Discipleship Ministries Collection

Publisher: Discipleship Ministries of the United Methodist Church
Denomination: United Methodist Church
Notes: Most of the music in this collection may be downloaded for worship from http://www.umcdiscipleship.org/resources
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1O Jesus, you were born to beTRURO
2In our end is our beginningSHREWSBURY
3Jesus, oh, so poor and lowlyPASS ME NOT
4Called to the Kingdom for a time like thisWENDY
5May the Lord our God be with youHYMN TO JOY
6Lord, through these forty days of Lenten vigilFINLANDIA
7For this young woman's selfless gift
8Hail Hannah, full of patience
9Rejoice, heavenly powers![Rejoice, heavenly powers]
10Motherhood: a gift, a callingWAILEA
11May Christians all with one accordGELOBT SEI GOTTText
12Vois, làbas, mettre le Seigneur en croix!WERE YOU THEREText
13The love of Christ Jesus is urging us onFOUNDATION
14Here in joy we offer praisesLEWIS FOLK MELODY
15The realm of God: Like a woman kneading dough[Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all my life]
16Jesus, we know your love in thisST. CATHERINE
17God of sleep, and God of slumberCWM RHONDDA
18Go in the joy of the rushing wind[Go in the joy of the rushing wind]
19What praises shall we bring holy Lord, holy Lord?WONDROUS LOVE
20What's this fire that scours the nationsHOLY FIRE
21Heaven waits with eager longingREGENT SQUARE
22It seems inhuman, who could killCOVENTRY CAROL
23Hopeless to help in this violence, this crisisVICAR
24We worship you, our Father who createdFINLANDIA
25O Church, be faithful, and perseverePERSEVERANCE
26You are holy: make us holy!BEECHER
27God gave us life, a heart of fleshWEXFORD CAROL
28Jesus is Lord! ANNIVERSARY
29Have the mind that was in JesusBEACH SPRING
30My name is Brother MartinAURELIA
31Help us, O God, to create a new futureEPIPHANY HYMN
32I'm gonna march if the spirit says "March."[I'm gonna march if the spirit says "March"]Text
33The buses are a-comin', oh, yesMARY HAD A BABYText
34Here where dreams are more than visionsHOLY MANNA
35O God, the things that make for peaceMARYTON
36God, we praise you for the womenDORNAN
37God, be with us who watch and waitO WALY WALY
38Glorious and blessed GodLIEBSTER JESULEIN
39The perfect law we fail to keepST. COLUMBA
40 Praise God throughout these forty daysOLD 100TH
41Gathered with the holy familyHEIGHTS
42We come to you, O God, as friendsPOXON
43Hidden, yet hurting, while need the comfortSTREETS OF LAREDO
44We gather here in faith and hopeRESIGNATION
45Jesus, Lord of all creationKINGDOM
46Sovereign most holy, Lord of might and splendorHERZLEIBSTER JESU
47Take me to the cross [Take me to the cross, Lord]
48One day, the news was grimLEONI
49On Friday, when the sky was darkST. MAGNUS
50O Jesus, full of graceLODERText
51Jesus, for all you came to earthCRUCIS KYRIE
52In communion's holy supperWELLESLEY
53Hosanna to the living Lord!SAVE, MIGHTY LORD
54Holy, holy Lord of mercyPICARDY
55Holy God of power and mightTOPLADY
56God so loved the worldPATHÉTIQUEText
57Glory to You, Lord[Glory to You, Lord]
58Far beyond our understandingRATHBUN
59Why spend your living BUNESSAN
60The Desolate Messiah dies[The Desolate Messiah dies]
61Create in me a clean heart, O God[Create in me a clean heart, O God]
62Come, let us lift our voices to our Savior[Come, let us lift our voices to our Savior]
63At the table of communionBEECHER
64At its best life is a wonderCWM RHONDDA
65Afraid and alone and worn out with his prayingSTREETS OF LAREDO
66The reason for living is not wealth or things[The reason for living is not wealth or things]
67Great God filled with power and infinite loveDAVIS
68Behold the light has dawnedDIADMEATA
69God has told you[God has told you]Text
70O God, we ain't what we oughta be[O God, we ain't what we oughta be]Text
71Holy One, You have known us from the beginning[Holy One, You have known us from the beginning]
72Holy God, hidden yet revealed[Holy God, hidden yet revealed]
73Like a river O God, you flow through our lives[Like a river O God, you flow through our lives]
74We are not alone, we live in God's world[We are not alone, we live in God's world]
75Teach us to pray, dear Christ our LordMARYTON
76Spirit of God, descend we prayST. AGNES
77Send forth your church in mission boldDEUS TUORUM MILITUM
78Holy God, upon the mountain you revealed our Messiah[Holy God upon the mountain you revealed our Messiah]
79Love divine, quell now our fearDIX
80Christ, whose love upon the treeGOTT SEI DANK
81Where your love and their need meet, LordAR HYD Y NOS
82'Tis madness they shout (though their findings are sound)PADERBORN
83Once sorrowed by tears, our eyes are now bright:HANOVER
84The chief of sinners I may beHE LEADETH ME
85Stewards, we seek to do God's willOPEN MY EYES
86Spirit of God, assist and guide todayNATIONAL HYMN
87Sometimes when I'm praying NELSON
88To be fully thine, we love Thee, O GodHANOVER
89Breathe in me, Holy SpiritOLIVE'S BROW
90Pour into us the spirit, LordKINGSFOLD
91O Holy Spirit, now descendCONDITOR ALME
92Nothing was too dear for you, LordDIX
93May this day be a dayBREAD OF LIFE
94Lord, let it be your good pleasureSCHMÜCKE DICH
95Lord, accept my servicesCANTERBURY
96Listen to our storyFRENCH CAROL
97Let us treat all our neighbors with your loveBURROWES
98The Lord God now be with you[The Lord God now be with you]
99The Lord be with youITALIAN HYMN
100It is a good and joyful thingDIX

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