, holy! Lord God Almighty!TextPage Scan
264The mystery hidden from the eyesTextPage Scan
265God of my life, Thy boundless graceTextPage Scan
266Thou who art Three in unityTextPage Scan
267Father of glory, to Thy nameTextPage Scan
268Glory be to God the FatherTextPage Scan
269Father of heav'n, whose love profoundTextPage Scan
270Father, in whom we liveTextPage Scan
271God the Father, be our StayTextPage Scan
272The Lord my God be praisedTextPage Scan
273A mighty fortress is our GodTextPage Scan
274Lord, keep us in Thy Word and workTextPage Scan
275Thine honor rescue, Christ our Lord!TextPage Scan
276Fear not, O little flock, the FoeTextPage Scan
277The mouth of fools doth God confessTextPage Scan
278O God, from heaven look down and seeTextPage Scan
279Christ, Thou the Champion of the band who ownTextPage Scan
280Ah! Lord our God, let them not be confoundedTextPage Scan
281No change of time shall ever shockTextPage Scan
282Had God not come, may Israel sayTextPage Scan
283When Rome had shrouded earth in nightTextPage Scan
284If God were not upon our sideTextPage Scan
285Stars of the morning, so gloriously brightTextPage Scan
286Lord God, we all to Thee give praiseTextPage Scan
287Jesus, brightness of the FatherTextPage Scan
288Ten thousand times ten thousandTextPage Scan
289For all Thy saints, O LordTextPage Scan
290Hark! the sound of holy voicesTextPage Scan
291O Lord, whose bounteous hand againTextPage Scan
292O Lord, I sing with mouth and heartTextPage Scan
293We sing th' almighty power of GodTextPage Scan
294To Thee, O Lord, our hearts we raiseTextPage Scan
295Come, ye thankful people, comeTextPage Scan
296Christ, by heav'nly hosts ador'dTextPage Scan
297Praise, O praise our God and King!TextPage Scan
298Praise to God, immortal praiseTextPage Scan
299Swell the anthem, raise the songTextPage Scan
300O bless, Thou heavenly PotentateTextPage Scan

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