Discipleship Ministries Collection

Publisher: Discipleship Ministries of the United Methodist Church
Denomination: United Methodist Church
Notes: Most of the music in this collection may be downloaded for worship from http://www.umcdiscipleship.org/resources
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101A form revealing GodTERRA BEATA
102And so, your people on earth do joinO HOW I LOVE JESUS
103Holy are you, O GodST. ELIZABETH
104Jesus took the bread and blessed itGALILEE
105So in remembrance of JesusSTORIES OF JESUS
106Pour out your spirit on us hereST. ANNE
107Great shepherd of souls, bring home to your foldHANOVER
108Forgive me, Lord, all my former sinMORNING PRAYER
109Father, accept my imperfect repentanceCUSHMAN
110Enlighten minds, O GodDIADEMATA
111Now may we come to Jesus, our SaviorSCHWEIZER MELODIE
112Come, O my Savior, come away!CAROL
113Sing we with the hosts of heavenW ZLOBIE LEZY
114By every thought of my heartWIR HATTEN GEBAUET
115With humble hands now claspedRHOYSYMEDRE
116If we claim to love our neighborBEECHER
117Idyllic beaches break the wavesKINGSFOLD
118Our hearts this day rememberMUNICH
119Faith is being open[Faith is being open]
120O God of love, O God of peaceMARYTONText
121When brutal forces crush out loveKINGSFOLD
122I believe in God the FatherBEECHER
123All glory, laud and praise ascribeWINCHESTER NEW
124Let us break bread together on our knees[Let us break bread together on our knees]Text
125The body broken, the blood shed[The body broken, the blood shed]
126The Lord be with youNATIONAL HYMN
127It is a right and good, joyful thingIN BABILONE
128Holy, holy is our LordWHO IS HE
129Blessed is your Son Jesus Christ!LLANFAIR
130Jesus took the bread and broke itREGENT SQUARE
131So in remembrance ofDIADEMATA
132Pour out your Holy SpiritLANCASHIRE
133Through your Son, the Risen Christ Alleluia!EASTER HYMN
134Holy holy, holy LordSLANEText
135Christ has diedSLANEText
136Amen, amen, amen, amenSLANE
137It is not enough to know God is goodSHOWALTER
138Would you build a home in which God could reside?ST. DENIO
139The world did dwell in dark and fearTWENTY-FOURTH
140Within the shadow of the crossREST
141With humble grace they served their LordO WALY WALY
142Will you fulfill the vowDARWALL'S 148TH
143When weary times confront the soulREST
144When Thomas heard the Easter newsBROTHER JAMES' AIR
145When the seeds of Love are sownRATISBON
146When the seeds of Love are sownKOLBY
147When the Lord comes, would we dare standMARYTON
148When prophets come and speak the WordCANONBURY
149When God envisioned Love's birthLLANFYLLIN
150What would you sell to gainST. MICHAEL
151We stand before the cross in sorrowWER NUR DEN LIEBEN GOTT
152We live in hope, for God is always presentFINLANDIA
153Welcome home, precious child. Come, reclaim your placeNEW WORLD
154Through the universe, a storyHYFRYDOL
155The shepherds heard the angel's voiceBROTHER JAMES' AIR
156Take care in how you liveTERRA BEATA
157The spirit of the Lord DARWALL'S 148TH
158The source of hope is in the WordWINCHESTER OLD
159Source of faith from the beginningBEEHCER
160Sound the alarm the Lord is near!ORIENTIS PARTIBUS
161Shepherd, source of our contentmentBEECHER
162Save us, Lord, from war's illusionsBEECHER
163"Push out into the deep!"ST THOMAS
164The promise of the LordDARWALL'S 148TH
165Out where the stars are bornTRENTHAM
166O Spirit of the Night[O Spirit of the Night]
167On the Day of Pentecost[On the Day of Pentecost]
168O Sovereign One, from whom we're sent!AWE AND WONDER
169O Lord, our Lord, your light shines from the depths of creationLOBE DEN HERREN
170Master, what shall I doTRENTHAM
171Majestic mountainsBUNESSAN
172Lord, be to us a source of joyCANONBURY
173Let us kneel before our makerSTUTTGART
174Jesus conquered death and darknessREGENT SQUARE
175In righteousness stand firmDARWALL'S 148TH
176In this night we hear rejoicingAR HYD Y NOS
177In this is love, that God loved usO WALY WALY
178In grief and aching sorrowPASSION CHORALE
179In Christ is blessednessDARWALL'S 148TH
180If you would have new lifeDARWALL'S 148TH
181"I have a dream!" From prophet's wordHIXON
182Hush! then heed the silencesTHE CALL
183How full is God's great love of the earth, of the earthWONDROUS LOVE
184He stood before the city, and wept at what he saw.BLAIRGOWRIE
185He stands outside the doors we've closedDOVE OF PEACE
186Help us, Lord, when we're scared of the risks we faceNEW WORLD
187He knelt to wash the feet of friendsTRURO
188He comes to us as One UnknownBROTHER JAMES' AIR
189The heart of Love with grace aboundsREST
190Go now into the worldFESTAL SONG
191God, who is rich in mercy's graceMARYTON
192God envisions full redemptionNETTLETON
193God calls us from darkness to live in the lightDAVIS
194Gather your people to comfort and love SLANE
195From creation's timeless WordDIX
196Dear Jesus, in whose life I seeHURSLEY
197Come with rejoicingBUNESSAN
198Come to the table, and take the fruit of graceSYMPHONY
199Come to the mountain peakDIADEMATA
200Come to the light of HopeITALIAN HYMN

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