Evangelical Lutheran Hymnal. 9th ed.

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a52Jesus! great and wondrous StarTextPage Scan
a53Why, Herod, unrelenting foe!TextPage Scan
a54O Jesus, King of glory!TextPage Scan
a55Light of the Gentile nationsTextPage Scan
a56As with gladness men of oldTextPage Scan
a57In His temple now behold HimTextPage Scan
a58A star is moving through the skyTextPage Scan
a59Angels! from the realms of gloryTextPage Scan
a60Ye saints, proclaim abroadTextPage Scan
a61Thee we adore, Eternal Word!TextPage Scan
a62Behold the man! How heavy layTextPage Scan
a63Enslaved by sin, and bound in chainsTextPage Scan
a64Alas! and did my Savior bleedTextPage Scan
a65Come, let us join our cheerful songs TextPage Scan
a66To our Redeemer's glorious nameTextPage Scan
a67A Lamb bears all the guilt awayTextPage Scan
a68Lamb of God, O Jesus!TextPage Scan
a69Over Kedron Jesus treadethTextPage Scan
a70Christ, the Life of all the livingTextPage Scan
a71O! bleeding Head, and woundedTextPage Scan
a72"Stricken, smitten, and afflicted"TextPage Scan
a73"'Tis finished!" so the Savior criedTextPage Scan
a74When on the cross the Savior hungTextPage Scan
a75Lamb of God, without blemish!TextPage Scan
a76Lord Jesus, who our souls to saveTextPage Scan
a77Lord Jesus Christ! Thy precious bloodTextPage Scan
a78O darkest Woe! Ye tears forth flow!TextPage Scan
a79Hallelujah! Lo, He wakes!TextPage Scan
a80O death! where is thy cruel sting?TextPage Scan
a81Angel, roll the rock awayTextPage Scan
a82Ere yet the dawn hath filled the skiesTextPage Scan
a83Christ the Lord is ris'n to-dayTextPage Scan
a84In Death's strong grasp the Savior layTextPage Scan
a85Jesus Christ to-day is risenTextPage Scan
a86"Christ, the Lord, has risen to-day"TextPage Scan
a87Say, my soul, what preparationTextPage Scan
a88Welcome, Thou victor in the strifeTextPage Scan
a89"The Lord is ris'n indeed"TextPage Scan
a90Hail, Thou once despised Jesus!TextPage Scan
a91Christ is risen from the dead!TextPage Scan
a92"I know that my Redeemer lives"TextPage Scan
a93Where wilt Thou go? since night draws nearTextPage Scan
a94A hymn of glory let us singTextPage Scan
a95Our Lord has risen from the deadTextPage Scan
a96We thank Thee, Jesus! dearest FriendTextPage Scan
a97Lord, on earth I dwell sad-heartedTextPage Scan
a98Th'atoning work is doneTextPage Scan
a99The Head that once was crowned with thornsTextPage Scan
a100The Lord of life, with glory crownedTextPage Scan
a101Come, Holy Ghost, Lord God, and fillTextPage Scan
a102Come, O come, Thou quick'ning SpiritTextPage Scan
a103O Holy Ghost descend, we prayTextPage Scan
a104Creator, Spirit, Holy DoveTextPage Scan
a105Let songs of praises fill the skyTextPage Scan
a106O enter, Lord, Thy templeTextPage Scan
a107Spirit of mercy, truth, and loveTextPage Scan
a108Gracious Spirit! Love divine!TextPage Scan
a109Come, Holy Spirit, comeTextPage Scan
a110Spirit divine, attend our prayerTextPage Scan
a111Scarce tongue can speak, ne'er human kenTextPage Scan
a112Thou who art Three in unityTextPage Scan
a113O God, the Father! draw Thou nighTextPage Scan
a114Father of all, whose love profoundTextPage Scan
a115O praise the Lord! His name extolTextPage Scan
a116O that I had a thousand voices!TextPage Scan
a117Father of glory! to Thy nameTextPage Scan
a118Father, in whom we liveTextPage Scan
a119Comfort, comfort ye my peopleTextPage Scan
a120O Jesus, Lamb of God, who artTextPage Scan
a121Ye sons of men, in earnestTextPage Scan
a122Lord God, we all give praise to Thee TextPage Scan
a123Though angels bright escape our sightTextPage Scan
a124Jesus, Brightness of the FatherTextPage Scan
a125Stars of the morning, so gloriously brightTextPage Scan
a126In Thy dear name and by Thy favorTextPage Scan
a127Great God! a blessing from Thy throneTextPage Scan
a128Lo! in Zion a foundationTextPage Scan
a129'Tis a marvel in our eyesTextPage Scan
a130Open now Thy gates of beautyTextPage Scan
a131Eternal Son of God, O ThouTextPage Scan
a132The Church above forever ringsTextPage Scan
a133Here, in Thy Name, eternal GodTextPage Scan
a134Built on Christ, the firm foundationTextPage Scan
a135O Lord, our God, accept, we prayTextPage Scan
a136Come Christians, praise your Maker's goodnessTextPage Scan
a137Praise, O praise our God and King!TextPage Scan
a138Great is our God, and mercifulTextPage Scan
a139Bright rays of autumn quiverTextPage Scan
a140Lord of the harvest! Thee we hailTextPage Scan
a141Summer ended, harvest o'erTextPage Scan
a142Come, ye thankful people, comeTextPage Scan
a143What our Father does, is wellTextPage Scan
a144A tower of strength our God is still!TextPage Scan
a145Had God not come, may Israel sayTextPage Scan
a146The mouth of fools doth God confessTextPage Scan
a147O God! look down from heaven and seeTextPage Scan
a148Lord, by Thy Word deliv'rance workTextPage Scan
a149Zion stands with hills surroundedTextPage Scan
a150When Rome had shrouded earth in nightTextPage Scan
a151When in our hour of utmost needTextPage Scan

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